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John Kuester isn’t at NBA Combine

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

In case you were wondering, #Pistons coach John Kuester isn’t at the predraft camp in Chicago. He was here last season.

John Kuester is the lamest duck. I can’t even feel sorry for him, because he must know it’s just a matter of time until the Pistons fire him. It certainly doesn’t appear like they’re keeping him in suspense.


  • May 18, 201111:22 pm
    by Brady


    Better questions is do they wait until after the sale is official to fire him – potentially leaving them without a coach for the draft – or fire him sooner, and hire a coach without really having money to pay someone who isn’t a glorified assistant?
    You’d have to hope they can get the sale finalized SOON, then fire him and hire a coach before the draft.
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  • May 18, 201111:54 pm
    by Jason


    What’s the chance the Pistons look towards Adelman? Thoughts? Good idea, or bad?

    • May 19, 201111:38 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      He’d be great for the Pistons, but seems more interested in West coast jobs. He’s a candidate for the Lakers and Warriors, both of which are more pleasant climates and better teams.

      • May 19, 201110:35 pm
        by Jason


        That’s what i’ve heard as well.. I feel like he’d gain respect immediately, but you’re probably right in that it’s a long shot.. With that said, if Adelman goes to LA, there’s no way Shaw sticks around after being slapped in the face.. Would the Pistons consider Shaw?

  • May 19, 20111:08 am
    by rob


    They may have already told him, but asked him to not discuss it until they can make it official when ownership is transferred.

  • May 19, 20117:25 am
    by gmehl1977


    Kuester better get his resume ready. I hear Starbucks is hiring!

  • May 19, 201111:29 am
    by sop


    Best Case Scenario Mock Draft…(and still reasonable)
    1. Cavs: Kyrie Irving
    2. T-Wolves: Derrick Williams (or even better Wolves trade this pick to Pistons)
    3. Jazz:  Brandon Knight
    4. Cavs: Kawhi Leonard
    5. Raptors: Jonas Valanciunas
    6. Wizards: Alec Burks
    7. Kings: Kemba Walker
    8. Enes Kanter

    • May 20, 201112:55 pm
      by tarsier


      I’m not sure it is reasonable to think Burks will go that high. Maybe Biyombo or Vesely. A lot of teams are high on them. Only about a quarter of the mocks out there have more than one of Irving, Williams, Knight, Kanter, Leonard, Valnciunas, Walker, Vesely, and Biyombo falling out of the top 9. And about a quarter of them have all of those being the top nine in some order.
      Obviously, a lot can change, but right now those appear to be strongly the consensus top prospects.

  • May 20, 201112:58 pm
    by tarsier


    Whether or not he can get another shot as a head coach, I am sure there are a lot of teams who would be happy to take Kuester as an assistant coach. He’s done well in that role in the past. By the way, everyone remember how at the beginning of the year, Dumars was saying that no one has more job security than Kuester?

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