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Rodney Stuckey’s value around the NBA might be so low, Pistons won’t overspend

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

I don’t think Stuckey’s value around the league is that high, particularly because of what happened this year with all the drama. I think the Pistons can get him at a reasonable price, which won’t cripple them financially

On one hand, I really hope the Pistons don’t offer Rodney Stuckey, a restricted free agent, a huge contract. On the other hand, how badly should the Pistons want to keep a player few other teams want?


  • May 26, 20115:31 pm
    by neutes


    A few things.
    Will there be the MLE? If so I’m sure some team will throw it at him. If not that severely limits the competition to teams strictly with cap space. How many teams will have the space along with the need for his services? Probably not that many. And if the league is going to try to phase in a hard cap the first step would be to eliminate exceptions, so I’m assuming there won’t be an MLE.
    How will Gores influence Dumars spending? Davidson always kept Dumars on a tight luxury tax rope that forced us to watch Okur and Wallace leave town. If Gores says spend away will Dumars go crazy and resign Stuckey and Prince? That would make us a 30 win luxury tax team. Or will Gores give Dumars a limit on what he can spend for Stuckey?
    And finally – when has the competition for a player ever influenced how much Dumars has spent on a free agent? Gordon? CV? Man those guys were hot commodities. We had to severely overpay because every team in the league was after them. Please. This should be interesting.

    • May 27, 201111:52 am
      by tarsier


      You just hit on my second biggest complaint about Dumars. He never wields leverage. And that means he tends to miss out on cheap talent. Granted, he managed to get cheap talent in Billups and Wallace. But that was primarily because they improved beyond what anyone could have reasonably predicted.
      Kinda like the Pau Gasol trade looks less bad now that Marc Gasol has gotten pretty good. But it was still a terrible deal. The talent Memphis got back improved more than anyone imagined and it still ended up turning out, at best, fair for the Griz.

  • May 26, 20115:32 pm
    by bball4224


    obviously no one besides our staff sees anything in him, including the fans

  • May 26, 20116:48 pm
    by Faraz


    Stuckey isnt THAT bad. Hes just a natural SG who is forced to (and not living up to) playing PG. Lets say we were to get a true PG, and put Stuckey at SG. He can easily average 20 ppg. Its Ben Gordon we should be complaining about

  • May 26, 20117:16 pm
    by Tiko


    Stuckey cant shoot.  How does that make him a natural shooting guard?  We all know he cant play point either.  He shouldnt be anything more than a combo guard off the bench.

  • May 26, 20117:44 pm
    by Marvin Jones


    Russell Westbrook can’t shoot, 36% FG in conf finals,  and can’t play the point either so I guess he’s another combo guard off the bench also. All these new guys, Rose, Westbrook, Flynn, Jennings, etc., are all combo guards. A true point guard has a certain mentality that none of these guys have, YET. Can they become true point guards, like Chauncey did, sure but it’s going to take time and patience. I think Stuckey will get it, he just needs the right coach to push the right buttons.    

    • May 26, 20118:04 pm
      by rob


      All those combo guards will never win a ring as a starting PG either, unless there is some serious help from Stern/Refs.

      All those players are overrated. Just because thats what the rest of the league has, doesnt mean we have to join the dummy party, and follow their stupid plan. True PG’s win. If anything, the fact that there are so many combo guards pretending to be true PG’s, is all the more reason to get a true PG because it will be an easy advantage at that position.

      Since when does a guard who cant shoot, makes bad decisions, forces his own turnovers, and takes more shots than any other player on the team make him a PG?

      The only thing all those guards can do is penetrate. They are great at it, but if you cant do anything else then you are a combo guard off the bench.

      Which is what Rose is too, and what AI should’ve been. If you are 6-2 and cant run the point, then you are an undersized SG. If you cant shoot as well, then you are a combo guard off the bench. All those players fit that description to a T, whether they were given the MVP or not.

      • May 26, 20118:25 pm
        by neutes


        “True PG’s win”

        What exactly do true PG’s win? Unless you consider Ron Harper, Derek Fisher, Tony Parker, Chauncey Billups, or a washed up Gary Payton true PG’s then I suppose they do win.

        There is no real recipe for success in the NBA, contrary to what prototype you think you have to follow. It comes down to having good players, good coaching, and playing both ways.

        • May 26, 20119:09 pm
          by rob


          Fisher, Parker, Billups, and Payton were absolutely true PG’s when they won.

          A better question would be how many championships have shoot-first PG’s won?

  • May 26, 20117:45 pm
    by Zach H


    I’m conflicted on Mr. Rodney Stuckey. There are two things he is good at: getting to the cup (not necessarily finishing there!) and defending the perimeter. I wouldn’t call him league-elite at either task, but there’s certainly a place in the NBA for an athletic combo who can adequately defend. However, what is that worth? Without the ability to regularly knock down long 2′s or 3′s, Stuckey is no more than a MLE-level player. The funny thing, I always thought he and Gordon could complement each other size- and skill-wise, but they both need the ball to succeed. Who knows what the Pistons backcourt will look like next fall?

