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Who are you rooting for in the playoffs?


  • Apr 23, 201110:05 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    I hope apologies are forthcoming from all of the commenters who called Brandon Roy finished the other day.

  • Apr 24, 20116:54 am
    by jayg108


    hope OKC goes the distance and schools the teams who play overpaid veterans

  • Apr 24, 20116:59 am
    by Ryan



    OKC has dynasty potential for sure in my view.

    Russ, KD, Harden, Ibaka, Perkins to go along with prototypical role players like Maynor, Collison and Thabo.

    I’m jealous.

  • Apr 24, 20119:19 am
    by detroitpcb


    Patrick, are you suggesting any NBA team should take his knees off Portland’s hands?

    I’m surprised by all the OKC fans. I thought i was the only one on the site who picked them to make the Finals in the preseason.

  • Apr 24, 20119:33 am
    by detroitpcb


    Roy had a great fourth quarter and has played well in the last two games.
    But do you really think his knees will hold up over an 82 game season? If a team was willing to use him about 20 minutes a game all year and then bump his minutes in the playoffs – maybe he could still be a productive player. The reality is you might have to play him under 15 minutes a game all year to keep him healthy. At his salary, that is a huge gamble for a team to take.

    But if Portland would take Rip and BG and Max off our hands…………

    • Apr 24, 20118:49 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      If I’m a GM, I wouldn’t trade for him. He’s certainly high-risk. But if I’m going to bet on any player making it back from chronic injury, it would be a guy like Roy. He’s smart and hard-working enough to re-invent his game some, and if you watched the postgame interviews, there’s no doubt he loves the game. I will always, always bet on the guy who loves the game as much as Roy obviously does. I don’t think he’ll be an All-Star again, but I don’t think he’s through being a useful, possibly even starting-caliber player in this league.

  • Apr 24, 201110:30 am
    by JoshB


    I’m really glad to see Roy play the way he did last night. He was one of my favorite young players pre injury, but I still don’t know that he’d be worth the risk of picking him up. I would apologize except for the fact that he himself said at one point I thought his career may be over, so I don’t think any early statements of his demise were not warranted. It was great seeing him really light it up though :)
    @pcb………I was kinda surprised by all the support for OKC too. I’ve actually been following them for the last couple of years now. Oddly enough it was partially because some friends and I started a season with them on nba 2k9, and that gave me a greater appreciation for them, lol

  • Apr 24, 201111:40 am
    by Andrea


    I’m rooting for the Thunder..I have them losing in the Finals to the Bulls in 6 games, though.
    I also am on the Grizzlies bandwagon..for the record, I predicted Memphis to beat the Spurs in 6. Keep an eye on this team, they are really, really, really underrated and nobody outside Memphis is giving them much of a thought.
    With that being said, what happened last night in Portland was a masterpiece. Just beautiful. You gotta love the playoffs-

    • Apr 24, 201112:40 pm
      by jayg108


      I’m kinda split on the Griz v. Spurs.  Would love to see Griz pull this one off, but would also love some ice 4 mcdyess.

  • Apr 24, 20111:48 pm
    by sop


    Question: If you Joe D do you give up your first round pick this year to Cleveland in order to make them take Rip’s (and maybe Maxiell’s) contract?

  • Apr 24, 20112:39 pm
    by bball4224


    Wish that Denver didn’t get jipped but i really like their roster. All of the teams i’m rooting for are the underdogs but i really hope the Hornets can win tonight

  • Apr 25, 20113:19 pm
    by Tim


    I don’t really get the rooting for the Spurs on account of Mcdyess. He hasn’t been a significant part of the Spurs all year.

  • Apr 26, 20111:45 pm
    by bball4224


    I just could never find myself rooting for Ginobili and Parker

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