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Joe Dumars: ‘I’m disappointed with a lot of guys and their actions this year’

Matt Dery interviewed Joe Dumars before the Pistons played the Cavaliers tonight and asked plenty of pointed questions. Kudos to Dery for going hard. Among the notable Dumars quotes:

We felt like we should have been a playoff team this year. We had a lot of dysfunction this year, things that we weren’t pleased with and that we’re not used to seeing here in Detroit.

I’ll be the first person to raise my hand and say, ‘You know what? Let me take whatever blame that needs to be taken, let me be the first person to step up and take some of that blame as to us not making the playoffs this year.’

Dery also asked Dumars whether he’d mad a decision about John Kuester. I found Dumars’ answer interesting. Although, he said there would need to be conversations in the offseason, he never explicitly denied having already made a decision. He just called the discussion “inappropriate” to have publicly now

In perhaps the most interesting segment of the interview, Dery asked Dumars to respond to Rodney Stuckey refusing to enter a game on Dennis Rodman night. Dumars responded:

I’m disappointed with a lot of guys and their actions this year. So I’ll stop short of just singling out Stuckey. We had a lot guys that I was disappointed in, in their actions this year. That situation that you just mentioned was one of them. But I don’t want to just single him out, because there’ve been some other things happening this year that were un-Piston-like and that we’re all disappointed in.


  • Apr 11, 20119:13 pm
    by Corey


    This all started when Joe traded Billops. He’s been making nothing but bad moved ever since. His descision making has been un-piston like.

  • Apr 11, 20119:48 pm
    by Andrew


    Maybe Joe needs to be more vocal and active with the players. Reinforcing the Pistons’ attitude.

  • Apr 11, 20119:49 pm
    by Andrew


    It might be time to become the coach.

  • Apr 11, 20119:56 pm
    by Corey


    Why does Joe insist on Bringing in new coaches with zero NBA experience?

    • Apr 11, 201110:09 pm
      by lartrand


      john kuesters has nba experience, just not head coach experience

      • Apr 12, 20116:53 pm
        by Tim


        Exactly, just like Thibodeau. What do you wanna bet if Thibs had been brought to Detroit, the situation would have made him look bad too. Instead, he went to a good situation and is a frontrunner for COY.

  • Apr 11, 201110:07 pm
    by lartrand


    joe had to doe something, if you remember the pistons had hit a brick wall, like getting swept by the cavs. he had to make a change. yea it looks bad now but having a big time scorer like allen ivereson didnt seem so bad for a team known for defense but lacking on offense at times

  • Apr 11, 201110:19 pm
    by kiya


    it all started when they got rid of billups that was horrible and then they got rid of flip saunder’s he was a better coach than john kuester They need to get it togther

    • Apr 12, 20116:55 pm
      by Tim


      I agree about Saunders, he did a phenomenal job here. But trading Billups wasn’t horrible. It was a smart, calculated, and not all that huge risk that didn’t pan out. The use of the ensuing cap space was horrible.

  • Apr 11, 201110:41 pm
    by Travis


    And then we have Charlie V running wild around the palace and into opposing locker rooms

  • Apr 12, 20112:17 am
    by steve


    i guess joe d was forced to brig in someone at a low salary like kuester.  also he has had his hands tied the last couple of years.  face it, a lot of people were excited about getting AI bc we thought it might be like how we got rasheed wallace and won it.  of course everyone is going to deny that last statement…  it seems like joe d now has the leash off his balls so he can go to work.  im excited to see the trades he makes over the next year

  • Apr 12, 20112:51 am
    by gmehl1977


    Operation coach

    Plan A – Jerry Sloan
    Plan B – Rick Adleman


    • Apr 12, 20118:37 am
      by Steve K


      While I could never imagine Jerry Sloan coming to Detroit, he would certainly be a welcome sight.
      Yet, with this crop of players, wouldn’t they just run him out of town like every other coach? Unless it’s Phil Jackson or Pat Riley, these players just won’t respond.

  • Apr 12, 20114:26 am
    by Power VCT


    Corey you are dead right with troubles starting with those trades!  Where is AI now.  Oh I forgot, he quit again!  Why would you ever break up a team that went to 6 Eastern conference finals.  Bottom line is time for Bill Lambeer to get the Bad Boy attitude back in the Motor City!!!

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