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The Big Answer?: Jonas Jerebko

DF: Will the Pistons reap the rewards this season of Jerebko’s summer?

As I wrote before, I was a little troubled Jonas Jerebko chose to focus on ball-handling and his mid-range game this summer. The Pistons needed him most at power forward, and those aren’t skills he will use a ton at that position.

A few commenter made a good point: regardless of this season, Jerebko’s long-term outlook is still at small forward. If he re-signs with the Pistons, they could still benefit from his work this summer once the roster is straightened out.

One way or the other, I hope this summer was productive for Jerebko and the Pistons.

DF now: No

My question was about how Jerebko’s skillset fit with the 2010-11 Detroit Pistons, but he didn’t play for that team due to a Achilles injury. Considering he gained 20 pounds (potentially changing his skillets in the process) and that the Pistons will hopefully have a different roster next season, there isn’t much point reviewing this question.

PH then: Will he try and rush back from injury?

The Jonas Jerebko we all know and love is competitive, tough and one of the hardest working players on the team. Those are all great qualities on the court, but they are all also potential detriments to a player rehabbing a serious injury. Players trying to come back too early from tough injuries are a fairly common occurrence in the league, and few do it successfully without some setbacks.

Jerebko’s game is predicated on athleticism and activity, so putting too much pressure on his Achilles too early could have a serious impact on his skill set. As much as I’d love to see Jerebko on the court again, I hope the Pistons are really careful with his rehab and that he’s 100 percent healthy before he starts playing again.

PH now: Almost, but no.

There was talk before the All-Star break that Jerebko was rehabbing his injury with an eye on returning and playing a few games at the end of this season. I admired the resolve, but I hoped it didn’t pan out that way, and thankfully the Pistons agreed, not allowing Jerebko to rush back.

As it stands, the most exciting thing to me about next season is to see a healthy Jerebko and Greg Monroe on the court together.


  • May 9, 20116:59 pm
    by Confused


    So gaining 20 pounds changed Jerebko’s “skillets?” Was he more actively making food on these said skillets, upon whose consumption 20 pounds was gained?

  • May 9, 201110:20 pm
    by Travis


    Hopefully we get to see a new and improved jerebko if kahn doesn’t sign him away as the next up and coming superstar upon hearing he gained 20 pounds. Lol

  • May 9, 201111:37 pm
    by jamie


    It will be interesting to see how the Pistons rotation will pan out for next season. As of right now, it looks like Stuckey will stick around, Prince will more than likely leave to either Dallas or Las Angeles, unless the pistons find a buyer Hamilton will stick around and Jonas will more than likely stay as well. With Tay leaving, one of the questions heading into the season will be who will take the starting position at SF once the season starts. Daye and Night (Austin Daye) or Jonas Jerebko (no nickname for him yet) could start at the position if the pistons decided to draft Bismack Biyombo. Austin would have normally been a clear favorite but Jonas has worked on his ball handling skills and if he can develop an outside shot with the ability to take it in, comparing him to Danilo Gallinari is not completely out of the question. Austin might be served better as a 6 man as he can play both SG annd SF, making him a reliable utility man. the starting rotation of Stuckey, Hamilton, Jerebko, Monroe and Biyombo could be interesting to watch.

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