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Pistons to fire John Kuester

Ric Bucher of ESPN:

Detroit head coach John Kuester will not be returning to the Pistons, according to sources. It is presumed that president Joe Dumars and his staff will be returning, but there has been no definitive indication of that yet, sources said.

The approval vote by the Board of Governors on the team’s sale will be Wednesday, sources said. The vote was originally supposed to take place in the middle of June but apparently has been moved up, in part, to give Gores more time to make moves and decisions before the anticipated lockout begins July 1st.


  • May 29, 20114:56 pm
    by Travis


    Now let’s see if the Pistons are serious about the future and hire a good veteran coach

  • May 29, 20115:04 pm
    by Della


    They could hire Adelman, however, I believe they will do wat the Tigers did with Tram and Gibby. Hire Laimbeer and Mahorn to be Coach and Assistant. This allows for two years of fan-friendly rebuilding, giving local hero Laimbeer a “shot at the bigs” while we rebuild, blowing up the team is then ok because they atmosphere will already be familiar, and  Joe has got to go. So…If new ownership makes the right hire, they will follow a successful Detroit rebuilding history.

  • May 29, 20115:12 pm
    by omar


    hire adelman keep joe

    • May 30, 201112:13 pm
      by tarsier


      Keep Joe if he promises to try to rebuild for the future rather than trying to make a team that has a maximum chance of making the playoffs right away.

  • May 29, 20115:16 pm
    by Reaction


    I would so love to see Laimbeer and Mahorn as head and assistant… That would be so epic and sweet. Hopefully Gores/Dumars does this

  • May 29, 20115:19 pm
    by Eric


    They are going to need to do something to put butts in the seats, I might check out a game to see Laimbeer, right now the roster is a mess.

  • May 29, 20115:41 pm
    by jon


    i agree……lambeer knows how to win and has history of success with the pistons as a player and obviously a great success with the former detroit shock with going to the finals at least 3 times in 5 years….winning 2 times………….

    dont know much about mahorn but i do know that he is a good coach…….

    theres many good coaches out there that we can get…….the magics coach van gundy’s brother is available…..or get a college coach……..I WOULD LIKE TO GET IZZO BUT HE WONT LEAVE



    • May 29, 20116:13 pm
      by BIG MARV


      Here are list of Head and assistant coaches that could be head coaches are avaliable:
      Jeff Van Gundy
      Rick Adleman
      Terry Porter
      Mike Woodson
      Bill Lambeer
      Brian Shaw
      Sam Mitchell

      Wild Card:
      Tom Izzo
      Larry Brown
      Isiah Thomas

      My opinion I think will be either Mike Woodson or Bill Laimber depending on what the owner wants and I believe Lambeer should be the guy he can bring respect and some passion back to detroit basketball.

  • May 29, 20115:46 pm
    by zing


    Fire Dumars!  Worst GM ever…great guy but a terrible GM.  He can’t draft talent, can’t evaluate talent and is incapable of hiring and keeping a head coach. 

    Joe D is one of my heroes…as a player and as a human being.  But as a GM…the man is out of his depth.

    • May 30, 201112:16 pm
      by tarsier


      His track record show he is actually pretty good at evaluating talent. Although he did screw up on Milicic, Gordon, and Villanueva. But he made a lot more good calls than those. My problem with Dumars is he tries too hard to win now and later. Choose one and get it at the expense of the other. Also, he never uses leverage when he has it to get a good contract.

  • May 29, 20116:17 pm
    by danny


    Laimbeer? Come on yall. The East is a very weak conference and with a couple roster moves and a proven HC, we could get a good seed next year. Jeff Van Gundy would be my dream candidate.

  • May 29, 20116:54 pm
    by Kim Jong Skillz


    zing & della obviously dont know much about basketball. if joe doesnt know talent how exactly did he build the pistons dynasty this past decade? oh let me refresh your memories as you dont know anything. he drafted tp, traded an injured grant hill for ben walace, bought in rasheed walace before the trade deadline & brought in rip & chauncey. learn something about the team if youre gonna try to spout off like you know something. joe’s hands have been tied for the past 2 years & no moves were allowed.
    laimbeer is not a good candidate. just because he succeeded in the wnba doesnt mean he’ll succeed in the nba. he still needs a few more season as an assistant before he can handle a head coaching gig.
    adleman is the best choice given the options at the moment. jeff van gundy is a close second. shaw isnt leaving the lakers, izzo isnt leaving state, we’ll never bring in isiah.

