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No Draft Dreams today

Unfortunately, Patrick lost power, so he won’t have a Draft Dreams post for today. Hopefully, he’ll be back up and running for Wednesday.


  • May 30, 20117:33 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Well it is kind of fitting that there is no draft dream because if Joe sells our pick to get rid of Rip then the whole ‘draft dreams’ this year will be a total waste of time anyways :0(

  • May 30, 20119:49 pm
    by Travis


    Not a waste. We still have second rounders which are being covered. Great site guys. Keep up the good work.

  • May 30, 20119:54 pm
    by Laser


    here’s something to talk about if there’s no draft dreams today: assuming the new CBA looks anything like the old one (and it probably won’t look unrecognizably different), is it smart to get under the cap right now? it takes some time to build payroll, and if gores wants to be a mark cuban style owner it might make more sense to keep payroll where it is, since you can basically only add a midlevel exception per year, and i don’t think any free agents would want to come here anyways.

  • May 31, 201112:21 am
    by Ryan



    I’d have to seriously doubt that Detroit would just forfeit their first round pick like that.  That’s basically telling the fan base that they are returning the same sorry roster next year, just without Rip. 

  • May 31, 20114:50 am
    by Gregoire


    I think if the Pistons are about to trade Rip they won´t resign Tayshaun neither and are then finaly able to start the real rebuilding with capspace to hopefully sign better free-agents than Charlie Villanueva and young talent on the Roster who would finaly get the minutes they deserve to develop their game.

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