    • May 27, 201111:57 am
      by tarsier


      Gordon doesn’t need the ball to be effective. He was effective with and without it in Chicago. He has been ineffective with and without it in Detroit. Who knows what went wrong with him since Dumars signed him. But if both Stuckey and Gordon played consistently at levels they are capable of, they could be a pretty damn good backcourt.

  • May 26, 20119:12 pm
    by Laser


    yeah he’s no SG. he’s a good (with the potential to be great) sixth man. he should come off the bench and play starter’s minutes when he’s rolling.
    i second the idea that somebody’s going to offer him a midlevel exception. i just really hope nobody offers him a penny more than that, because i think it’s a fair price and a fair “reward” for his chronic underachievement. then maybe he’ll try to do something about realizing some of his potential if he ever expects to earn a major contract in this league.
    make no mistake: there’s plenty of blame to go around for what’s happened with this kid, but everybody wins if we match a MLE offer sheet.

    • May 27, 201110:44 am
      by Bob


      I think this is the first time I have agreed with Laser.   In addition, I think our fans undervalue Stuckey. There is alot of blame to go around, but he’s still a young talented player.  Right now he’d be a great 6 man…    I also think he has potential to be more.

      • May 27, 20114:41 pm
        by Laser


        taken for what he is, stuckey is a good player. people who say otherwise are either being foolish or just focusing on how we horrendously miscast him as a primary ballhandler and distributor and inexcusably put all our eggs– EVERY SINGLE EGG– in his basket.
        it’s a crying shame that he would probably be a RAD sixth man and yet we haven’t got the personnel to start ahead of him and put him in that role. but it’s as simple as adding a solid starting point guard to play alongside rip with stuckey and bynum coming off the bench to wreak havoc, and the backcourt goes from horrendous to downright intriguing.
        i’m just staunchly opposed to continuing this process of sacrificing the team at his altar. we’ve done way more than we ever should have to accommodate him in the hopes that he eventually realizes his elusive potential. his “potential” has basically cost us everything; if you’re going to overpay him now based on what he may or may not one day become, he you may as well just blow a hole in the ground and let the palace sink into the earth.

  • May 27, 201112:03 pm
    by bball4224


    I think we should let him find another team to refuse to come in for, refuse to shoot for (although i wish he did that every game), and get tired of the season for. If we sign him I hope he gets injured because seriously he frustrates the heck out of me.

  • May 27, 201112:42 pm
    by Travis


    Yeah, that’s team spirit. Hope he gets injured. He can be a difference maker. I think he needs a no nonsense coach

  • May 27, 20115:51 pm
    by garyo


    I’m amazed at the lack of support Stuckey gets from Detroit writers & fans. Stuckey is by far the best player Detroit has. When he is in the game they outscore opponents. When he sits, they get beat. While he is not a great outside shooter, he is the only player ( except Prince at times) that can score at will.  His defense & passinbg have improved greatly & he should have received some consideration as an allstar. He will in next few years.His problems w/ the coach show a lack of maturity, but he certainly isn’t alone in that department & the coach has so many problems w/ all of the players that it is obvious he has to go. The writers & fans ( if you can call them that) that trash him don’t appear to understand the game much. 

    • May 28, 20111:57 am
      by Nananana


      First off before you go bash the fans and writers have you even seen his defense.. its horrible. Not to mention his jump shot % is terrible and he doesn’t distribute the ball at all. I’m not going to lie I was never a Stuckey fan and I never did see what Dumars supposedly saw in him but all I have to say is his attitude needs to change and he needs to work incredibly hard on his jump shot n defense and also passing.

  • May 27, 20117:24 pm
    by BIG MARV


    Ok I put it like this… Im looking at a few teams that is deaperate for a SG and I mean winning teams such as Chicago, New York, Portland, Boston and mabey Orlando. That Rodney can come and start probaly make an impact. But like Dan said I wouldn’t pay top dollar to keep him if any one of of these teams want him then he can go. he’s not worth the $12 million per but I believe that Stuckey will be one of the top free agents out there similar to this years draft the free agent market is real weak. His New agent will sell him to make him one of the top free agnets out there. I think he will be “fools gold” to alot of teams but mabey Rodney will have a change of attitude if he know he goes to a team with the right coach and the right team.

  • Dec 9, 201112:29 pm
    by coach k


    yall make some good points, but remember young players can improve their shooting.  do I have to mention names here? anyway, I saw first hand Rodney’s new stroke from way outside the arc this summer, and he was money.  If he can continue to put up a 1000 practice shots daily, and become a true perimeter shooter, then he’ll be a dangerous SG. and getting to the cup will be like taking candy from a baby…because defenders will have to get up on him.  This will allow him to abuse smaller players with the shoulder and drive at will.  Only question is how bad does he want it?  Keep practicing!

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