    • May 29, 20118:36 pm
      by Laser


      bah. they’re overreacting, but joe has been one of the worst GMs in the league the past three years, based on moves he made all on his own when his hands were tied. joe got caught with his pants down with this roster he put together all on his own, but having your hands tied is only as big of a problem as how bad your roster is when you’re locked in place. ours was terrible, and joe had all the freedom in the world when he assembled it.
      yes, the man once built a great team and won a championship, but all the great moves you listed happened by 2004. the rasheed wallace trade was MORE THAN SEVEN YEARS AGO. and he hasn’t made a good personnel decision since signing mcdyess in 2005. he made some good moves and had some luck at the beginning of the decade, but his recent resume includes such savvy moves as: extending rip to the current contract he tried to give up a probable future lottery pick to unload; extending maxiell to his current contract; dumping chauncey billups for cap space; turning that cap space into big contracts for ben gordon and charlie villanueva; dumping arron afflalo for cap space; holding onto amir johnson when he was a hot commodity, then eventually dumping him for half his contract’s value in cap space; hiring curry and kuester. the list goes on i’m sure.

      • May 29, 20119:24 pm
        by detroitpcb


        Laser is right about Joe’s moves that last three years but fails to give him credit for some excellent drafts. This roster is not hopeless. Monroe is going to be a Buck Williams 10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 years type of player. I know Laser hates him, but Stuckey still could be a great two guard in this league. Austin Daye can be a poor man’s Kevin Durrant if the vets are gone and the coaches give him the green light. Bynum if he ever gets his head on straight can be a nice backup point guard off the bench. CV can be a nice scoring big man off the bench. I had high hopes for JJ becoming a solid rotation player like Collison.

        If we can get rid of Tay and Max and Rip and Ben Gordon – and get something for them – we’ll be all right.

        Both my teams lost in the Conference Finals. I should have never picked against Miami. The Heat may torth Dallas. They can use Anthony, Bosh, Haslem, and James on Dirk. Nobody will stop him but all of them can play him. Who does Dallas have that can defend James? Marion?

        • May 30, 201112:21 pm
          by tarsier


          Daye a poor man’s Durant? I’d say you’re kinda right except that how you put it makes him sound way better than he is. More like a poor man’s Wesley Johnson.

        • May 30, 20115:05 pm
          by Laser


          joe dumars has been completely average in the draft. i don’t kill the guy for darko; i don’t give him a shred of credit for monroe, who was an absolute gift and the only option anyone in his shoes would have drafted. daye is probably good value for a 15th pick, but far from a slam dunk. personally i would have preferred lawson, but joe was in PG denial. to give joe dumars credit for being a good drafter is absurd. he’s totally average.
          also, i don’t hate stuckey. i hate everything the organization has done in terms of evaluating, trusting and building around him. he would be a pretty great sixth man if we had the personnel to play ahead of him.

          • May 30, 20116:33 pm
            by tarsier

            Mostly agreed. I think Dumars has had an above average draft track record. Not so much so that you could definitely pin it to skill rather than luck, but somewhat above average nevertheless. Granted, I have no idea how much Joe D does relative to the scouts in terms of figuring out who to draft.

  • May 29, 20116:55 pm
    by Eric


    A couple roster moves?

    I think this is where I disagree, the Piston don’t have a PG, a SG, SF, or a Center, Monroe is should be the power forward, but they don’t have a quality center, so he is forced to play center.

    Bynum and Stuckey terrible point guards, Hamilton doesn’t want to be here – Gordon just doesn’t fit with this roster and his production has fallen off from Chicago, at SF Prince is gone, Mcgrady is a free agent, and Daye doesn’t play defense,  Villanueva doesn’t play defense and can’t rebound, Chris Wilcox was a decent guy off the bench, but doesn’t deserve to start for an NBA roster.

