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Talking NBA Draft at ESPN.com

I participated in ESPN’s 5-on-5 series today, discussing the NBA Draft. For those who have been following the Draft Dreams series here, I touched on some points I’ve made in some of those posts, but here is the gist of my responses to the ESPN topics:

  • I think (obviously) that Irving, Williams and Kanter, in that order, are the top three players in the draft.
  • I think that Reggie Jackson is almost criminally underrated.
  • I think that had Darius Morris and Nikola Vucevic stayed in school and continued to improve, they would’ve been considered even better prospects next year.
  • I think Jimmer Fredette will be a fine offensive-minded sixth man in the league.
  • I hope one of the teams in the lower half of the lottery (preferably the Pistons) wins it.


  • May 17, 20111:47 pm
    by Jason


    The more i think about it.  If Dumars doesn’t think we will sign Prince I could see us picking a wing player if its the best available in the draft.  Just my two cents.

  • May 17, 20113:59 pm
    by Confused


    I agree with Jimmer being an offensive minded 6th man, Comprabale to, but not as good as Jason Terry, or maybe a shorter Peja

  • May 17, 20114:52 pm
    by sop


    Ok Ok I’ll slightly adjust the BEST Pistons draft list for 2011. I’m adding a reason for each comp too. Remember this is the order the Pistons should pick considering their line up needs and young talent.
    1. Kanter (Demarcus Cousins – attitude) (he will be a BEAST)
    2. Irving (Mike Conley) (average athlete, overall solid play)
    3. Knight (Jrue Holiday) (super young, huge wingspan)
    4. Derrick Williams (Shawn Marion + 3pointer) (poor ball handler for perimeter player0
    5. Kawhi Leonard (Gerald Wallace) (super athletic, high-motor tweener)
    6. Biyombo (Serge Ibaka) (raw, 7’4? wingspan, shot-blocking PF)
    7. Tobias Harris (Barkley/Battier hybrid) (can drive, shoot, muscle around basket, tweener)
    8. Valanciunas (Ricky Rubio) (contract, contract, contract)
    9. Alec Burks (Demar DeRozan) (drives, 0 threes)
    10. Faried (Milsap/Mcdyess hybrid – shooting) (undersized, great work-ethic)
    11. Singleton (Tayshaun – scoring) (defensive stringbean)
    12.Vesely (AK47 – shooting + hops/2 inches) (human pogo-stick with no muscle, can’t rebound)
    13. Marcus Morris (skinny Big Baby) (skilled tweener)
    14. Selby (Stuckey – 2 inches) (explosive, streaky, “combo guard”, attitude?)
    15. Motiejunas (NOT Nowitzki) (don’t expect any rebounds)
    16. Klay Thompson (peak Anthony Parker) (not athletic, deep volume shooter)
    17. Jimmer (Mark Price or Daniel Gibson)
    18. Markieff Morris (Ersan Ilyasova) (can shoot, fairly tough, can’t jump)
    19. Jordan Hamilton (taller, slower J.R. Smith) (shot selection)
    20. Kemba Walker (Nate Robinson) (tiny scoring PG)

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