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Would you be surprised if Tayshaun Prince returned to the Pistons?


  • Apr 16, 20111:52 pm
    by vic


    he didn’t have the best attitude, but he was the Pistons best player all year, I’d be sad if he wasn’t back. Let Austin Daye back up BG at the 2, let Jerebko backup Tayshaun, get him a coach he can respect like Bill Laimbeer…
    Draft Biyongo, Jonas, or Kanter, let Monroe run PF
    and next year will be a totally different season for all of us.

    • Apr 16, 20113:30 pm
      by qm22


      How was he the best piston? His stats are not 1st, second, or third on this team, and he did not give the most effort on the court on this team either.

      • Apr 16, 20115:11 pm
        by Laser


        smart guy: between scoring and shooting percentage, he was our top scorer. stuckey averaged 15.5 ppg shooting .439 (i can’t believe our leading scorer didn’t average more than that. god this team stinks). tayshaun averaged 14.1 shooting .473. and he was often our go-to scorer and had to create his own shot off the dribble to beat the buzzer, and he hit those shots with impressive regularity. he played in 78 games, starting them all, led the team in minutes per game, often guarding the other team’s best perimeter players. he was probably our best defender. he had a 2.8:1.05 assist to turnover ratio, better than anyone else on the team with a significant assist total. i could go on…
        do you know anything about basketball? basketball is the one with the big orange ball they bounce and throw around. it’s possible you’re just confused and navigated to the wrong site by mistake.

        • Apr 16, 201111:29 pm
          by qm22


          Laser, thanks for the comments, but your basic facts are not wrong. Tay was not the leading scorer. Perhaps you confused leading shot-taker, because he was the leader in field goal attempts.
          In overall Player Efficiency Rating, Tayshaun was 7th.
          If you have a reason to say he was the best player it should be easy to explain. Being a rude instead of supporting your answer makes you look that much worse.
          I do not see any quantitative evidence that supports Tay as the best player, at all. And his defense was not the best on this team this year, either, statistically (DRTG), or qualitatively.

          • Apr 17, 20114:21 am
            by Laser

            1) politely or not, i made an argument for tayshaun supported by statistics. some intangible observations, but also statistics. you can’t just say i didn’t make an argument and make it so. i made an argument…
            but since you asked, tayshaun happened to score more total points than anyone else. and shooting at a .473 clip, it’s hard to complain that a guy takes too many shots. among perimeter players he shot by far the best percentage. he started more games than anyone BY A MILE. he was probably our only “true” starter in that his 78 has stuckey beat by 24 (30% of the season), and ben wallace and greg monroe each started fewer than 50. he led the team in minutes played.
            2) who do you think was the best player? i’m guessing stuckey, in which case i have all i need to know right there. who do you suppose was our best defender? certainly not stuckey. perhaps ben wallace, but he was practically a part-time player. and i don’t think there’s anyone else in the discussion.
            3) there aren’t many names in the discussion for “best piston.” it’s a three-man race and i don’t need to tell you the names. it’s a fact that tayshaun is one of them, and the strangest thing is how you dismiss it out of hand. you must think it’s stuckey, which is kind of sad in a way. but that’s fine.

  • Apr 16, 20112:35 pm
    by L Boogie


    I Hope Joe is Looking at Biyombo, we NEED him; trade RIP, Let T Mac go, Jason, Summers, Charlie, all go bring back Tay, and Wilcox, draft Biyombo or Kemba, second rd get Uconn big man Akiata (I think I spelled it wrong), and another power forward who can score and defend. We NEED COACH LAIMBEER AND RICK MAHORN to show these divas how to play tough defense and smart, with a swagger, lets go Joe make it happen.

    • Apr 16, 20117:06 pm
      by bg8


      if the uconn big you’re talking about is alex oriaki, he’s gonna stay in school. no point for him to leave early at all

      im all for drafting kemba walker, and letting stuckey and prince go. i wouldn’t mind seeing a starting lineup of monroe, cv, rip, bg, kemba. yeah no defense, or rebounding, or size, but who care. they’ll be fun to watch and you got 4 uconn. then somehow they could get okafor without losing the 4 uconn, then that would just complete this team

  • Apr 16, 20115:23 pm
    by JoeNathan


    We got to keep Tayshaun and Rip! I’d hate to see T-MAC go but he hasnt been playing like he wants to be there. Trade Jason and BG. I think Will should start at the 1 and Rodney at the two. Tay at the 3 Greg at the 4 and Chris at the 5!But first thing’s first, have to get rid of Kuester!!!

  • Apr 16, 20115:38 pm
    by Brian P


    While I would like to have Prince back, I think there will be a pretty good market for his services. He is a very skilled complementary player, good as a 3rd or 4th offensive option. While not a lockdown defender, he is exceptional in a team-oriented defensive environment (as the Pistons once were). There may not be the cash he is looking for, but I would think the Lakers, Mavs and Clippers would have serious interest, perhaps even the Spurs or Hawks.

  • Apr 16, 20116:00 pm
    by BIG MARV


    I think prince wants another shot at the ring and by him staying at a rebuliding detroit team he know he wont ge it here, the only way he stays is if he takes reduced money at a reduced role and I dont see him doing that so he will be gone he gave us some great years but I think he wants to chase the ring for a min. Its time to give the youth a chance to step up and I think with rip and tay gone and a better coach, you will see a better and younger piston team next year.

  • Apr 16, 20116:08 pm
    by steve


    i have to agree with you marv..  i really dont think taysaun wants to be here anymore.