    • May 30, 201112:33 pm
      by tarsier


      Saying Monroe would be a PF is like people who claim that Horford belongs at PF, not C. It’s something that is often said about guys who don’t look big enough to match up with Dwight Howard. But really these “PFs forced to play C” are fine on just about every C in the league. I would be fine with Monroe on Bogut, Lopez, or Bynum and those are as much of pure centers as anyone in the league this side of Dwight. Let’s face it, most of the guys one would call real centers are not very good. There’s Haywood, Dalembert, Perkins, Chandler, Shaq, Camby. I think those are most of the best ones. I would way rather have one of the better “guys who are really PFs.” Horford, Stoudemire, Duncan, Gasol, Jefferson, Lee, Bosh, Love. All these guys play etensive minutes at C because of a lack of “true centers.” But the only true center they can’t handle and ususally outperform is Howard.

  • May 29, 20116:58 pm
    by Eric


    If not Laimbeer, bring back  your listed wild card, Larry Brown, I don’t want to see Adleman.  Larry Brown loved it in Detroit, to bad Joe D screwed that up.

  • May 29, 20117:26 pm
    by Max


    I think it is finally clear, Joe should have never fired Rick Carlisle

  • May 29, 201111:22 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I would think a wiser choice would be is to bring in either Adelman or Woodson and have Laimbeer as an assistant. I am not sold on Laimbeer being ready yet. He would however be great to bring in as an enforcer iron out any pettiness that remains from the Kuester boycott. It would also be great to have him work with Monroe as well.
    BTW does anyone know if Laimbeer and Dumars are on talking terms??? I was surprised Laimbeer didn’t attend Rodman’s jersey retirement. I think the T’wolves had a game on that night but i really thought he would of been there.

  • May 30, 20111:13 am
    by Joe Dumars


    Not a chance Laimbeer will become the head coach.

  • May 30, 20113:50 am
    by balooga999


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    I find the anti-Dumars sentiment interesting…clearly there is a group of fans who want blood: Dumars gone at all costs. Forget whether it’s the right or wrong move and let’s take it a step further for a second….if he is sacked, who replaces him? Is there an upgrade available?

    I’m sure there will be a strong push for a first time or a young assistant GM. etc…..lets consider the names…..Chris Mullin, Billy Knight, Isiah Thomas, Kevin Pritchard, Danny Ferry, Billy King, Brain Colangelo, Rob Babcock, Rich Cho, John Hammond, Kiki Vandeweghe….the list goes on. What ever the scenario in each individual case I think there would be little argument that this is a mixed bag at best. Are there more hits or misses in the bunch? You be the judge.

    Even those who can list championship success on their dossiers got their respective opportunities when some organization rolled the dice on them, however when teams do find these types of executives they hold on to them pretty tightly. It’s not an aberration that R.C. Buford isn’t available; championship winning guys usually don’t get axed. Unless you want Jerry Krause, a championship winning GM isn’t walking through the door.

    One final caveat…Increasing number of comments have popped up micro analyzing to heaven and hell any and every decision Dumars has made in his tenure. It begs the question what do we want from our GM? From the sounds of it not even Aurebach, West, or Buford would meet the criteria of infallibility that some seem to demand.

    It’s not a matter of keeping or sacking Dumars…it goes beyond that. It’s alarming that some are after Dumars’ head just to be rid of him. A similar attitude was floating the summer before Billups was traded, ‘change for the sake of change’…..that’s what the fans wanted, “a shake up,” that’s what they demanded. Dumars obliged and now fans gripe about it. Fire Dumars. No problems there; everyone has a shelf life—that’s pro sports. Just realize R.C. Buford or Riley aren’t on the market. If the organization ends up feeding the “carnal” need for blood and replaces Dumars with a new age McHale or Babcock lets at least not make ownership the new object of vitriol 3-4 years from now.

    • May 30, 20115:15 am
      by gmehl1977


      Yeah…what he said!

