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Greg Monroe jobbed again, makes All-Rookie second team

Greg Monroe should have become the first Piston since Grant Hill in 1995 to make the All-Rookie first team. Instead, he became Detroit’s fourth All-Rookie second teamer since then, according to Jessica Camerato of Comcast SportsNet New England. Monroe joins Jonas Jerebko, Rodney Stuckey and Zeljko Rebraca as All-Rookie second-team Pistons.

The media voted Monroe sixth for Rookie of the Yearwhich I found pretty ridiculousbut coaches had the chance to right the writers’ wrong. Instead, they continued the mistake, opting for Landry Fields and Gary Neal ahead of Monroe. I’d argue Monroe should place ahead of DeMarcus Cousins, too, but the case isn’t as clear there.

If it’s any consolation, Monroe, who was already a TrueHoop Network All-Rookie first-team member, has become the people’s All-Rookie first teamer.

Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated:

I get that Detroit was something of an NBA Siberia this season, but Monroe belonged on the first All-Rookie team.

Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm:

Wait, Monroe didn’t make 1st team?!

Akis Yerocostas of Pick and Scroll:

Monroe should’ve been on the 1st team over Fields or Neal.

Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket:

Gary Neal is a very good player and his story is great. BUT.. Greg Monroe should have been on the All-Rookie First Team. Period. #Pistons


Neal edged Monroe by just two points, which I guess shows the coaches were barely wrong. Monroe was one of just three players – along with Blake Griffin and John Wall – to appear on the maximum 29 ballots. (Coaches can’t vote for their own players.) Here’s the complete voting:

2010-11 T-Mobile All-Rookie First Team
Player Team First (2 pt) Second (1 Pt) Total
Blake Griffin Clippers 29 - 58
John Wall Wizards 28 1 57
Landry Fields Knicks 28 - 56
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento 26 2 54
Gary Neal San Antonio 18 8 44
2010-11 T-Mobile All-Rookie Second Team
Player Team First (2 pt) Second (1 Pt) Total
Greg Monroe Pistons 13 16 42
Wesley Johnson Timberwolves 4 18 26
Eric Bledsoe Clippers - 19 19
Derrick Favors Jazz 1 16 18
Paul George Pacers 1 12 12

Other players receiving votes, with point totals (first place votes in parentheses): Ed Davis, Toronto, 10 (1); Evan Turner, Philadelphia, 12; Jordan Crawford, Washington, 12; Gordon Hayward, Utah, 7; Omer Asik, Chicago, 6 (1); Patrick Patterson, Houston, 5; Al-Farouq Aminu, Los Angeles Clippers, 3; Tiago Splitter, San Antonio, 3; Trevor Booker, Washington, 1; Christian Eyenga, Cleveland, 1; Ekpe Udoh, Golden State, 1.


  • May 11, 20113:09 pm
    by rob


    Neal – 9.8 pts, 2.5 rebs, 1.2 asts, 45% FG

    Monroe – 9.4 pts, 7.5 rebs, 1.4 asts, 55% FG

    Enough said.

    Another complete an uttter joke by the league. Clearly, there are still coaches out there bitter about past beatdowns by the Pistons, and are taking it out on Monroe.

    • May 11, 20118:03 pm
      by Laser


      not a soul here is going to think neal deserved to make the team over monroe. however, those are not the only stats that exist or matter.

  • May 11, 20113:14 pm
    by rob


    Wow! I just looked at the voting results and I am SHOCKED at seeing Landry Freaking Fields tying John Wall for 2nd place, and coming 2 pts shy of winning ROY over Blake Griffin!!!!!


    Now I dont feel bad about the Monroe slight, because this whole thing is obviously run by retards.

