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If the Pistons land the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, whom do you hope they pick?


  • May 14, 201112:15 pm
    by Gareth


    I’d take Irving in theory, BUT I’d see what we could get in a trade for the pick first.

  • May 14, 20111:08 pm
    by Nicolas


    Irving would be a good pick, depending on whether Dumars wants to keep Stuckey as a true PG or not.  If Stuckey switches to SG or is willing to play backup, then Irving would be perfect.

    • May 14, 20113:18 pm
      by vic


      I agree with Gareth… Irving would be nice but i’d see if Utah or Cleveland was interested in #1+Rip for two lotteries (Cleveland) or two lotteries & one 2nd round (Utah). Then i’d get Bismack & Enes, Bismack & D Morris, or Bismack & Kahwi if we could get DMorris in round 2

  • May 14, 20114:09 pm
    by jake


    irving is the obvious choice, and i’d like to keep him. he fills a glaring need for this team at the PG spot. it also doesn’t hurt that he has star potential. having a star PG and an up and coming big sounds like a great way to turn this organization around.

  • May 14, 20116:34 pm
    by sop


    4% chance? Forget 1st pick. 17% chance for top 3 pick. That’s a little better. To be honest I’d rather have 2nd or 3rd in some ways. At 1 you basically have to pick Irving (who is more likely to end up being Mike Conley II than CP3) because of expectations. At 3 you would probably get Kanter who we need more anyways. Did anyone else notice how terrible of a rebounding team this was last year? At 3 the guy you pick has less pressure on him and is cheaper as well, so if it’s a player who helps you more anyways…BTW the league is becoming inundated with great point guards and lacking tough bigs so doesn’t it make more sense to take what’s harder to find in Free Agency?
    Let the expert make it easy for you.
    1. Kanter (Kevin Love)
    2. Irving (Mike Conley plus)
    3. Knight (Jrue Holiday)
    4. Derrick Williams (David West)
    5. Biyombo (Serge Ibaka)
    6. Kawhi Leonard (Gerald Wallace)
    7. Tobias Harris (Barkley/Battier hybrid)
    8. Valanciunas (Ricky Rubio)
    9. Alec Burks (Demar DeRozan)
    10. Vesely (AK47 – shooting + hops/2 inches)
    11. Selby (Stuckey – 2 inches)
    12. Faried (Milsap/Mcdyess hybrid – shooting)
    13. Marcus Morris (skinny Big Baby)
    14. Singleton (Tayshaun – scoring)
    15. Kemba Walker (Jonny Flynn)
    16. Klay Thompson (J.J. Redick)
    17. Jimmer (Mark Price)
    18. Markieff Morris (Tyler Hansborough)
    19. Jordan Hamilton (taller, slower J.R. Smith)
    20. Motiejunas (Darko)

    • May 15, 20111:11 am
      by rob


      Could not disagree more with that list. First of all, how could Williams be compared to David West, when he is expected to play SF in the NBA? He’s going to be an Iguodala/LeBron type of SF, imo. An oversized, power SF, not an undersized power forward.

      And if you compare Knight to J-rue Holiday, how could he be #3 over other players you compare like Ibaka, Tayshaun, and Gerald Wallace, who are all better players than freaking J-rue Holiday.

      Seriously flawed mock draft board, imo.

      • May 15, 20118:12 am
        by sop


        Rob you obviously don’t know enough to get any of these comps. They’re not about the level of ability for the current NBA player right now as much as style of play and potential of the draftee.
        1. Jury is still out on if Williams can transition to SF since he played PF both years in college. He lacks the footspeed and dexterity to play defense on the perimeter right now.
        2. Jrue Holiday just turned 20 last week! He’s younger than Selby, a one-and-done. He averaged 14pt. and 6.5 assists in the NBA as a 19-year-old. So yes Holiday will be a better pro than Ibaka, Tay, or G-Wallace. Likewise Knight is only 18 right now and has the same physical build.
        3. Valanciunas’ biggest issue has nothing to do with his game. It’s about his contract so his comp is Rubio.

