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Pistons want more return in trade with Timberwolves and Cavaliers, who would buy out Richard Hamilton

Chris Broussard of ESPN added a couple more details to his earlier report that the Pistons were discussing a trade with the Cavaliers and Timberwolves that would send out Richard Hamilton and the No. 8 pick:

Forgot to mention that if trade happens Cavs would buy out Rip Hamilton. But may be smart to wait & see if amnesty clause in new CBA….
Detroit won’t do 3-team deal as proposed. Would need to get players back in return for Rip and 8th pick…stay tuned


  • May 29, 201112:13 am
    by Tiko


    Cleveland should give up one of the following: Ramon Sessions, JJ Hickson, or 2012 protected pick.
    and Minnesota should give up one of the following as well: #20, Jonny Flynn, or Anthony Randolph.
    I’d be happy with a combination of any of those.  Lets see how desperate Cleveland is to move up

    • May 29, 20111:38 am
      by Laser


      minny would probably be very happy to swap #2 for 4 and 8. it’s a great trade for them. they’re effectively dropping just one spot since they never wanted williams, and they get to add a player from the field of crapshoot second tier prospects. but i don’t think they’d be likely to send back anything we’d want,

  • May 29, 20111:28 am
    by rob


    yeah I would probably do the deal as is with no players coming back, but I think they should be able to get more out of CLE or MIN.

    Pistons just need to be careful who they take back. I dont want them to use all the cap space they would set to gain, on a collection of scrubs from other teams, putting us right back where we started – capped out with a bunch of average role players.

    I want to clear as much as possible and go after Gasol.

    I like getting Hickson back and any draft picks we can get. Hickson comes cheap and wont take up but a few mil in space, but we shouldnt take back any more salary than that.

    Pistons need to do this deal either way. I dont like the idea of waiting on these contracts to expire, while accumulating average players through the draft. By the time those contracts expire, will have another team full of average role players and end up siging them to extensions that we’ll have to wait 3 yrs to expire from that point. I just see them being stuck in mediocrity for a long time if they dont do something bold to shake it up and go after a big time player. 

    I think doing this deal and putting everything into pursuing Gasol would be that bold move they need.

    Then we would have our frontcourt set and can build from the inside-out. Plus, because Monroe is going to be just a bargain the next 4 yrs on his rookie contract, we can afford to overpay Gasol if need be.

    • May 29, 20111:56 am
      by Laser


      if you think the pistons should do this trade as is, you’ve lost your damn mind. we should not be this desperate to shed rip’s contract. we should know when it’s time to cut our losses on gordon and villanueva, and at this point their contracts are bigger problems on our books than rip’s, if for no other reason than that his expires a year earlier.
      if we completed this trade, your team is: stuckey, gordon, daye, jerebko and monroe as likely starters, backed up by bynum, villanueva, wallace, possibly white/summers/max, plus two second rounders and whatever spare parts joe can trade for or sign? are you for real?? does this look like a promising team? three years into joe’s self-imposed rebuild, we finally get a chance to see his vision realized, and it’s this. it sounds awful to me, and we’ve had an extended “preview” (two full seasons!). smells like a lock for 50 losses.
      you need to think harder. you sound so desperate to shed a contract– any contract– that you’d give away a no-risk, high-reward young player with upside?? rip’s contract will HAVE VALUE after one more season when it becomes an expiring contract. you’re so impatient to get money off the books, but we won’t have enough money left after shedding rip to do much, and gordon and villanueva are on longer contracts. the organization insists they have value, so trade them. smarter to get value for one or both of them and then get value for rip after next season, rather than pay a tax to unload rip. it’s insane.

      • May 29, 20115:02 pm
        by Stephen


        You trade away Hamilton so you can buy out Charlie V.
        You trade Hamilton so you can have a fresh start. And if you don’t,you’re giving yourself another yr-or two-of built in team malfunction.
        This Draft is pretty evenly deep,full of role players/borderline starters. The chances of getting a solid player are as good at #20,as at #8. Think 2008 Draft where Ibaka,Batum,Hill,Lee are just as good-if not better-than Thompson,Alexander,Bayless,Rush. Your options are more limited,but there will still be players to be found. And if trade done early enough,who’s to say the team might not be able to package the #20 and cash or future Second(s) and move up? (For example,if Phoenix guy is taken before their pick,they may find cash a great incentive to move down. They may even consider taking Bynum for their TPE,$3mil,the #20 and a future Second for the #13. They need a back-up PG if Brooks leaves-likely-and after cash,Bynum’s salary is only $250thou,much less than a min or rookie min,for a position they need to fill,and they save cash on diff between 13 and 20 rookie salary. Agreed not likely,but the point is teams in low teens may well be willing to trade down.)

  • May 29, 20111:51 am
    by detroitpcb


    No way we should give up the #8 pick and Rip. Give them Ben Gordon and our second round pick.

    Or give them Rip and a second. Or Rip and next year’s pcik.

    • May 29, 20111:58 am
      by Laser


      NOT rip and next year’s pick. we’re going to lose 50 games again! first rounders should be OFF LIMITS until we’re not terrible anymore.

      • May 29, 20113:52 am
        by jprime18


        Agreed, especially next year. That draft is gonna be loaded.

      • May 31, 20116:35 am
        by detroitpcb


        Yr right. First round picks should be off limits.

        we will not lose 50 games next year if we clear out the vets and get rid of Ben Gordon. Hickson would be good in return - equivilent of what the Pistons could draft this year in the first round.

