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Jonas Valanciunas, Bismack Biyombo and Tristan Thompson likely Pistons’ options

Nothing surprising, but it’s always good to know the story hasn’t changed. Chad Ford of ESPN in his chat today:

Kyle (Detroit, MI)

Anyone in particular the Pistons are high on?

Chad Ford

  (1:26 PM)

They’d love to go big if they can. Jonas Valanciunas, Bismack Biyombo, Tristan Thompson are the most likely options.


  • May 25, 20114:30 pm
    by Glenn


    Later in the chat Ford also does not mention Detroit as a possible landing point for Kemba Walker when listing his predictions about where he’ll land, which was a relief personally.

  • May 25, 20114:38 pm
    by Tiko


    If Jonas V is there at 8 we need to take him.  let him stay overseas for a year and develop.  I’d still like to try to trade up to #4 if possible if Kanter is still there.

  • May 25, 20115:30 pm
    by Laser


    as for these people who are so high on kanter, i really don’t think he and greg monroe would complement each other very well. i think you’d sacrifice a little size for a lot of athleticism if you’re looking for an ideal frontcourt mate. monroe has the size to play center and will likely continue to add strength, and i just don’t know about those two lumbering back and forth in transition.
    the closest comparison i can think of is memphis, but z-bo and gasol are an offensive force in a way i don’t necessarily envision monroe and kanter achieving. if the choice is between two relatively unknown quantities, i’d take my chances with the one who can play alongside monroe. not that i think kanter is falling to 8 anyway.

  • May 25, 20116:17 pm
    by BIG MARV


    Can we get a write up on when will tom gores finally have his hands on the team I thought it would be this week but it looks like thats not gonna happen.

    • May 25, 201111:03 pm
      by Laser


      i heard it would be may 30, then there was a later report that it could be “a few days later,” so next week seems like a safe bet. on one hand i kinda can’t wait for the handcuffs to be off; on the other hand, i just don’t expect the sweeping changes the team needs.

      • May 26, 201110:52 am
        by BIG MARV


        Right nothing too big, Thanks man

    • May 26, 20119:31 am
      by neutes


      definitely only took one take to shoot this. i don’t know that he’ll be around at 8. and the more i see of him to more i question his age. lebron and oden didn’t look 18 however. if he’s there we better take him.

  • May 26, 20119:56 am
    by Eric


    Two main problems with this roster a point guard who has a jump shot and can distribute, and one of the worst athletic teams on the roster.  I like Monroe, but he needs someone more athletic next to him, Derrick williams, Biyombo are very atletic.  They really need to get more athletic at all positions, but start with someone next to Monroe.

    • May 26, 20112:52 pm
      by gordbrown


      Main problems on this team: two shooting guards taking up the majority of the team’s salary cap and both playing below replacement level; a coach who actually at one point thought starting Wallace and Maxiell was a good idea; a coach who punishes the best player on the team (statistics wise) for trying to play to his strengths; related a coach who insisted against all evidence that a half-court slow down style would benefit this roster; extremely weak interior defense that let no name players (like the Russian from New York/Phoenix) to run wild; bigs who can’t catch the damn ball (or who can be fouled and will miss their free throws); a five game opening losing streak that gave the referees carte blanche to screw the team repeatedly (CF Utah, Miami, Chicago OT games). That’s seven issues and notice point guard play is not among them. Size and talent up front will solve more of these issues than any other course (although firing the coach and finding a taker for Hamilton would also help enormously).

      • May 26, 20118:55 pm
        by Laser


        well, i doubt you’d see eye-to-eye with most of the people around here given your obvious stance on stuckey (that point play is not a serious problem here and that he’s our best statistical player). and just because you assert that these things are the biggest problems on the team doesn’t necessarily make it so. you’ve touched on some of the biggest problems here, but point play is absolutely near the top of the list.
        as for the best statistical player bit, this has been explained here fifty times, but why not one more: when the guy who primarily runs the offense can’t stop shooting and refuses to set his teammates up, nobody else on the team is going to have good offensive numbers. also, it would take no effort whatsoever to explain why tayshaun was our best offensive player, and i did so a few months ago. PPG isn’t the be-all and end-all. also: this organization did everything within its earthly power to hand this team over to stuckey, and that was the driving force behind our downward spiral. this mess of a roster was assembled specifically to play with him. if he was an effective point guard (specifically, possessing a respected jump shot, reasonable shooting range, good court vision and passing skills), the pistons could have been a decent offensive team. austin daye, ben gordon and charlie villanueva aren’t a bad trio of guys to drive and kick it out to, but stuckey just can’t kick after he drives. make no mistake: ben gordon and rip hamilton on the floor together wouldn’t be nearly the problem it’s been for us if we had a point guard.
        stuckey’s supporters love to talk about his jump shot and how once he develops a reliable one and some range he’ll have room to operate. but all the room in the world doesn’t mean a thing as long as his decision making remains awful.
        size and talent up front will solve a good deal of our problems on the defensive end; a point guard worth a damn will solve a good deal of our problems on the offensive end. defense should be our priority (why dumars ever went the other way on that is confounding), but these are both NEEDS on this roster. it’s hard to justify drafting a guard in the first round when you already have stuckey, hamilton, gordon, bynum and terrico white under contract (even though these guys make a pretty rotten combination), but that has waaaay more to do with our unenviable financial commitments than roster deficiencies. also, big men take more time to develop, so a wise plan would be to draft a big man now and a point guard next year if we can’t add one through trade or free agency.

        • May 26, 201110:50 pm
          by gordbrown


          And it continues to go around and around. Stuckey kicked the ball out many times to Hamilton and Hamilton missed most of those shots. I know your argument has always been a better point guard would allow Hamilton to make more of those shots but that to me is just wishful thinking masquerading as analysis. Thank God for John Salmons. Otherwise, Hamilton would have been the worst starting point guard in the NBA. No amount of more or less rotation on the ball is going to fix that.

  • May 26, 201110:25 am
    by sop


    1. Biyombo (unless info surfaces about his age being over 20 then he drops down to 2nd)
    2. Valanciunas (unless he can get out of his contract for next year then he bumps up to 1st)
    3. Tristan Thompson (He looks like a bust to me)

  • May 26, 201112:09 pm
    by Chris


    It seems that the concensus is that Kanter will be off of the board by the time that the Piston’s pick.  Odd things happen on draft day, like Monroe dropping to 8, If Kanter is available do the Pistons take that gamble at 8?  The big knock and him and Biyombo is their lack of playing footage, but at least Biyombo was playing in one of the “better” leagues over there.

    I put better in quote because I am not sure what is really considered the top European leagues. 

  • May 26, 20116:55 pm
    by Faraz


    I think that if Kanter is there at 8, you take him. I’m curious as to why Tristan Thompson is being rated so high? He doesn’t seem like hes all that great. 
    And has anyone thought about Marcus Morris? he seems like a pretty good player, but no draft analyst has placed him as a possibility for the Pistons, and picked him to go around #11 or #12

  • May 28, 20112:05 am
    by Ryan


    Markieff or Marcus would be the safe picks at this point.  But Detroit can’t really afford to go safe.  Jonas or Bismack at 8.

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