      • May 15, 20119:40 am
        by neutes


        I see Williams as either Beasley or Richard Jefferson at SF or West at PF. I wouldn’t pick him just because he’s not a ball handler. I’d want someone that can handle the ball well from a wing position.

    • May 15, 20111:17 am
      by rob


      I dont see Kanter being compared to Love either. The comparisons I’m hearing are to Luis Scola, but Scola is 6-8. A 6-11 Scola would be quite dominant, so I agree Kanter is worthy of the #1 pick.

      Do you realize though that Valanciunas is a 6-11, 240lb Center? How on earth could he be the next Ricky Rubio, a 6 foot PG? LOL

    • May 15, 20117:58 am
      by Patrick Hayes



      There are quite a few problems with those comparisons. Rob already mentioned a couple — how exactly is a 6-11 center the next Rubio? Were you just comparing situations, since Valuncianas could be a guy who stays overseas for a year or two like Rubio has?

      Also, Rob is also right that Williams could very well be a SF in the NBA. He’s even more undersized than West is.

      Some other notes:

      - Kanter is much bigger and more athletic than Love. Love’s primary weapon offensively is his jumper. Kanter plays around the basket.

      - Same issue with the Holiday/Knight comparison. Holiday is a more athletic player than Knight is. Not that Knight is a slouch, but he can’t get up the way Jrue can.

      - Thompson is nowhere near the shooter JJ Redick is.

      - Mark Price was one of the best PGs of his era, a perennial All-Star. We don’t even know yet if Jimmer can play the point guard spot.

      - Singleton is a much more athletic player than Prince, but also has a much lower basketball IQ than Prince had in college. Prince has always been one of the headiest players on his pro and college teams.

      - That’s unfair to Motiejunas. First of all, he’ll enter the NBA with much more pro experience than Darko. He improved a lot overseas in a good league from last year to this year. And he’ll be entering the NBA with teams knowing what he is: a face-up player, not a post player. He has a nice looking jumper and handles the ball well for a big man based on the footage that’s out there.

      And on top of that, you list 20 players and compare only one of them to a bad player? So the only player in this draft’s top 20 who is going to be a bust is Motiejunas? Man, only a matter of time before you have Chad Ford’s job with those kinds of predictions.


      • May 15, 20118:31 am
        by sop


        Ok if I have to back away from any of them I would probably make Kanter’s into “Kaman + health” but other than that your “notes” are pretty nit-picky. Also I wouldn’t call “Mike Conley”, “skinny Big Baby” or “slower J.R. Smith” compliments. There’s no point in picking obscure NBAers for comps because no one gets them. These are about ceiling (except Irving’s) and style of play.
        If you think they’re screwed up then give me your list and comps.

        • May 15, 20119:53 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          I try not to compare non-NBA players to current guys, I’m just pointing out that in a few cases, I think there were some traits in one player or the other from your comparisons that didn’t match up well with the draft prospects you paired them with.

          And “Mike Conley” is a compliment. I think Irving will be better than him, but Conley had a very good season starting for a team that was a game from being in the WCF. He’s a really, really solid player. Basically, any draft pick that turns into a reliable rotation player is a good pick, considering roughly half the players taken in any given draft don’t pan out.

  • May 15, 201112:45 am
    by dan


    would not mind the second overall pick. Then we could get either Kyrie (If washington gets #1) or Derrick Williams. I voted Kyrie for 1 but it would not shock me if Joe D takes Derrick Williams

  • May 15, 20111:05 am
    by rob


    Irving is being overrated in this poll. He’s going to be a great player and would be deserving of #1, but so is Williams, who right now is actually the better player. And no guarantee Iriving will grow into his potential. Williams looks like an NBA superstar right now. I’d take him at 1, Irving at 2, and Kanter at 3.

  • May 15, 20112:29 am
    by Jack


    I hope we take kawhi leonard. We need a sf and he seems like a good fit with loads of potential.

  • May 15, 20119:44 am
    by neutes


    #1 i’d take Irving no question. He has range, can drive, draw fouls, defend, and handle the ball well. He’s like the jack of all trades at PG. He might not be on the athletic level of Rose or Westbrook, but neither is Paul or Nash and they’re doing just fine.

