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David Kahn: Bill Laimbeer is ready to become an NBA head coach

SECAUCUS, New Jersey – David Kahn, the general manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves, holds a prominent position for a team in the world’s premier basketball league. He also once said Darko’s passing ability compared favorably with Vlade’s (Chris Webber: “Vlade Divac?!”).

So, depending on your opinion of Bill Laimbeer, you can rate Kahn’s basketball knowledge how you please. But for what it’s worth:

“There’s no question in my mind, Bill Laimbeer’s capable of being an NBA head coach,” Kahn said.



Kahn interviewed Laimbeer for Minnesota’s vacant head-coaching job, which ultimately went to Kurt Rambis, but as a Timberwolves assistant, Laimbeer is still learning the trade.

“I thought Bill did a fine job,” Kahn said. “And I think that Bill, over the last couple years, is starting to learn what it’s like to be an assistant in our league and acquires probably a lot of knowledge that he probably, otherwise, wouldn’t have had.”


“I think that there’s an appreciation that all assistants who are new at it probably acquire, about just how much work it is to prepare an NBA team on a nightly or a daily basis,” Kahn said.

Of course, the Pistons still have John Kuester. But I’m not sure you could find anyone who doesn’t believe his firing is inevitable.

So, is Kahn right? And more relevantly, will Joe Dumars agree?


  • May 20, 20116:10 pm
    by rob


    Great. It sounds like Laimbeer is going to take over for Rambis, while Kuester is still coaching our future players.

  • May 20, 20116:29 pm
    by Jason


    If Adelman gets the LA job, i’d like to see Brian Shaw take over Kuester’s position.. No way he sticks around in LA if Adelman is given what SHOULD BE his job…

  • May 20, 20116:54 pm
    by ric


    i say get laimbeer, then give lakers whoever they want (except monroe) to get bynum. laimbeer coaching bynum is the start of the new bad boys generation.

  • May 20, 20117:00 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Lambs is not the right coach for our team.

    and why Q would be asked to run individual workouts is beyond me. Maybe they are not bringing Stuckey back.

  • May 20, 20117:13 pm
    by ric


    if lambs is not the right coach for our team, then its just as confusing why we had kuester and curry. this team needs a coach who earns enough respect to be followed and listened.

  • May 21, 201112:48 am
    by bob bayer


    thank you for writing about this .. .hades YES!  Bring Big Bill back to Detroit as head coach .. the man is tough, smart, defensive and team oriented … and is record as a Shock head coach is a great one …

  • [...] TH. Henry Abbott has seen NBA players stand and wait for TNT and ESPN to come back from ads. 8th: Piston Powered. David Kahn has seen Bill Laimbeer, and he thinks he’s ready to lead a team. Uh-oh, Rambis. [...]

  • May 21, 20118:18 am
    by detroitpcb


    Folks, we just tried two untested coaches for the position of head coach and they both bombed miserably.

    I love Bill Lambier, think he will be a fine head coach, but this is the wrong team at the wrong time. 

  • May 21, 20119:00 am
    by andy


    i love laimbeer, but we do not need another inexperienced head coach after curry and kuester.   one name not too many people talk about is maurice cheeks.  he had an up and down record with portland and philly, but i think he’d be a good fit for the pistons…

    • May 21, 20119:17 am
      by tarsier


      I don’t love Laimbeer, but he isn’t inexperienced. Coaching WNBA may not be the same as coaching NBA. But I am sure there is an awful lot of similarity. especially “beyond the xs and os”.

  • May 21, 201111:13 am
    by Eric


    I say go for Bill.  For one it would bring some excitement to this team.  Second is he was a champion as a player, a champion as a coach in the WNBA, I don’t know what to say about being part of T wolves because that team is in a much larger mess than the Pistons, but who wouldn’t like to see this guy behind the bench.  If not Bill, I would like to see Larry Brown come back, but who knows about the relationship between Joe D and Brown is.  Brown loved being in Detroit, I’m still mad they couldn’t work it out.

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