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Austin Daye’s dog wearing a backward baseball hat in the passenger seat of car

At some point, we’ll stop posting pictures of Austin Daye and his dog, Swish. But not anytime soon.

Rollin down the street



  • Apr 7, 20116:48 pm
    by I can't take it anymore


    Sweet merry Joseph jesus…   i love the content of this blog but it hurts my eyes so much.  I feels like my father with aging bad eyes designed it.
    I’m a UX/UI web designer.  Email me if and I’ll fix this mess in a day for free.

    • Apr 7, 20119:03 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      For reals? What’s so hard to read?

      • Apr 7, 201110:41 pm
        by neutes


        it doesn’t format right on chrome. firefox it looks good though.
        still am i supposed to care about austin daye’s dog?

  • Apr 8, 20111:40 am
    by bball4224


    i would care more if the dog was actually cute

  • Apr 8, 20114:53 am
    by Tom Y.


    I guess this is as good a post as any to go off topic, so – Feldman, you posted a really nice lottery odds calculator a while ago, I guess I could look it up in the archives but I thought it would be easier for me and everyone if it was bumped to the front page again as the lottery draws nearer… how about it?

  • Apr 8, 201111:17 am
    by BIG MARV


    I can see one thing looks like austin and his boy were heading to the liquor store to pick up a couple of swisher sweets and a couple of cold ones and chill with scooby doo sitting on his lap lol

  • Apr 8, 201111:59 am
    by Hassassin


    Forget what the rest are saying Feldman, I get a kick out of these posts and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    And for whoever said that the dog wasn’t cute, you sir are insane.

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