    • May 30, 20112:25 pm
      by Laser


      1) you’re being a bit philosophical for my taste here. it’s not hard to analyze dumars’s body of work decision-by-decision, see where he went right and where he went wrong, and draw the conclusion that he’s been a rotten GM for the past half decade. i don’t need my GM to be infallible; average would be just fine. dumars has not been average for the past 6 or so years, and he does not have an infinite amount of good will in the bank from the early 2000s.
      2) you talk about people being out for blood and wanting joe gone at all costs… but what, exactly, would you call trying to dump rip along with a lottery pick (which joe tried to do at the deadline last season)? that’s a hefty tax, a potentially franchise-altering tax, just to be rid of a contract one year into an extension joe handed out just a few years ago.

      • May 30, 20117:24 pm
        by balooga999


        I think being a bit philosophical is appropriate when the majority of discourse is a sack him vs keep him shouting match. My point was and still is to take a broader look at what we do and what we expect from our GM’s. I’m not for or against firing Dumars, nor is it my intention to analyze his every move in the past decade–that’s a discussion that could pander on for hours on end with little useful exchange–after all endless arguments could be made as to what regards as average; a simple word can be very polarizing–I dread to think what would you have on your hands when you throw stats in the mix. Disaster.  This is what has been happening and no one gets anywhere.
        The important issue that you bring up in your statement is that you WILL settle for an average GM as compared to Dumars’ and his dossier. And that’s my point exactly. If we concede to an average GM after the sacking of Dumars we have to agree to forfeit any ill will that would develop if the results are average or below–that was the point in bringing up the Billups trade. I think we can come to an agreement that we all want a winning team but where the argument bogs down in those who want change for the sake of change is expectations. What do we want and expect from our GM? Yes some have their stakes and pointers sharpened but have we given thought about the after scenario? Looking at the fan base I’m not sure the answer is all that clear to either question. Furthermore are we willing to take culpability if things don’t go as planned down the road, the past suggests no, so if this is what is being pushed for by some there needs to be a radical and honest reassessment of attitudes and expectations.

        • May 31, 201112:01 am
          by Laser


          i get that if you fire dumars you’re taking some kind of risk. but keeping dumars is no slam dunk either. i could go either way, but i’d certainly live with the consequences of letting dumars go. he’s done plenty to warrant firing, and there’s a GIGANTIC built-in risk to keeping dumars around. the latest move he tried to make was trying to send rip to cleveland with a future lottery pick for nothing. this is a pretty good indicator to me that he would like to go forward with a stuckey-gordon backcourt and devote a third season to his blighted vision. it’s not working, and sweeping change is in order, but dumars might be too stubborn to do what’s needed to reshape the team.
          right now we have a roster virtually devoid of assets, so we’re not in a position of strength to make deals (dumars’s fault). which means we’re probably going to take back pennies on the dollar in whatever trades we do. this puts any GM in a bad spot. so to me, the risk you run with dumars is that he sticks to his vision and tries to make it work to save face. it won’t. the risk you run with someone else, to me, is that he decides to stand pat because he was handed this mess. but if dumars’s idea of fixing this team is giving away a draft pick to unload rip’s contract, we should all be worried.

