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The end of annoying ads

We recently switched ad networks on the site, and in setting up our new ads, I overlooked some basic settings. As a result, some of the sidebar spots have contained auto-play audio content and risque images, which a few readers brought to our attention. I’ve since fixed the issue, and you shouldn’t experience any more of these types of ads on this site.

There are few things on the internet that I hate more than intrusive advertisements, so I understand any frustration you may have experienced with these new ads. They help pay the bills, but our goal first and foremost here at PistonPowered is to always make great content available to our readers without interruptions or distractions. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • May 24, 20111:36 am
    by rob


    I want to be the first to commend you on taking this action. I actually didnt notice anything on your site, but on another site, realgm.com, I get those annoyiong auto-play audio ads every time I open a new page. I voiced my displeasure in their forums, and basically was told to stop whining and deal with it.

    Lets just say I dont visit that site much anymore. :-)

    Thanks for keeping your readers feelings in mind on here. Keep up the good work on this great site.

  • May 24, 20118:49 am
    by gmehl1977


    Good job guys. Can one of you now please talk to Joe about fixing our roster :-)

  • May 24, 20119:43 am
    by sop


    Wow thanks for fixing that.

  • Jun 9, 20113:31 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    Graham, I am encountering some color issues with Google Chrome. Have you experience this?
    The body of the blog is read; therefore washing out the headlines on the post. I tried Firefox and everything is working fine.
    I thought I would send it to you in case you have a work around.

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