  • May 16, 20111:05 am
    by steve


    look the player in college last year that looked most like an nba superstar was easily kyrie irving.  of course getting injured for most of the year and coming back in the middle of the ncaa tournament means that i am talking about his play before he got injured.  yes derick williams looked much more dominant in the tournament, but if irving was healthy all year it would have been a different story, and duke probably would have won the whole thing…  point guard is the most vital position to a team.  look at what rose is doing for the bulls.  irving can ball…  i say we take him.

  • May 16, 20111:07 am
    by steve


    also i agree with patrick..  conley is a solid player.  obviously you have no credibility sop, you should stop trying to act like such an expert

  • May 16, 20112:50 am
    by jprime18


    As a Tar Heel fan, it pains me to say this, but Irving is exactly what we need. He’s a pure point guard, always looks to get his team mates going, and shoots the ball efficiently. With a team full of shooters and smart cutters, i could see us getting as high as 41 wins next season.
    The last Dookie we took in the lottery panned out pretty well, don’t you think?

    • May 16, 20115:04 am
      by gmehl1977


      Yeah he eventually turned into Ben Wallace :-)

  • May 16, 20115:18 am
    by gmehl1977


    Gareth & Vic are on the money. We all know Cleveland was interested in Rip prior to the trade deadline so it would be interesting to see if we could off load Rip or even better Gordon. Irving would be great but a comobo of Bismack/Kanter might be even better all the while off loading either Rip or Gordon. We are far beyond drafting a player to get better. We need to clear money off the books which isn’t going to be a quick process. There is definitely no quick fix but the right steps have to be taken otherwise any more mistakes made from here on out will hurt 2, 3 and 4 times as bad. Any thoughts?

  • May 16, 20116:58 am
    by danny


    Williams to West? Williams is a superb athlete and will easily be the best player from this draft. Kyrie Irving is not a special talent IMO. Derrick Williams is my choice, and its not close.

  • May 16, 20115:49 pm
    by sop


    Ok Ok I’ll slightly adjust the BEST Pistons draft list for 2011. I’m adding a reason for each comp too. Remember this is the order the Pistons should pick considering their line up needs and young talent.
    1. Kanter (Demarcus Cousins – attitude) (he will be a BEAST)
    2. Irving (Mike Conley) (average athlete, overall solid play)
    3. Knight (Jrue Holiday) (super young, huge wingspan)
    4. Derrick Williams (Shawn Marion + 3pointer) (poor ball handler for perimeter player0
    5. Kawhi Leonard (Gerald Wallace) (super athletic, high-motor tweener)
    6. Biyombo (Serge Ibaka) (raw, 7’4? wingspan, shot-blocking PF)
    7. Tobias Harris (Barkley/Battier hybrid) (can drive, shoot, muscle around basket, tweener)
    8. Valanciunas (Ricky Rubio) (contract, contract, contract)
    9. Alec Burks (Demar DeRozan) (drives, 0 threes)
    10. Faried (Milsap/Mcdyess hybrid – shooting) (undersized, great work-ethic)
    11. Singleton (Tayshaun – scoring) (defensive stringbean)
    12.Vesely (AK47 – shooting + hops/2 inches) (human pogo-stick with no muscle, can’t rebound)
    13. Marcus Morris (skinny Big Baby) (skilled tweener)
    14. Selby (Stuckey – 2 inches) (explosive, streaky, “combo guard”, attitude?)
    15. Motiejunas (NOT Nowitzki) (don’t expect any rebounds)
    16. Klay Thompson (peak Anthony Parker) (not athletic, deep volume shooter)
    17. Jimmer (Mark Price or Daniel Gibson)
    18. Markieff Morris (Ersan Ilyasova) (can shoot, fairly tough, can’t jump)
    19. Jordan Hamilton (taller, slower J.R. Smith) (shot selection)
    20. Kemba Walker (Nate Robinson) (tiny scoring PG)

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