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Would the Pistons draft Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams with No. 1 pick in draft?

Duke point guard Kyrie Irving, for quite some time, has been tabbed as the likely No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Apparently, some teams, including the Pistons, are leaning toward Arizona forward Derrick Williams or North Carolina forward Harrison Barnes. ESPN’s Chad Ford:

Sources say Wolves, Cavs, Raptors, Jazz and Kings would all take Kyrie Irving 1. Wizards, Pistons & Bucks – Barnes or Derrick Williams

The day after that tweet, Ford wrote an article that said of the Pistons:

The Pistons really have needs just about everywhere. Last year’s lottery pick, Greg Monroe, has played well and Rodney Stuckey really turned it on the last month of the season averaging 19.8 ppg and 8.4 apg. The team has been high on Irving all year and he could still be the pick if they win the lottery. But Williams would also be an intriguing choice here to pair with Monroe. If they stay at No. 7 we currently have them taking Bismack Biyombo, a Ben Wallace clone from the Congo.

So, I guess that means the Pistons would favor Williams, not Barnes.

But for what it’s worth, if you play Ford’s NBA lottery mock draft until the Pistons lands the No. 1 pick, he has them taking Irving. Although, Ford may have built the Pistons’ draft board before his most recent reporting and not updated it since.

There are no clear answers, and keep in mind we’re talking about who the Pistons would take now. There’s a long time between now and the draft for the Pistons to evaluate players.

Just don’t assume Kyrie Irving would automatically be the Pistons’ choice if they land the No. 1 pick.

UPDATE: Harrison Barnes is reportedly headed back to UNC.


  • Apr 18, 201112:45 pm
    by Zeiram


    Still no word on Jonas Valanciunas here on pistonspowered and no no Enes Kanter. Seriously these are two guys I want the Pistons to pick the most. Rugged hard big men, who fit well along Monroe and offer us star potential we won´t get in this draft besides Irving.
    I know, I know I should be patient there is still time left for Draft dreams. But if others can will an article for Biyombo then I can scream for articles about those two (who have as much potential but are more well known commodities!)

  • Apr 18, 201112:46 pm
    by Sean


    Sadly, I completely believe that Derrick Williams would be their choice at No. 1 because if there is one thing Joe Dumars has proven, it’s that he isn’t afraid of the tweener label. See: Stuckey, Rodney; Maxiell, Jason; Jerebko, Jonas; Daye, Austin, etc. etc.
    And as much as I think it’s dangerous, I think this means that the Pistons think Williams would be a power forward in the NBA — despite his middling rebounding numbers and lack of shot-blocking ability.
    And now this means instead of elation if the Pistons pull off the improbable and grab a true point guard with the the No. 1 pick, I will instead have to imagine some bizarre scenario where the lineup doesn’t fit together quite right. Instead of a potential starting five of Irving, Gordon/Stuckey, Daye, Jerebko, Monroe, I have to think about Stuckey, Gordon, Daye, Williams, Monroe. I envision a lot of iso plays and giving up 50+ points in the paint.

  • Apr 18, 20111:18 pm
    by James


    I like Irving and Williams, but I’d prefer Irving.  Offensively a Williams/Monroe front court has the potential to be amazing.  A smart coach could really take advantage of how versatile and efficient both guys are.  The problem is defensively though.  We’d be a bit undersized with no shot blocking presence.  When you add in the fact that Jonas (another non shot blocker) would take up the majority of the left over minutes in the front court that concerns me.  No matter how good they could be offensively together I just don’t think you can win championships with out a couple big men who can block shots in the paint.m4

    I just think Irving has the best potential to be a star of anyone in this draft.  Even if we drafted Irving I wouldn’t be opposed to keeping Stuckey (at a reasonable price).  I actually think those two guys could form a very good back court together.  We’d obviously have to get rid of Rip or Gordon or even both if that scenario plays out.

  • Apr 18, 20119:56 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Update: Rick Adelman is available as coach.

  • Apr 19, 201110:41 am
    by Jason


    Bismack Biyombo!!! This is going to be a beast, and will perfectly compliment Monroe.. Really hope we give him serious consideration, and take him if he’s available at 7..

  • Apr 21, 201112:45 pm
    by Steve


    Irving is a good choice, but I think that once Detroit can shed Hamilton and Prince, Stuckey turns into a 20-10 guy. I just don’t think his style meshes with the old guard, but if you put him in Russel Westbrook’s sitch, he’s easily doing the same thing as Westbrook.
    I mentioned this the other day, but I think Dumars is infatuated with Bismack Biyombo as the defensive prowess to go next to the offensive prowess of Monroe. Think Wallace and Wallace, without Sheed jacking up threes, and MUCH MUCH YOUNGER, which means less experience, less film watched, etc.
    Here’s the catch, Biyombo is not a top 10 pick, some feel he’s not a first round pick. But, if Dumars can finagle a trade to move down to the 15-17 spot, while unloading Rip’s contract that would be optimal. I would think he wouldn’t be able to move Hamilton to Indian, Philly or NY taking Hamilton’s contract, but I do see them possibly trading up in the draft. As far as Cap Flexibility, I think Indiana is the most likely suitor for that trade, due to the fact that Philly has Iggy and Brand tied up in big contracts, and NY needs no explanation.

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