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Greg Monroe finishes sixth – sixth! – in Rookie of the Year voting

Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com released Rookie of the Year results:

Final results: 1. Griffin (590 points). 2. Wall (295). 3. Cousins (81). 4. Fields (62). 5. Neal (19). 6. Monroe (15).

That’s a joke. Landry Fields and Gary Neal didn’t belong anywhere near Greg Monroe, let alone ahead of him. Monroe had a better season than DeMarcus Cousins, too. There was a thin line between John Wall and Monroe (I’d favor Wall), but for Wall to receive nearly 20 times the points as Monroe is crazy.

UPDATE: Here’s the voting from NBA.com:

Rookie, Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers 118 - - 590
John Wall, Washington - 91 22 295
DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento - 11 48 81
Landry Fields, New York - 12 26 62
Gary Neal, San Antonio - 3 10 19
Greg Monroe. Detroit - 1 12 15



  • May 4, 20114:13 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    It doesn’t surprise or bother me. I would gladly take Greg Monroe over Cousins, Fields and Neal.

  • May 4, 20114:15 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    I have been resigned to the idea of not receiving national notoriety. Let them have the accolades; I want the Ws.

  • May 4, 20115:08 pm
    by Tim


    I love Monroe too, but Wall was much better than Monroe this season. Obviously these stats don’t say it all, but still: 16/5/8 vs 9/8/1 is not even close. However, my favorite Monroe stat is hands down his 1.0 turnover per game. That is huge. I am hoping he becomes Al Horford 2.0. I would expect Cousins to get more votes than Monroe, but they had comparable seasons. So his getting more doesn’t seem absurd. Fields and Neal are ridiculous though.

  • May 4, 20115:16 pm
    by Jacob


    That is a joke. Does this at all affect the all-rookie 1st team?

  • May 4, 20115:32 pm
    by Stewie


    I’d bet most of you didn’t see Neal in SA just as most of the US didn’t see Monroe in Detroit.  Neal is equally deserving to be up there as well.  I have no problem with the list… if you’re not first on it – who cares?… no one will remember 2-6 in years anyway.  Now worry about the future and if they all continue to develop into the future stars/solid players.

  • May 4, 20115:42 pm
    by Michael Pina


    Watching Monroe closely since his days at Georgetown, I’ve got to say this is a near travesty. I love Neal and Fields had a solid season before free falling off a cliff, but only one second place vote for Greg?

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