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Could Mike Woodson replace John Kuester as the Detroit Pistons’ coach?

In the middle of a solid column worth a read anyway, Terry Foster of The Detroit News reported the Pistons might be interested in Mike Woodson:

Keep an eye out on former Hawks coach Mike Woodson. He’s always been a favorite among Pistons management, even when he was an assistant under Larry Brown. He is a defensive-minded coach and a little more bullish than Kuester.

My gut feeling is I’d be OK with this. Woodson wouldn’t be a slam-dunk hire, but I think he got a semi-raw deal in Atlanta. On the other hand, how much respect would another former Larry Brown assistant generate in the Detroit locker room?


  • Apr 13, 20116:41 pm
    by bball4224


    i’ve been thinking of him as a potential coach for us, and it doesn’t matter if he’s a Larry Brown assistant, all the people that played then will most likely be gone.

    • Apr 13, 20118:27 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Kuester’s main qualification is he was Larry Brown’s assistant. That was clear to players, regardless of whether they were Pistons under Larry Brown. If you bring in another coach who has a similar background, I think the players would question right away the new coach’s qualifications.

  • Apr 13, 20117:18 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I think we should try for Jerry Sloan, Ricke Adelman and then if we luck out with either then you look at Mike Woodson. Thought it was funny when he shaved his eye brows off though…seems like a funny dude.

    • Apr 14, 20111:05 pm
      by Tim


      There are way too many people suggesting going after Sloan. Seriously, the man got sick of coaching and wanted out. Leave him be. He has been a great coach in the league for a long time. He deserves to be allowed to get away. Also, if he felt like coming back to coaching, I doubt he would want to man the bench of the team that led the league the previous year in drama.
      That said, I’d love to have him too. It’s just that it’s about as realistic as saying “Dumars should trade Villanueva for Blake Griffin.”

  • Apr 13, 20118:31 pm
    by Fennis


    I hate to be one of those flame-throwing posters (i.e, obsessively negative), but the last time Terry Foster did genuine research for a column or article, the Cosby show was the most watched television program in America. While it might be interesting to discuss Brown, this is not news.
    That said, let me double down on the negative. Mike Brown would be an awful hire imho. The guy is known as a tyrant in the locker room and an ineffective communicator. (While Kuester is a communication avoider, Brown communicates people to death.) Call me picky, but he isn’t good with players, nor is he known as a strategy guru. I want Lawrence Frank, Jeff Van Gundy, or Brian Shaw. I’m intrigued by Bill Lambier, but if he was the chosen one Minnesota wouldn’t be quite as awful as they are.

    • Apr 14, 20111:06 pm
      by Tim


      Please not Jeff Van Gundy. Please, please, please…

  • Apr 13, 201110:54 pm
    by Idol-Maker


    Mike Woodson (former ATL Hawk coach) NOT Mike Brown…

  • Apr 14, 201112:57 am
    by Fennis


    Sorry, I meant Woodson not Brown. Comments still apply.

  • Apr 19, 20119:19 am
    by pistonssss


    Jeff van Gundy is a strong canidate. I like him. Mike woodson did well in Atlanta they fired him for “a new voice.” Sounds familiar? That’s why we fired flip saunders after we had one of our best seasons ever. 2nd dumbest decision by the pistons since drafting Darko. Jeff will take us to the playoffs. Rick adlemane and mike woodson are risks.

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