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At high school number retirement, Greg Monroe says he’ll give up No. 10 for Dennis Rodman

John DeShazier of the New Orleans Times Picayune has a nice feature on Louisiana native Greg Monroe having his jersey retired by his high school and got a nice Pistons related scoop out of it: Monroe will give up his No. 10 with the Pistons in deference to Dennis Rodman:

He’s going to do this, too: As a Piston, he’s going to give up his No. 10 jersey.

The number was worn by former Pistons Bad Boy — and bad boy in general — Dennis Rodman, a member of this year’s Naismith Hall of Fame Class. It’s the only number that has been worn by Monroe, the No. 7 overall pick last year, who started 48 of his 80 games and made the league’s all-rookie team. But he’s willing to give it up to honor Rodman.

“They told me I could keep it, but just out of respect, I think I’m going to change my number,” he said.

Just when you think Monroe can’t get more popular among Pistons fans. It’s a great gesture by Monroe. He certainly would’ve represented the No. 10 well, but it’s a number that belongs to Rodman. And New York area strippers.


  • May 12, 20113:01 pm
    by MPFIRM


    take #70 the last number rodman worn in the l

  • May 12, 20117:42 pm
    by gmehl1977


    It class like this that i am glad that we took Monroe and never actually got a chance to pick Cousins. I will be the first to admit that i wanted Cousins but how much of a blessing was it to get a kid with so much class and respect like Monroe. Hopefully this wonderful gesture (respect for Rodman) can transpire into good karma and have Monroe snare us a top 3 pick.

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