  • May 30, 20115:45 pm
    by Pratik Narula


    I’d like to see Jeff Van Gundy take over in Detroit. He has something to prove for himself and has the passion and respect that he has earned around the league, but his failures in Houston and New York, can keep him motivated to prove something, and develop a young pistons team into experienced contenders as Rick Carlisle did before being fired and replaced by Larry Brown. Taking the 8th seeded Knicks to the Finals is pretty damn impressive, but then not actually winning it as Larry Brown couldn’t do it anywhere else besides Detroit (AS Philly head coach lost to lakers in finals 4-1), maybe Jeff Van Gundy could turn things around.
    I’d like to see defined roles for the players on our rosters this year, with a defined bench rotation for all 82 games. Experimentation, is for the summer/training camp, something John Kuester never understood. Developing a solid starting five that trusts each other and knows each other inside out is key, and then making a few minor adjustments here and there, like Rick Carlisle made when he inserted Tayshaun Prince into the starting line-up instead of Corliss Williamson IN THE PLAYOFFS.
    I’d definitely like to see some changes in Detroit, but would also like to see the following players from our current roster remain:
    1. Stuckey (has to be our first choice at point guard for the entire year, because there are no other PGs available, as you look at all the successful teams in the playoffs, no one is going to give up their starting PG, unless you want to go old and go for Tony Parker). Yes we can draft, but again we will have to develop, and that’s not going to happen over night. I think Stuckey has the ingredients to be a great PG, but he really needs to develop a consistent three point shot, and then he can really threat with the drive, or if hes left open hit the 3. I believe that he can avg. 20 and 6 night in and night out.
    2. Need help here (Rip Hamilton deserves better and so does Detroit, I hope he joins the Bulls next year, as they need him big time, and he needs himself to play some good quality basketball in the playoffs once again) Also, I think BG is two small to start at this position. We need a guy like James Harden.
    3. Jonas Jerebko (is not PF, he is a great defender, and if he improves his ball handling skills, jump shots, and refines his moves, he has the energy, passion, to guard the likes of Lebron at the 3). Could be a good Scottie Pippen type of player for the Pistons (and no I am not comparing him to Scottie Pippen, but I would like to see him play a similar style as him).
    4. Greg Monroe (Was probably the MVP for last season, but he is not a starting center, I expect him to raise his game even more, and become a post threat next season)
    5. Need help from the draft here or free agency.
    Players I’d like see leave or used as investments:
    I really want to see Joe D be aggressive and not be afraid to take risks in the future under Gores. That being said why can’t we go for the no. 2 pick or the no. 4 pick in this years draft, when you hear about the Cavs, who need immediate help and already containing the no. 1 and no.4 pick, trying to make moves to acquire the no. 2pick?
    I’d love to draft Enes Kanter in a Pistons uniform. Can’t we push the Cavs to acquire this trade so we can pick a decent starting center who might be able to help us immediately. I’d give up our 8th pick, Ben Gordon, Charlie V, Jason Max, Will Bynum, T. White, Austin Daye, Chris Wilcox, Rip Hamilton, or whatever it takes, especially because Kanter or any other big men are expected to go at that 4 or 5 range in the draft. What do you guys think?

    • May 31, 201112:04 am
      by Laser


      it doesn’t sound like you have any real practical solutions to what plagues the team.

  • May 30, 20116:05 pm
    by DSV


    It’d be great to get the 2nd pick (in relativity to our current position – but still this 2nd pick IMO is a weak spot compared to other drafts)… but problem is even with the weak draft, we have no assets that a team with the second pick would desire – aside from Monroe who I’d imagine is the current and only ‘sacred cow’ on our roster. At this point I’d give up “Ben Gordon, Charlie V, Jason Max, Will Bynum, T. White, Austin Daye, Chris Wilcox, Rip Hamilton,” for a bag of potato chips if we could clear out their (largely over valued) contracts.

  • May 30, 20116:10 pm
    by DSV


    Whoops – before I get jumped on by the Daye Koolaid drinkers, I take away his name from this list. I’m admittedly a bit tough on him but I think its due to the sometimes over enthusastic supporters I’ll see him get. I would take 5 Austin Daye types (and his youth, contract, and potential) before overpaying Rip, BG, CV etc. The rest of the list are all potential role players at best on the contender that we don’t have built in Detroit.

    • May 31, 201112:09 am
      by Laser


      IMO daye would be some hot trade bait. we’re never going to upgrade this team without trading some of our youth at this point. i’d be willing to trade anyone for the right price, but the true assets on this roster are stuckey, monroe, daye and jj. of those four, daye is the standout candidate for a trade. stuckey would be a good choice, too, but right now we don’t even know if daye is capable of starting. he’s played 30 minutes like 6 times in 2 years. i bet there are a fair number of teams who would like to bring him off the bench.

  • May 30, 201111:45 pm
    by Tyrone


    The 11pm local news is reporting that Mike Woodson wiill be the Pistons New HC.

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