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Chad Ford’s latest mock draft: Jonas Valanciunas to the Detroit Pistons

In his most recent mock draft, Chad Ford of ESPN has the Pistons taking Jonas Valanciunas:

For the third straight week, the Pistons’ player changes. This time, it’s because of opportunity. In the past two mocks I’ve had Valanciunas going before the eighth pick. If he slides this far, I think the Pistons will grab him.

Yes, Detroit will also look at both Bismack Biyombo and Tristan Thompson here. But Valanciunas has two things the Pistons covet: size and major upside. They may have to wait on him a year, but many NBA scouts believe he’s the most talented international player in the draft.

I’d be pretty happy with that scenario. I wonder whether the possibility of losing games, or even the entire season, to a lockout would make the Pistons more likely to take a player who might not be in the NBA next year.


  • May 24, 20114:55 pm
    by tarsier


    I would hope that the possibility of losing a year would have negligible effect on the likelihood of the Pistons to take Valanciunas if he were available. That doesn’t mean a whole lot when you aren’t a contender anyway.

  • May 24, 20119:38 pm
    by sop


    Valanciunas would be great as long as he doesn’t turn into another Ricky Rubio contract situation. The contract worries are the only way he falls to the Pistons anyways. Anybody have a gauge on how badly he wants to come over? 1 year wait is not so bad but 3 years seems like we would be missing the chance to develop him. Unless you think he develops better over in Europe.

  • May 24, 201111:38 pm
    by Laser


    from what i gather, there’s no chance we don’t end up with a guy who sounds “good.” there just seems to be a fat chunk of guys projected to go in the middle lottery who are young and promising and have good upside but aren’t sure things, and we’re certain to get one of them. i’m not sure how much i care which one we get, given how many gaping holes we have on the roster and the general crapshoot that is drafting.
    what would get me truly excited about next season is if we could somehow get two guys from this bunch. i don’t know if we have the assets to get it done, but i’d love to see it happen. preferably a point guard and a big man. then maybe grab another big who’s maybe more of a prospect or a small forward with pick 33. given that it’s supposed to be a weak draft, maybe this can be done. i’d love to see it happen. get crazy young, maybe shed a veteran in the process.
    but this is the kind of thing i don’t think joe would do, even if he could. i really get the feeling that somehow, even given carte blanche, he’ll just make a tweak here or there in an attempt to save face. everyone on earth has seen enough of this team to know it’s a recipe for failure (especially the team itself), but i’m guessing joe’s too proud and been handed too many excuses to change course drastically, no matter how objectively correct a move it would be. this is the potential downside of bringing joe back. the potential upside, of course, that he could recognize his recent failures and be motivated to move some pieces around, where a new GM could just sit back and wait for all our bad contracts to expire.

    • May 25, 20118:03 am
      by Glenn


      I’ve never gotten the impression that Dumars is afraid to make a move.  He’s made big moves his whole career, some that could have seriously hurt his reputation both with the fans and professionally, since he took the job.  I think as soon as he gets the green light he’s shipping butts out of Detroit.

      • May 25, 201111:42 am
        by Laser


        it’s not fear of “making a move,” per se, that i’m accusing joe of; it’s fear of admitting that the team he put together is complete and total garbage. he decided to reshape the roster back when the team was on top, and this roster is the end result of his rebuilding effort.
        a season ago, joe had injuries to fall back on as an excuse (and boy did he go to that well all the time) even though it became plainly obvious over the course of the season that this team did not mesh and was better when certain key players were injured. last season, joe had internal turmoil, feuds, etc. to blame (even though these were the direct result of being stuck with a shitty team). i happen to think his first choice would be to dump rip, hire a new coach, get a modest return on a tayshaun sign-and-trade, and add draft picks and a minor free agent signing. this would essentially be a third attempt at making this same bad roster work.
        if joe turned around and traded someone like stuckey, gordon, villanueva, daye, etc. (his shiny “new” toys), he’s making a delayed admission that he did a bad job reshaping the roster. he has been supremely unwilling to do this so far, even with plenty of proof that his “dream team” is hopeless. on the other hand, if he moves around long-time pistons like tayshaun, rip and maxiell in an attempt to save face, it’s less of an admission that his recent moves have been a disaster (even though rip and max were extended immediately before the chauncey trade, and prince was never anything but an asset here). it’s ridiculous, but i think this is what a stubborn, prideful man who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else does in this situation. particularly since he’s not going to get much value for hardly anyone on the roster (also his fault).

  • May 25, 20118:32 am
    by Nananana


    I honestly hope they somehow manage to get Rubio from Minnesota. He’s an ideal PG a true PG. Not only that, I bet he would actually be willing to play for Detroit.

    • May 25, 201111:43 am
      by Laser


      why do you think he’d play for detroit? because the team was good three years ago?

      • May 25, 201112:40 pm
        by Nanana


        He didn’t want to play for Minnosota for personal reasons. He has some grudge/hate for Minnesota

  • May 25, 20115:32 pm
    by mubin


    ok idea, but we need to win now and need d. grab Biyombo.

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