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Could the top coaching candidates be gone by the time the Pistons are in the market for one?

News is obviously quiet with the Pistons as the team awaits the draft lottery and the finalization of Tom Gores’ purchase of the team. But Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press speculates that the first order of business once Gores is in place could be determining the fate of head coach John Kuester, who has one year remaining on his contract.

Many expect Kuester to be let go, but Ellis raises an interesting point: will teams fill their vacancies with the top candidates before the Pistons are officially on the market for a coach?

At the moment, the Houston Rockets are the only team in the market for a coach after firing Rick Adelman, but they could turn to a possible Pistons candidate.

Former Hawks coach Mike Woodson told foxsports.com that he would like to be considered by the Rockets.

At the moment, there are more big name coaching candidates than jobs available with Adelman, Woodson, Jeff Van Gundy, Lawrence Frank and even guys like Jerry Sloan or Larry Brown on the market, so it’s unlikely all of them would be hired quickly. But Gores would reportedly not assume control of the team until the end of May, so the list of available coaches could certainly thin by then as a few more teams are sure to make changes at some point.


  • Apr 21, 201111:15 am
    by BIG MARV


    I think there will still be some good guys available I think former coach terry porter will make a good canidadte he preaches defense. Also mike brown, Sam Mitchell and good assistants such as Lambeer, Lawrence frank, Brian Shaw (will be replacing Phil Jackson) all will be on the market by late may early june so they do have some time to look over these guys, hire and make some moves by draft time.

  • Apr 21, 20111:50 pm
    by Oz


    If S. Skiles is available, we must choose him. But  if not, plan B is J. van Gundy!

  • Apr 21, 20116:58 pm
    by Rahneej


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that Kuester was only on a two-year contract. If so, his tenure is up.

    • Apr 21, 20117:18 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      There were conflicting reports when he signed about whether Kuester’s third year was fully guaranteed or a team option. The most recent stuff seems to indicate it’s guaranteed. I haven’t seen anything definitive, though.

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