    • May 11, 20118:19 pm
      by Laser


      erm… well it’s not quite the same as the Rookie of the Year voting, and this system, where five guys make each team, is going to have peculiar vote distribution. it isn’t going to mean as much as if a whole lot of people place weighted votes for only three guys. there are a few strange anomalies here, but landry fields falling two points short isn’t one of them. he almost inarguably deserved to make the first team.
      i find it much stranger that some joker put wall on the second team (in other words, in this system, wall and griffin were favorites to “tie” by making everyone’s first team). or that someone actually left cousins off the ballot entirely (who were the ten guys he thought were better??). but the thing that’s bothering you here isn’t unusual in the least, and it indicates a problem with how you’re interpreting the data rather than the system itself. the results are bogus, but you’re picking the wrong fight.
      my ballot would have griffin, wall, cousins, monroe and fields making the first team (in other words, five first place ties, because that’s how this vote goes), and i don’t think there’s much of a case to be made for any first team ballot to look different (with neal as a MAAAAAAYBE justifiable alternate for fields, but the voter would have some ‘splaining to do). in this particular class, it should have been a four-way tie with fields and neal splitting first-team votes.

  • May 11, 20113:23 pm
    by LEVI



  • May 11, 20113:30 pm
    by Kris


    I am going to quote Walter Sobchak here: “They are bunch of f***in amateurs!!!”

  • May 11, 20113:42 pm
    by neutes


    Cousins sucks. I don’t get how people can look at these two and think Cousins is the better player. It boggles my mind.

  • May 11, 20113:45 pm
    by neutes


    And how is Landry Fields getting this kind of love and Monroe is not? The same rationale has to apply to both doesn’t it? If people view Fields as valuable how can they not view Monroe the same way? I’m not going to argue about Fields because I know he’s valuable, but to use that same rationale given his stats and then compare Cousins and Monroe and not come to a similar conclusion that Monroe is better is asinine.

    • May 11, 20114:08 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      The same rationale doesn’t apply. The Knicks made the playoffs. The Pistons didn’t.

      • May 11, 20115:42 pm
        by neutes


        Realistically the playoffs should have nothing to do with it. Fields was a consistent player who didn’t do anything spectacular but didn’t hurt his team. He shot well, but didn’t take many shots. He didn’t turn the ball over. He rebounded above average for his position. Everything you can say about Fields as a SG you can basically say about Monroe as a center. He didn’t turn it over, shot well, rebounded well, created turnovers with his quick hands. He was valuable. And when you stack him up against an inefficient and turnover prone Cousins it’s not hard to argue who hurt their team more.

  • May 11, 20113:58 pm
    by jack


    The only explanation I can think of is the coaches had to choose for the best  rookie by position.  They then put Cousin’s ahead of Monroe as a Center.  But I may be wrong.

  • May 11, 20114:56 pm
    by Jacob


    Is team record now a criteria for All-Rookie team? Wait, Cousins and Wall made 1st team…..hmmmm I guess not. This is utterly ridiculous on the part of the coaches. No wonder why so many of them get fired every year…..they can’t even get All-Rookie team right.

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  • May 12, 201112:50 am
    by Dream


    Omer ASik GOT A 1ST TEAM VOTE! Imma Bulls fan but that’s embarrassing to know that these people are voting for something that actually matters to the guys playing the game.

  • May 12, 20114:20 am
    by For fuck's sake


    Fields was great this season and deserves his spot. I’m not surprised that casual fans who didn’t watch the Knicks before the trade don’t realize this, but he was one of the top three rookies this season.
    Monroe should have gotten in over Neal, but dumping on Fields just exposes your ignorance.

    • May 12, 201111:54 am
      by Tim Thielke


      Yes and no. Fields absolutely deserved to get in. But Monroe deserved to be ahead of Fields. people will therefore often point out that fact and just leave it as an assumed that Fields should have beat out Neal. Perhaps such an argument isn’t always clear to everyone. But I doubt there are very many people commenting here who didn’t believe Fields deserved his spot.
      If Wall didn’t make the team, people would similarly point out that he was better than Cousins. not to say Cousins shouldn’t make the team but just because then they would assume readers would infer that he also deserved to beat out Monroe, Fields, and Neal.

  • May 12, 20111:18 pm
    by bucketz


    look i didnt watch the pistons this year (cuz they are ass) but i have been following monroe’s stats as a fan of his game…he was non-existent in the first half of the year..fields fell off after feb when monroe started picking it up…there is no way any1 in the world should even think that monroe had a better rookie year than landry…landry was ahead of john wall in most people’s eyes for the better part of the year
    i agree monroe should be in ahead of gary neal but not by much

    • May 12, 20111:42 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      So, you didn’t watch Monroe play, but “there is no way any1 in the world should even think that monroe had a better rookie year than landry”? Try again.

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