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Keith Langlois predicts Ben Wallace will return next season

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com in his most recent mailbag, on Ben Wallace:

They don’t know whether Ben Wallace will be back – though based on his daily presence in the gym, my best guess is we’ll see him one more season


  • May 16, 20112:30 pm
    by jake


    i honestly cannot take a word langlois says seriously.

  • May 16, 20114:22 pm
    by brgulker


    Regardless of what he does/n’t produce on the court, I welcome him back. If he can teach even a little bit to Monroe about Defense and Rebounding, it’s well worth it.

  • May 16, 20115:00 pm
    by Tiko


    Langlois is paid to be a homer.

  • May 16, 20116:22 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Yes man starring Keith Langlois

  • May 16, 20118:31 pm
    by vic


    we should bring him back as a bigman coach.
    we need room for an extra draft pick

    • May 17, 20115:32 am
      by robotboy15


      There’s no reason not to welcome Ben back if he’s willing to give it another shot.  Perhaps 09-10 was a final run of glory.  But are you telling me that you don’t think he could be an able Elden Campbell/Dale Davis type of player, especially with his work ethic.
      Obviously, it would be a different question if Ben were demanding twenty minutes a night, but that would surprise me. The roster is well big enough to accommodate a hard-nosed big man with a storied history, and the capacity to teach and influence the young.

    • May 17, 201110:20 am
      by brgulker


      No we don’t. Summers, Wilcox, McGrady, Tay are all rolling off. Plenty of room for picks.

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