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The Big Answer: Terrico White

DF then: Is his jump shot for real?

Perhaps, the most peasant surprise of the summer league was Terrico White‘s smooth jumper. Prior to the draft, I’d seen it as labeled as streaky, so it’s certainly possible he was on just for a few games.

I thought White’s only chance of receiving significant plaything time this year was as a defensive specialist, but if he can shoot as well as he did in Las Vegas, that’s another avenue to the court.

DF now: No idea

Obviously, White lost his entire season to injury. Considering there won’t be a summer league this year to judge White, this will probably be my question for next year, too.

PH then: Is he Rodney Stuckey insurance?

Joe Dumars has an affection for strong combo guards, mainly because he himself was a strong combo guard.

Incumbent starter Rodney Stuckey hasn’t been offered a contract extension and after three years in the league (two as a full-time starter), it’s fair to say this is a make-good year for Stuckey.

And if he doesn’t “make good?” The Pistons have another athletic, strong hybrid guard in White, who many considered a first round talent, possibly being groomed for a larger role down the road.

PH now: Not anymore

It’s really sad that White lost his entire season to injury. His athletic tools are still intriguing, but as DaJuan Summers found out, it’s hard for second-round picks to get a look in their first season in the league, let alone a second season after barely playing in their first.

I expect White will be in camp next season, but he might have a tougher time making the team depending on who is added to the roster and who leaves.


  • Apr 21, 20114:27 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Burks declared. I personally think he is the safest pick at #7 but obviously the Pistons need a big.

    no idea if White can play in the league. He showed he could stick a shot in summer league but he didn’t facilitate much – prefering just to run the offense when he was on the floor. To be honest – i have no idea what we have in White.

  • Apr 21, 20119:36 pm
    by Michael


    Any possibility that Joe Dumars could work a deal to bring Brandon Roy to Detroit?  He seems unhappy in Portland, but still might have a lot left to play for.  I have no idea if this would work, but it just crossed my mind when reading his quotes from Game 2 of the Dallas-Portland series.

    • Apr 21, 201110:17 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I would guess Portland would listen to offers for him, but he’s also a major injury risk who makes near max money. Unless Portland wanted to take three of Detroit’s bad contracts in exchange, I’m not so sure it would be worth the risk.

  • Apr 21, 201111:30 pm
    by detroitpcb


    you would have to get rid of Rip, Gordon, and Max to take on Roy. He is not just an injury risk. He is washed up. and has a hell of a big contract.

  • Apr 22, 20113:04 am
    by Laser


    on-topic: i said this elsewhere, but repeating yourself is fun! white’s season was not lost to injury. it’s easy to say, since he was physically unable to play, but it just amounts to another excuse. dude was destined to be a permanent fixture on our inactive list before he broke his foot. with our team at full health, there aren’t three guys on the roster who would have gone inactive before terrico. he and summers were absolute locks by design before jerebko joined them by misfortune.
    furthermore, on those nights when a normally active player or two went inactive, white (and summers, to a lesser extent) wasn’t going to crack the rotation, since we never even had enough minutes for the rest of our guards last season, before signing t-mac. rip and gordon collected MASSIVE paychecks, franchise player type contracts, to play the fewest minutes of their respective careers since their rookie seasons. their respective production and value suffered phenomenally. there was rarely room for stuckey, bynum and t-mac to play. five guards is really too many. same with seven perimeter players. a healthy white would have been the easiest scratch ever.
    and if you’re thinking garbage minutes, you’re fooling yourself. the pistons almost never played any games with significant garbage minutes, and we haven’t had a true “garbage minutes” squad in years. almost every game was close, thanks to the inherent nature of the game and the sheer individual talent on the pistons (mismatched though it was). and since there were so few minutes to go around, guys like gordon, bynum, daye and rip never ran the SLIGHTEST risk of getting overworked or needing to take a fourth quarter off here or there; they would have loved any minutes they could get their hands on. even if you had that perfect storm of a night where (1) white was active for some reason, and (2) the game was lopsided in one direction or another (ok, maybe just the one direction), those minutes probably would have gone to other guys anyways, and rightly so.
    so the team would have gotten an extended look at the guy in practice. that’s it. maybe that means something, but it wouldn’t be enough to know what we have, since he’d never get significantly tested in real games. so we’d still have a lot to evaluate (and we probably STILL have work to do to clear space for him to graduate from permanently inactive to permanently DNP-CD). we never had a realistic chance of truly figuring out if he’s any good.
    off-topic: roy isn’t an “injury risk.” he’s got bad knees. i think there’s a no-cartilage, bone-on-bone situation going on there. there’s a difference. some experts are saying he’s got three years tops left on his career, and it’s safe to say it’s all on the downswing. he’s owed an astonishing amount of money over the next three seasons, he has ZERO chance of earning anything close to what he’s owed, he could basically be finished, and he’ll probably be untradable regardless. this would be one of the worst moves any GM could make right now. this isn’t a medium-risk, high-reward situation (like, say, taking a stab at greg oden). the risk is astronomical, and the reward is almost certainly minimal. and, incidentally, i give oden a much, MUCH better chance than roy of having a healthy, productive season, since i don’t think there’s anything structurally wrong with oden, aside from astounding general fragility. and even one good season is probably too much to ever expect of either.

    • Apr 22, 20118:25 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I disagree on White. If he was healthy, he would’ve had opportunities to play. Stuckey was benched, McGrady was benched. Perhaps he could’ve backed up Will Bynum so that Bynum didn’t have to play every single minute in Philly. I’m not saying he would’ve played a lot, but the way the season unfolded with guys getting yanked in and out of the rotation, White would’ve at least received a cursory look. Summers even had a few chances at extended minutes, he just didn’t capitalize because he didn’t play that well.

  • Apr 22, 20119:25 am
    by JoshB


    Although we can all have our opinions about whether or not White would have found any playing time, I’m sure not having the possibility to play at all couldn’t have helped him. At this point he really doesn’t have a leg up on anybody new that comes in this coming year. I’m sad that I agree on Roy being done though. Seems like a real shame to have a career cut so short. He had a real killer instinct when he was at his best.

    • Apr 22, 20119:30 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      He might be finished, but he looked pretty not finished last night. That was as active as I’ve seen Roy all season.

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  • Jun 24, 20137:54 pm
    by http://aksluts.com


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    e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove
    people from that service? Thanks!

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