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The Big Answer?: DaJuan Summers

DF then: Can he do one thing very well?

DaJuan Summers is an alright shooter, alright slasher, alright passer, alright rebounder, alright defender… you get the idea. At Georgetown, that’s great. As the 13th man (at best) on a deep Pistons squad, it doesn’t cut it.

Barring injuries in front of him, Summers will need to develop a specialty if he wants to play much this year.

DF now: Maybe, but he hasn’t proven it

Summers played just 199 minutes this season, fewer than half of the paltry 405 he played last year. So, he didn’t get much of a chance to impress anyone.

But if there’s any single skill that emerged in his game, it’s outside shooting. Summers made 9-of-21 3-pointers this season (42.9 percent), which is a pretty good mark. His 15-of-42 3-point shooting last year (35.7) is strong enough that this year’s stellar shooting doesn’t seem like too much of a fluke.

I suspect Summers’ all-around talent will earn him an NBA-roster spot next season. Whether he receives regular minutes will, again, likely depend on whether a specific skill emerges.

PH then: Why isn’t he better?

Last year, I believed one thing would get DaJuan Summers on the court over fellow rookies Austin Daye and Jonas Jerebko: defense. Summers has a legit NBA build. He’s athletic, he’s strong, he’s tall, plus he played in the Big East against tough competition in college. And yet, he couldn’t get a sniff of the regular rotation even with all of last season’s injuries.

A year later, Summers still has all of those physical tools, but with improved health and the addition of Tracy McGrady, his chance to figure into the team’s long-term plans might be over.

PH now: I have no idea

After Summers couldn’t earn playing time last year with all of the injuries, he had no shot this season with a healthy roster, more minutes for Austin Daye and the addition of Tracy McGrady.

Summers has shown he has range when he has played, and he’s strong enough to be a good defensive player. By keeping a good attitude and working hard in practice, he may earn himself a look somewhere next season, but it’s pretty clear it won’t be Detroit.


  • Apr 22, 20117:25 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Unfortunately Summers is not a consistent defender. He is not a good rebounder. He is not a good passer. And he is not that great of a shooter.
    He has a body. He should be an NBA player and stick somewhere. I doubt if it is in Detroit.

  • Apr 22, 20119:16 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I think i speak for all piston fans that i am worried that this kid will come back to haunt us somewhere else. He might not but i am still worried that he could cause we have been burned so much in the past by this kind of thing.

  • Apr 22, 20119:51 pm
    by Marvin Jones


    Maybe the problem was Kuester, with a new coach maybe he will at least get a legitimate opportunity to be on the floor with some consistent minutes. With possibly Tay, Tmac and Rip gone he may inherit the backup SF spot by default. I don’t think he’s shown enough to warrant a contract from another team so the Pistons could sign him cheap and hopefull give him a chance. 

  • Apr 23, 201110:02 am
    by BIG MARV


    Dajuan has to learn a role and stick with it either its from defense or the offensive end. He has to develop a signature mid range jump shot and learn how to defend well either blocking or from steals. When he do show flashes of a decent player he reminds you of a poor mans Lamar Odom but he have to bring it out of him. He will do fine in the NBA his body and frame alone will give him a meal ticket for years to come.

  • Apr 23, 20114:25 pm
    by rick


    So what does Austin Daye do that is so great because honestly other than being 6″11 he is a liability on defense more than anyone on the team besides maybe Bynum. So for such an indictment I wish their was more evidence to support him not being worthy. Daye has a stroke but who doesn’t in the NBA ? I saw a sequence lat year against the Nuggets where they put Summers on Melo and he more than held his own. He is big enough to guard LeBron so why would you get rid of him with a team devoid of any defenders? I think he needs to be coached up and then we determine whether he is good or not. How can you develop anything when your coach doesn’t know if he’s coming or going his damn self? Get rid of him and he will come back to haunt us . I look at it the same way Rick Carlisle did Tayshaun . Did not play him until the end of the season basically and started to reap the benefits. How can we judge this player if he played less than a total of six games all year combined? We would probably feel the same way about Daye if he played as much as Summers. Wish coach would play him more then we would have a good body or work to go off of than the small sample given.

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  • Apr 26, 20111:21 pm
    by Byron


    I agree Monroe,jerebko all got minutes and we found out how good they can be because of that.give summers the same time of oppourtunites and minutes he might be an effective player.he has the body to guard lebron or a melo.we should wait and see what this guy can to before we talk about trading him.

  • Apr 26, 20119:10 pm
    by Tyrone


    IMO, This is just more smoke and mirrors just to keep Summers resigning number low. At this point he (Summers) is a unknown to the fans. His team mates have faced him all year in practice but he has been isolated at the end of the bench with multiple players at the same position as him and I believe that Joe D told Q not to play him also in hopes of keeping his next contract low (low risk high reward) when given a real chance to compete for playing time.

    I believe that the Pistons will be able to resign him. Summers will get a chance to see the floor next year with a new roster. I’m not ready to give up on Summers yet, dose anyone remember a former player named Aaron Afflo? Austin Daye is the player, IMO who may end up being traded in a package deal.

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