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No offseason for PistonPowered

I know I can speak for Patrick when I say we really appreciated the complimentary comments we received yesterday as the Pistons’ season came to a close. Honestly, they mean a lot.

But we’re not going anywhere.

This won’t be a quiet summer for the Pistons, who have a new owner to get to know, a high draft pick, key free agents, players they probably want to trade and a soon-to-be-fired coach. Just like during the season, there are still ideas to generate, decisions to analyze and charts to make.

Patrick and I have big plans for the offseason – however long it may be. To give a preview, we’ll have:

That won’t be all, so stick around and join us as the Pistons hopefully enter a new era.


  • Apr 14, 20111:24 pm
    by Matt


    Glad to hear it! With what’s likely an unusually long off season ahead I’ll be counting on you to keep me connected to my favorite way to procrastinate.

  • Apr 17, 20119:09 am
    by Sebastian


    Us Pistons fans really appreciate the excellent analysis that you guys provide. I will be checking in over the off-season to learn how our Pistons will be moving forward.
    I am curious: Is anyone aware when the NBA players will receive their final checks. I would like to know, because whenever this date is will help to gauge when the new CBA will be settled, in my opinion.

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