  • Apr 16, 201111:23 pm
    by Josh


    Tayshaun Prince has given us a solid 10 years, but it is time to part ways with him. The Pistons are a mess right now; whether you want to start in the front or the back court, all the way to the bench. This team need to be revamped, soon. I am not sure what our Cap looks like, but I can’t imagine that we don’t have enough money to go make a blockbuster trade or 1-2 big FA signings. Personally, there are only a few guys I WOULD keep on the current roster; I really hope that we draft smart, because in the past 5-7 years, our picks have been questionable at best. People love Austin Daye, but all I hear is how the organization is excited about him, but he stills needs to progress, blah, blah. Well, if he still needs to progress, how long are we going to give it before we realize he is not in our long-term plans? Will Bynum is decent, but let’s face it, he will never be OUR answer at PG not to mention he is 29 years old, so there is a need. Stuckey is a guy to keep, however, he is a SG, not a PG, and that has been proven to be his better, more comfortable position. Ben Gordon is a guy who is out of his element because our system is slow, and flawed, and a guy who if was given some pieces could flourish, just like with the Bulls. Villanueva is a guy to keep, and is an obligation due to his contract. He is a solid PF, and is young enough to build around and with; but we do need depth there, because Summers and Maxiell have to go! They’re undersized, energy players, hustle players, and I app[appreciate them, but it’s a business, and they have to go. Greg Monroe, is great… a solid rookie C. I am excited about his future, and believe we should do whatever it takes to build around him, which means giving him a PG that can make him better rather than competing for the spotlight. I don’t know if the draft is where the answer is for PG, but we must address that issue, or we’re going to keep watching this same, inconsistency for the next few years. COACHING… Kuester MUST go. He is not a players coach, but who is? Avery Johnson, who was available and we didn’t reach out to, and so is Brad Stevens from Butler.. who with Shelvin Mack and Matt Howard leaving school, has been rumored to the NBA. Also, Mike Brown, the Cav’s ex- head coach is available, it just seems we’re spinning our wheels with Kuester. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Pistons fan, but I am just tired of this garbage, it’s time to get back to what we know, which is winning. There are countless Free-Agents available, who should be affordable, and can bring to the table what we need to win. As far as Rip goes, I love him, he’s payed dividends for us, and we’ve treated him like crap, but he must go, and deserves a change of scenery. I am happy with the re-signing of Dumars, because I feel that he deserves an opportunity to rebuild a team like he once had. Notable FA’s we SHOULD consider? Shannon Brown, Marc Gasol, David West, Carl Landry, Serge Ibaka?… Who knows, all I know is that we need to make moves, and gut our roster, because they have proven time after time, they can’t win. Goodbye Kuester.

  • Apr 17, 20113:58 am
    by rick


    After hearing about Tay and Rip signing and exchanging jerseys, I would be shocked if Tay returned. Since Rip is still under contract, there is no guarantee he is traded, so it would be kind of foolish for them to exchange jerseys on the account of Rip POSSIBLY leaving. I think they both knew that Tay wasn’t planning on coming back.
    Hopefully we can work a S&T and pick up an asset for Tay if he does play somewhere else.

  • Apr 17, 201110:42 am
    by brent


    SIGN KRIS HUMPRHIES !!! Guy is a monster on the boards and would fit great down low with Monroe

  • Apr 17, 20111:05 pm
    by jayg108


    Prince’s numbers might say that he’s a keeper.  But Prince’s presence on the team, like Rip’s is very limiting and stagnant.
    Besides, he looks miserable.  Send him somewhere that he wants to be.

  • Apr 18, 20111:17 pm
    by Tyrone


    I would like to see Tay playing for the Pistons for the next two seasons.  The problem is that he would have to sign for a smaller contract and like BIG MARV said in his post, I feel that Tay wants to sign with a team who is ready to win now. 

    If Tay were to sign with the Pistons for anymore than two years then I feel that we would be looking at another RIP issue.  A player with a contract that is killing the cap space and the player is not playing to the level of the contract. 

    Good luck Tay, and thank you for all that you have done for the PISTONS!

  • Apr 18, 20111:32 pm
    by Freedom


    I’m with Garnett. Charlie V is “like a cancer” to his team. He plays no defense, refuses to be a starter, can’t post-up, he’s slow, etc. What is the upside to him? Sure, he can make a 3 every once in a while. Trade him for somebody that plays defense. He’s really hard to watch. Seeing as he’s one of the highest paid Pistons, how can he refuse to start? Ben Gordon isn’t very good at defense either. And he’s way too streaky of a shooter. Create a good defensive team, then the offense will naturally mature.

  • Apr 26, 201110:06 am
    by Mark Paxton


    Anyone that thinks that Tayshaun won’t be a Superstar on another team like Boston or New York where he has a support cast is not thinking straight.  I have this picture in my mind of Tayshaun back with Billups along with Anthony and it makes me cringe folks!  Lets get real and lets do what we have to to keep McGrady, Tayshaun and Stuckey (Stuckey was the top scorer for the Pistons.  He needs a good coach.) as your core, along with 2-3 of the younger players.  Get rid of the rest of them and rebuild.  We need one superstar pointguard to compliment Stuckey (Not Hamilton) and one Superstar big man.  There are enough players on the pistons to trade and with the draft we have to be able to improve significantly.  Gordon and Hamilton have to bring something together.  Draft one great player and use them to get the other.

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