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News/Freep source denies Pistons-Cavaliers-Timberwolves trade discussions involving Richard Hamilton

Someone – I’m guessing a member of the Pistons’ front office – is being vigilant about denying the Pistons-Cavaliers-Timberwolves trade that would send Richard Hamilton and the No. 8 pick to Cleveland. These denials came quickly.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Source: Pistons aren’t in discussions with Cavs, Timberwolves.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Source: #Pistons wouldn’t trade Rip, who’s almost becoming an expiring contract w/lockout coming, and get rid of a draft pick

Frankly, these statements mean nothing to me. Whether or not the Pistons are actually discussing this trade, I’d expect them to say this. If they’re not interested in this deal, then they’re saying it because it’s true.

But if they are interested, what else would they do besides deny it?

This looks bad. Many fans don’t want Hamilton gone. Nobody wants the Pistons to essentially forfeit their first-round pick. There’s no way to sell this trade to the fans.

Maybe Ellis’ and Goodwill’s source is telling the truth. Maybe he’s spinning. I have no idea. Both would make sense.


  • May 28, 20113:05 pm
    by Reaction


    What would the Pistons get if they give up Rip and the 8th pick? I like Rip but its time to move on and build a really young team now. I don’t want to see the 8th pick go unless we get either a better draft pick or Ricky Rubio out of it :P

  • May 28, 20113:06 pm
    by Reaction


    I just saw the previous post my bad lol.. i don’t like that deal

  • May 28, 20113:41 pm
    by DSV


    Wanna get depressed?
    2014 can’t come any quicker for the Pistons.

  • May 28, 20114:49 pm
    by Mike


    I understand that the Pistons might want to keep things quiet and tell people to deny it, but I’d be more skeptical if it were Langlois since he works for the Pistons. I’d take Detroit News/Freep writers sources over Broussard’s in this case. Guess we’ll find out soon enough who’s right tho haha

  • May 28, 20115:47 pm
    by Andrew


    i am really tired of Vince and Vincent.. how many others are too??

    • May 28, 20115:54 pm
      by rob


      yep, they are no different than Langlois. The only honest Piston beatwriters seem to be at PistonPowered, and some of the guys at Mlive like Iott and Rogers.

      The two Vince’s are just covering up for Joe here, imo.

      I trust Broussard much more. It seems like everything I see him report comes true.

      Plus he’s originally from the CLE media I think, so he probably has insight into this deal.

  • May 28, 20115:59 pm
    by Tiko


    I wouldnt touch that trade.  Rip’s value increases every day.  we’d be throwing away the #8 pick just to overpay a free agent to come to detroit. If Minny throws in Jonny Flynn I’d consider it but Rip and #8 for cap space?? no thank you…

  • May 28, 20116:08 pm
    by Reaction


    @Chris_Broussard Detroit won’t do 3-team deal as proposed. Would need to get players back in return for Rip and 8th pick…stay tuned 15

    Please Dumars do something and get us the rights to Ricky Rubio… whatever it takes except Monroe and next years draft lottery pick

  • May 28, 20116:50 pm
    by Laser


    this would be an indefensible move on detroit’s part. my guess (and hope) is that cleveland pitched the idea to minny and minny was all about it, so they tried to bring in detroit and approximate the aborted deadline trade from last season that would have sent rip to clevelant with a future draft pick. it would be sheer madness for detroit to entertain this trade. it makes no sense on any level.
    if joe dumars executed this trade i’d set fire to his house.

  • May 28, 20117:21 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    This is a great deal if:

    - The Pistons get a 12mil trade exemption because they’re not taking any salary back.  This would allow them to make another trade where they take back 12mil more than they send out.

    - Teams decide to shed salary in anticipation of a new collective bargaining agreement.

    If both of these are the case, the Pistons could get someone decent out of the deal.

    • May 28, 20118:59 pm
      by Laser


      ugh.  you’re still paying a hefty tax to unload a player who’s done absolutely as much damage as he’s going to do here and becomes an expiring contract in another year. in other words: you only need to wait another season, where the pistons aren’t likely to do a damn thing anyways, to get “something decent” for rip. and it won’t cost you a desperately-needed draft pick.
      on top of that, we will have left ourselves with a downright miniscule backcourt of stuckey, gordon, bynum and, er, terrico white. you could make a more compelling argument for sending gordon to cleveland instead of rip, but i don’t know why anyone would advocate compounding the recent missteps of joe dumars with more missteps.
      this would be a disaster of a move 10 times out of 10 under any circumstances imaginable.

      • May 28, 20119:37 pm
        by rob


        Only wait another season? Are you serious?

        Do you realize what keeping Rip and BG together another year would do to the new coach we hire?

        Not to mention, he doesnt only have 1 year left, he has TWO. There is no guarantee any team even is interested in his exp contract. And it could very well be two more years of this.

        We thought  last year that Tay would traded too at the TD, but the best we could get for him at 31 yrs old, having a great season, was a late 1st round pick in a weak draft.

        You think Rip at 33-34 producing less than Tay is going to be something more? To who?

        His value is decreasing the longer he stays here imo. And this draft sucks. There’s plenty of players we could with this cap space in FA/Trade better than whats there at 8.

        You cant just bring back this same dysfunctional roster another year and wait it out. They have to trade somebody this offseason. This is their chance.

        • May 29, 20116:36 pm
          by Laser


          one more season of this shooting guard HELL beats the alternative of dumping DEPERATELY NEEDED resouces to unload a contract that we don’t need to get rid of. we’re not going to be good next year. period. we need to accept that and make moves accordingly. personally i’m a huge advocate of dumping gordon at this point. but in a million years i wouldn’t pay a major tax just to unload rip.
          why are so many people acting like this is the one move we can make? dump gordon or villa. or both. nobody wants to see this disaster roster come back for another season, but don’t pay this kind of tax to dump a contract YOU handed out. it’s insane.
          and the draft may be weak, but there is a promising second tier of players with big upside. it’s a crapshoot, but there are rarely any “sure things” when you pick 8th in any draft. we can get a perfectly average 8th pick in this draft. the reason it’s considered weak is the marginal difference between #3 and #8, a terrible thing if you’re picking 3rd, but it could be the best thing in the world for whoever picks 8th.
          and expiring contracts are always movable. especially with a new CBA looming. your knowledge of the tayshaun trade deadline deal shows you just don’t get it. most of what you type told me that, but the tayshaun trade wasn’t as simple as you make it. joe could only take back picks and expiring contracts. houston got hasheem thabeet for shane battier, and that’s a very apt comparison. if you think we didn’t trade prince because he had little value, you’re stupider than i thought. which is saying something.

  • May 28, 201111:04 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Sorry Rob but any value Rip had as player was scuttled at least 3 seasons ago. Rips value is in his soon to be expiring contract. Why else do you think CLE would even entertain this idea…what because of his talent? I think not. I would be trying to put Gordon in this deal instead. In 2 years time we will be rid of both of them with cap room to spend.

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