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John Kuester will run Pistons’ individual workouts in Auburn Hills

After Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press reported John Kuester isn’t attending the NBA Combine in Chicago this week, Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News has the scoop about Kuester’s involvement in the Pistons’ draft process:

On Thursday, Kuester told The Detroit News he’ll run all the individual draft workouts when prospects begin making their way to Auburn Hills.

I don’t really understand this. If the Pistons are comfortable – regardless their long-term plans for him – having Kuester help with the draft process, why not take him to Chicago? Could it be a cost-saving move?

If you trust him to run individual workouts in Auburn Hills, why couldn’t he be an extra set of eyes in Chicago?


  • May 20, 201112:21 pm
    by Glenn


    Maybe he knew he’d be running individual workouts and didn’t think he needed to go to Chicago as well.  Maybe his kid had a baseball game.  Maybe he’s got allergies.  We might read too far into this stuff sometimes.

    • May 20, 201112:25 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Glenn, not saying it’s right, but that’s not really how it works. Coaches don’t miss key events because of a kid’s baseball game or allergies. And for most teams, it’s not up to the coach whether they want to attend. It’s part of his job.

      • May 20, 20111:31 pm
        by Glenn


        It would be interesting to know if any other head coaches missed it as well.  I wonder if the big shots like Phil Jackson go to these.

        • May 20, 20115:02 pm
          by BIG MARV


          Hell naw phil dont go to no lame cheezy workouts, thats what Brian Shaw and Chuck Person is there for to handel his dirty work while he bangs Geanie Buss with his broken back. Plus the lakers never get a good pick for him to even make a worthy trip to Chi-Town he will just pick a scrub from the summer leauge like they always do. Pistons are just going by normal procedure untill Gores has full ownership then the big broom will come out.

  • May 20, 20111:01 pm
    by Stephen


    It could be that Detroit didn’t want Kuester having to answer a zillion questions about his status,when they themselves don’t know what they’re doing.(There has been a distinct lack of talk of other coaches being “considered”.)
    The bigger concern to me would be who’s running the entire Draft process? If,and it’s a huge if,the new owners want to go in another direction than Dumars,they are entrusting their first Draft to someone they don’t trust to run their team. Pre-Draft and Draft-Day trades,the Draft itself,this is a huge chunk of off-season re-tooling,and whoever’s running it had better be on the same page as the new owner’s vision of the Pistons.

  • May 22, 20115:02 pm
    by DSV


    -Sound of me banging my head against my desk-
    Please… no more Kuester… no more… I can’t take it… I’m already feeling sick…

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