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Ben Wallace considers retirement

I already covered the evidence that points to Ben Wallace retiring sooner than later. Apparently, he’s been thinking about it, too. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

He suited up for Tuesday’s game in Washington, but doesn’t know if his career is coming down to the final six games.

"That’s always been the case, the last couple of years," said Wallace, 37. "When the season is over with, I’ll see how my body feels. See if I can get my strength back. If can help this team, maybe I’ll come back."

More than anything, however, the loss of his oldest brother, Rev. James McBride, has put things in perspective.

"It altered a lot," Wallace said. "That’s the dude who put the ball in my hands. Losing him … it makes me look at the game and say, ‘For what?’"

Meanwhile, Sean of Life On Dumars reflects on Wallace’s career.

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  • Apr 6, 20113:19 pm
    by king


    ben may be done playing but i dont think he will be done with basketball the piston chould hire him to be an assisstent coach like ewing is on the magic and help devlop greg into the all star C we know he can be and could help on defence and get us back to the pistons roots i just hope they sell the team to gorges soon so dumars can get to work fixing this mess

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