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Greg Monroe will represent the Detroit Pistons at NBA lottery

Greg Monroe will represent the Pistons at the NBA lottery on May 17, according to Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

“Hopefully, he’ll bring us more luck,” Perry laughed. “But, actually, staying at seven ended up being very lucky for us last year. The fact we remained at seven in the lottery process and were able to draft a guy we believe is going to be one of the cornerstones for your team – now to have him go back there the following year, hopefully, his presence there will bring the same type of good fortune during this lottery.”

I like the message: “We don’t need your luck. We’ll keep the No. 7 pick and like it.” That’s sure to intimidate Detroit’s lottery opponents.

What? Ping-pong balls don’t get intimidated?

Oh, well. I hope Monroe enjoys Secaucus.


  • May 5, 20116:05 pm
    by sop


    Would you send Stuckey to Washington in a sign and trade for their number 4 pick?

    • May 5, 20116:47 pm
      by Ryan McLain


      NO! only for a top 2

    • May 6, 201110:45 am
      by Tim


      Depends on what he is signing for. Most likely, I’d say yes. But if he were to sign long term for less than $5M/yr, I probably wouldn’t.

  • May 5, 20117:40 pm
    by Tony


    Oh no!  Send Hamilton & trade pics to try & get K. Irving, move Stuckey over to the 2 spot.  He’ll be an all-star.

    • May 5, 201110:18 pm
      by Laser


      how many first rounders do you suppose it would take to get irving AND unload rip? seven? eight?

      • May 6, 201110:50 am
        by Tim


        And then Irving leaves in free agency and we are still paying for him! Brilliant! Maybe we should hire Isiah Thomas, too.

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