      • May 31, 20116:37 am
        by detroitpcb


        yr right. First round picks should be off limits.

        If they could get Hickson back, that would be a wash. He is as good as the big man they could get in this draft at #8

  • May 29, 20115:15 am
    by Gareth


    If we can get JJ Hickson, then do the deal.

  • May 29, 20116:59 am
    by Art Van de Ley


    Detroit should send over a 2nd rounder to either Minny or Cleveland and look for no less than JJ Hickson and the future 1st rounder. Let Johnny Flynn or Anthony Randolph go to Cleveland in the deal .

  • May 29, 20117:11 am
    by Art Van de Ley


    EDIT to previous post^^ I meant send Flynn or Randolph to Minny. Or get a fourth team involved. We still need to work a sign and trade for Taye. And I would move Max and give Summers and White another year to see what we can get outta them. Charlie V bring of the bench he should not be a starter. Use whatever cap space is left and go for Gasol.

  • May 29, 20117:30 am
    by Geezy


    If we could get a 2012 first rounder out of the deal. I would be open to the trade. Then we could be the next years version of Cleveland Caviliers with potentially landing two of the top 10 picks, but this time it would be a much more loaded draft!

  • May 29, 20118:50 am
    by Geezy


    I like that idea, it has to be Minnesota’s first round pick next year because they will continue to suck, Cleveland with Irving – who ever there SG is – Williams – Hickson – Varejo would win some games.

  • May 29, 20119:05 am
    by Eric


    I think fans would be more excited to hear us getting the number two pick instead of trading Hamilton and the 8th pick for no players or picks in return.  Start a conversation just with the T wolves for the number two pick.  If we get the number two pick and don’t give up Jerebko and Monroe I would be happy.  Have Williams at SF Jerebko at PF and Monroe at C, who cares who if Stuckey, Bynum, Gordon, Hamilton, Daye, Maxiel, Villanueva are gone, they are just dead weight.

    • May 29, 20119:16 am
      by sop


      Couldn’t agree more. Why do we need to involve a division rival. THIS DEAL SUCKS!
      1. Rip’s contract isn’t that bad with only one full year left.
      2. Rip is still productive. Why gift wrap him for Chicago after buyout?
      3. And we give up our lottery pick just to get rid of this contract?
      4. This draft isn’t that weak. There will still be a lot of quality players available at 8.
      5. What are we getting? Nothing?!
      Conclusion: This is BS reporting because this deal make no sense.

      • May 29, 20111:38 pm
        by Jay Woods


        Thank you, finally a sensible post… This makes no sense at all…better off taking a chance and seeing what you can get with the 8th pick instead of giving CLE more ammunition in the division.

        • May 29, 20115:17 pm
          by Della


          I agree, why blow up the team when we just blew up the coach. He was the only problem. Ok, well Joe should go too. But, Monroe is an adequate PF, Jerebko and Daye are great smalls, with Stuckey and Rip in the back court, we only need to draft a giant to be playoff bound. Release Gordon and Villanueva (along with the horrible idiot who signed them) and now you have a playoff contender. Who knows what White will do when healthy? So do not go trading picks just to make Dan Gilbert happy.

  • May 29, 20119:20 am
    by Eric


    Or I like the idea of getting Cleveland’s or Minnesota’s first round next year, stronger draft and both teams still will be lottery teams.  A list of great players next year, Anthony Davis, Harrison Barnes, Austin Rivers, Jared Sullinger, Quincy Miller, Michael Gilchrist, Terrence Jones, Bradley Beal, Perry Jones, John Henson, Jeremy Lamb, just to name a few.  Two lottery picks next year could be the rebuild we have been looking for.

  • May 29, 20119:25 am
    by Eric


    If we had two lottery picks next year something like Barnes and Lamb, Rivers and Sullinger, lots of different ways it could go and give the Pistons some flexibility next year.

  • May 29, 201110:38 am
    by Regan


    The issue is that Minnesota does not have their 2012 pick. I think that the Clippers have it.

  • May 29, 201111:04 am
    by BIG MARV


    ok thats fine I think whats happeing with detroit is that they know they want biymbo and they way the draft is going its no way in hell he’s falling to 8th. If you trade with cleveland for the 4th pick he will be right there for the pistons to get. The players i see in return that you might get in return for rip and the 4th pick would have to be varajeo and mabey either sessions, gibson, or baron davis. with minnesota I would get Jhonny flynn and mabey randolph, dont be suprised if you see a darko return in this deal especially if you guys want Lambeer as coach he would love to bring his pulpil with him and prove to people back in det that he’s a legit starer now (scary huh)… but I think cleveland got the best pieces to move if you want players back.

    • May 29, 20119:07 pm
      by gmehl1977


      BIG MARV i will give you a little time to re-think what you just typed. There is just some places you don’t go again and that would be one of them!

  • May 29, 201112:10 pm
    by Lindsey


    ^^I love BIG MARV’s idea of bringing back Darko with Laimbeer! I don’t think Dumars or Darko have the balls to do it, but it would be a great story.
    Darko would look good next to Monroe.

  • May 29, 20114:18 pm
    by Reaction


    Not that this should be under this thread but ESPN had an article that Kuester will not be returning.. the sale should finish and be approved by the board of governors on Wednesday

  • May 30, 20114:08 am
    by steve


    id hate for cleveland to have the 2nd pick and get even better..  its bad enough they are getting irving.  id rather just see who we draft and try to unload gordon and charlie v through trades.  id rather have rip than those two

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