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The Big Answer?: Austin Daye

DF then: Is he really mentally stronger?

At media day, Austin Daye didn’t look any bigger or stronger than he did last season, but I’ll take the Pistons’ word that he gained 10 pounds of muscle. My bigger question is whether Daye has grown mentally.

To be honest, I don’t think he has the edge necessary to compete in high-level situations. Maybe he’ll develop it, and he’ll have time. The Pistons won’t have many crucial moments anytime soon.

Still, I’d like to see at least some progress in that regard this season.

DF now: Yes, but…

There’s still more work to do.

Daye showed a lot more resiliency when opponents got physical with him this year. I was impressed by his ability to make shots late in close games, too.

But his body language wasn’t always great, and he showed up late to the Philadelphia practice. He’s not as mature as he needs to become, but there’s still plenty of time to get there.

Daye made steps this year, and I’m pleased with that. Still, I might have the same question about him heading into next year.

PH then: What will he learn from T-Mac?

Austin Daye is not strong enough, athletic enough or good enough for us to expect him to ever have Tracy McGrady-like production. But he, like McGrady, is a really tall wing player, has a nice jumper and can put the ball on the floor pretty well for a guy his height.

If I could choose any player for Daye to watch offensively, it would be T-Mac, simply to learn how McGrady effectively uses his body on drives and takes advantage of his height to get pretty clean looks even on contested shots.

PH now: Not much

It’s not that McGrady wasn’t a good teammate, he really seemed to be. It’s just that with McGrady at point guard so much this season, Daye didn’t play behind T-Mac at small forward as much as I thought he would at first.

Daye showed flashes of potential. He’s the best pure shooter on the team, he can put the ball on the floor and he’s a bothersome defender because of his length, even if he gets pushed around a lot by small forwards and power forwards alike.

I don’t really have a good feel for what his best future position is or what his ceiling is, but I like his temperament, like his shot and like his dog.


  • Apr 29, 20115:14 pm
    by Tim


    Austin Daye seems to be the most overrated Piston by management and fans (Stuckey is more overrated by some but underrated enogh by others to kinda balance out and most people see Jerebko for who he is, basically a Taj Gibson). Sure, he has reasonable potential. But he’s a poor man’s Wesley Johnson. And that’s not very high praise. At best, he could turn into a player like Tayshaun, worse defense and better shooting, but overall similar value. But that would require him to max out all his potential: in talent, maturity, and basketball IQ. I predict he is more like a Marvin Williams (less athletic, better shooting). A reasonable player, decent rotation piece, maybe challenge for 6th man in his best season whenever it happens. But he is not a future all-star, nor will he likely be a starting caliber player for a playoff team. If there is any other GM in the league who sees him as good enough to be a part of a core, trade him please. I have nothing against Daye, but I think his value will peak in his 4th season while he is on a rookie contract and finally able to contribute to some degree. Unless the Pistons pull off a miracle and are contenders by then, I hope they trade him to get back future value.

    • Apr 29, 20115:29 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Well said.

    • Apr 29, 20118:19 pm
      by Marvin Jones


      It’s interesting how fans always rag on their own players and covet another teams players, yet when you go to another teams site, lo and behold their fans are ragging on the same players the Piston fans are coveting. That being said, I think Daye can be a rotation player on a playoff team, this is just his second year under an inept coach, get a good coach with good schemes that will put players in a position to succeed and I think you’ll see a better Daye and Stuckey. The kid has geniune talent and a good work ethic and hopefully will be a Piston for a long time. 

      • Apr 29, 20118:41 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        Oh yeah, I definitely think Daye could be a rotation player on a playoff team. He has plenty of potential and a good work ethic. I think Tim’s point was the Pistons should be willing to trade him before his rookie contract expires (and his salary shoots up) if another team considers him a cornerstone player.

      • May 2, 201112:37 pm
        by Tim


        If so, it’s probably because the fans have read many a blog with an overdose of homerism, and so while they might like the players on their own team, their skewed sources leave them feeling he is overrated. At least, that’s the case for me.
        If I didn’t read pistons blogs, I would probably never hear about Daye and not feel that he was over or under rated, just forgotten.

  • Apr 30, 20119:08 am
    by detroitpcb


    Robert Horry got himself a couple titles. And Daye is a better Robert Horry. He will definitely be a solid rotation player. Will he be a superstar? Probably not, but that really depends on how aggressive he is on the court and how dedicated he is to getting stronger off the court. Between Daye and JJ i am happy with our wings even if Prince & T-Mac & Summers leave as expected.
    Now can we please get rid of Ben Gordon? I keep reading this garbage about him coming back and playing better. Crap. He has been in Detroit for two years and has so underperformed his contract that if people in this town knew basketball they would be booing him every time he touched the ball.

    • May 1, 20111:33 am
      by kalorama


      Daye is nowhere even close to better than Robert Horry. By the time he was winning titles with the Spurs and Lakers he was in the latter stages of his career and had lost much of his athleticism and explosiveness and was, essentially, a spot up shooter (but he also made up for much of what he lost physically with vet smarts and experience). But during his prime, when he was playing for the Rockets, Horry was a quicker, more athletic, more explosive version of Tayshaun Prince, a do-a-little-of-everything type of player who could guard any position on the floor and score in a number of ways. Daye’s not even close.
      BTW, Horry didn’t just get  “himself a couple titles”; he got himself 7 titles.

  • Apr 30, 201110:01 pm
    by osai


    Now thats well said detroitpcb. Why trade one of your best young talents w/o seeing how he develop, AFFLALO. He not going going to demand nowhere near ben gorden’s contract and ben makes me wish for AI back COUGH. Wait and See how he comes along then when you can see his potential near peak make a move. Its a business,you see it coming before others. BEN GORDON DONT PLAY HARD AND MAKES YOUNG SCHOOL  LIKE MISTAKES.  I know Joe D sees that.

    • May 1, 20116:30 am
      by Tom Y.


      Man I can’t even read that. I can’t even look at it for more than a couple of seconds.

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