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Greg Monroe claims Rookie of the Year voting won’t motivate him

SECAUCUS, New Jersey – Maybe Greg Monroe’s snub in Rookie of the Year voting won’t motivate him after all.

Shortly after the NBA released results, which had him sixth, Monroe tweeted:


MOTIVATION! And no i aint talkn bout the song!

I asked Monroe about those tweets, just to check whether they referred to Rookie of the Year voting. Keep in mind, they came in the midst of myself and several other NBA writers discussing the just-released results.

“Oh, no,” Monroe said. “Not at all. It’s a song, actually.”

Really? Didn’t you specifically say you weren’t referring to the song?

“Oh, uh, nah, it was probably something different,” Monroe said between pauses. “I just tweet a lot of random stuff. I don’t really get caught up in the voting things.”

Believable explanation? I guess, that’s up to you to decide.

But what motivates Monroe isn’t as important as him being motivated to improve. Thankfully, unlike the apparently offensively focused Pistons, Monroe seems like he also has defense in mind this summer.

“I think I need to get better at both of them, and that’s what I’m focusing on,” said Monroe, who’s been working out in Louisiana and will head to Washington D.C. in July.

Perhaps, that’s just the cliché answer and doesn’t accurately represent Monroe’s plans. Pressed a little further, he said he’s working on everything: “getting stronger, jump shot, just my whole skillset.”

I like that item he listed first a great deal and the second item will certainly help, too.


  • May 20, 20112:29 am
    by Tom Y.


    He needs to improve his D but I think developing some range on consistency on his shot will make a bigger difference for the team than some improvement in his D. To improve the defense the team should mostly bring in some better defensive players and a defense-minded coach. Having Jonas back will help as well.

  • May 20, 20114:01 am
    by gmehl1977


    Monroe could do the whole team a favor by dragging Daye to the gym with him. Maybe even spike his drink with undetectable steroids as well. I don’t know wether i am joking about that last sentence or not.  That boy needs to hit Crispy Creme’s all summer long!

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