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Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye has grown a half inch, lost 10 pounds

Austin Daye has grown about a half inch since the Pistons drafted him in 2009, according to Perry A. Farrell of the Detroit Free Press. At that time, he measured 6-foot-9.75 without shoes and 6-foot-10.75 with shoes, according to DraftExpress.

Daye also lost about 10 pounds during the season, according to Farrell. So, those 10 pounds he added during the offseason mean he’s just back to square one. Arnie Kander explains:

The problem is once you start to run during an NBA season, you’re going to lose at least 10 of that during a season just because of the nature of the schedule. You’re constantly running, not much recovery and all of that.

"After two years of an NBA life, the body starts to adapt and it starts to learn it has to push through different levels of soreness. He has to be able to eat when the body is extremely exhausted and tired. You have to push fluids when you can’t put anymore in your system. It’s as much a mental adaption as it is a physical one."


  • May 8, 20116:59 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I say put this kid on one of those intravenous drips while he is sleeping. Pump him full of chicken, egg and creatine. At the moment he would be lucky to weigh as much as one of Shaq’s pinkies.

  • May 8, 201110:01 pm
    by Tiko


    If Joe D wants to get back to the toughness that was Pistons basketball, this guy needs to be part of a trade out of here for any type of value at this point.  Daye will always be soft.  Its his nature.  Charlie V needs to get the hell outta here too.  they are oxymorons to the concept of toughness.
    If Joe can somehow sign and trade Tayshaun and add Daye and Charlie V to the package for Andre Iguodala I would re-gain some faith I used to have in him.  Iggy would be a great start to get back to that toughness thats been lacking

  • May 9, 20115:29 am
    by danny


    Well said. It almost seems as if Joe isnt concerned with being tough given the moves hes made, which blows my mind, considering he of all people should know how far toughness can get you in this soft league. I doubt we get a sign and trade with Prince, he’ll just walk. And I would rather pay Charlie to sit at home than watch him watch the other team score. Bright side is we got very lucky last year with Monroe, who could end up being the best player from that draft. I still think players will want to come to Detroit since they know Joe CAN build a winner, but we still have a lot of fat to cut off the team.

  • May 9, 20116:38 am
    by steve


    i actually would like to keep him around.  if he can bulk up by 30 pounds, be 7′ and have a nice shot, who’s to say he cant post up and shoot from the outside like rasheed wallace.  he’s just got to eat all meat and hit the weight room

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