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Austin Daye atones for earlier mistakes in Pistons win over Philadelphia

With a crazy scoring binge by Jrue Holiday in the fourth quarter that helped make the Pistons lead evaporate, I was all set to conclude the Pistons season by writing a familiar recap: the Pistons couldn’t hold on in a game they controlled.

And I was also all set to focus on a player who had a disappointing night despite hitting the 30 minute mark for only the third time in the last two months.

Austin Daye‘s development is a major key to Detroit’s future viability. That’s what has made his ending to the 2010-11 season so disappointing. It’s not that Daye has been bad over the final two months. He hasn’t at all. It’s just that, despite a slight up-tick in minutes over the last two months (about 21 a game in March and April vs. about 19 a game for the season), I was hoping to see Daye start to pull away and make his case for a starting spot next season. Against Philly on Wednesday, getting extended minutes, Daye wasn’t leaving a good impression.

He shot the ball badly — 2-for-10 from the field and 0-for-3 from 3-point range. Many of those looks were good, open ones. His defense was poor — he was beat off the dribble badly by Jason Kapono, of all people, for a layup late in the fourth quarter that cut the Pistons lead to one. With Philadelphia down just three with seconds remaining, Daye gave Kapono, Philly’s most dangerous 3-point shooter, way too much space on a corner three that luckily rimmed out.

But on one play, Daye somewhat atoned for his bad night. With the Pistons up two and less than :30 seconds to go, Daye caught the ball in an iso on the wing, faced up, put the ball on the floor and got to the basket, finishing in traffic and giving control of the game to the Pistons.

I don’t want to grasp at straws too much and act as if one play is going to make or break Daye’s future, but after having a bad game, after missing open shots that he normally makes, the Daye from earlier this season wouldn’t have been aggressive in that instance. He would have given the ball up to a teammate or maybe even not called for the ball at all. Hell, he probably wouldn’t have even been on the floor. But regardless, the play represented an aggression, a growth in Daye that is a positive. The Pistons need growth out of a lot of their young players next season, but Daye is the guy who, some nights, looks like he can score 20 points per game. Some nights, he looks like he can become a bothersome perimeter defender because of his height. If Daye takes the mentality he had on that one Philly possession and builds his offseason around it, things will be looking much better for the Pistons next season.

Stuckey’s game-winning plays

That’s how you close a season. We’ve talked about Rodney Stuckey’s play a lot over the last few games. Since coming back from his two-game benching, Stuckey has played with every bit the promise Joe Dumars has seen in him all these years. It remains to be seen whether Stuckey has finally figured out what it takes to be a success in this league or if he was simply playing harder than normal to try and rebuild some value as he hits restricted free agency. An aggressive, engaged Stuckey is a dangerous player, and his season-concluding line against Philly was impressive: 29 points (9-for-15 shooting), 8 assists, 2 steals, 10-for-11 free throws. He also made two game-winning plays in the fourth quarter.

The obvious one is the shot. With the game tied at 97-97 and just over a minute left, Stuckey’s jumper gave the Pistons the lead for good.

But the not so obvious one was on defense right before that shot. Stuckey got the Pistons the ball back by stepping in front of Spencer Hawes and drawing a charge.

Stuckey proponents have long maintained that he has immense potential at the defensive end because of his strength, quickness and wingspan. The problem, just like on offense, has been getting Stuckey consistently motivated enough to make plays at both ends. The Pistons are a different team if Stuckey can actually play as hard as he has the last couple weeks for an entire season. As soon as the news about him refusing to enter the lineup against Chicago broke, I was ready for the team to move on. Now, I’m right back to square one with Stuckey: he’s a maddeningly frustrating player who gives the impression that the second you give up on him, he’s going to put it all together.

He’ll likely be back in Detroit on the qualifying offer next season, and if that’s the case, I’ll be extremely disappointed by anything less than high level production from him.

A relief it’s over

Dan and I are sure to bombard you all with more season wrap-up stuff over the next few days, as well as some cool offseason features over the summer. But for now, it just feels good to be through this.

The players on the Pistons team are not bad people. I will truly root for Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton if both end up elsewhere next season. If Ben Wallace retires, expect a PistonPowered post from me expecting his jersey to be immediately retired (and not the No. 6) as well as extolling his Hall of Fame virtues. I’ll still be an irrational, unapologetic fan of Tracy McGrady, as I was before he was a Piston.

I think everyone who followed the team from beginning to end — and there have been a few loyalists in the comments who have stuck with us all season while others have, somewhat understandably, needed to step away for a bit — probably feels a range of emotion about this season. After we spent months with little hope, with the team in a holding pattern, with the organization able to do or say little about the situation it was in, the single most important piece of news of the season didn’t break until this month when Dancin’ Tom Gores purchased the team.

Now I kind of can’t wait for next season to start. The Pistons have exciting young players in Greg Monroe, Jonas Jerebko, Daye and (if he’s engaged and motivated) Stuckey. They’ll add a lottery pick to that mix. They’ll possibly have sign and trade options for Prince, who had a nice bounce-back season. Hamilton even repaired some of his value by closing the season shooting the ball better and fighting with the coach less. The Pistons’ prospects are not as bleak as they looked most of this season and I have a feeling that next season will bring a lot of excitement back to the Palace.


  • Apr 13, 201111:49 pm
    by BIG MARV


    Its been fun reading you guys all season I actually bumped into you guys reading some post on detnews.com piston blogs and they menton pistion powered is the real deal with no sugar coating. You guys will be my new pistons source all year. Its hard finding a site that gives the honest truth about a team that we love and you guys did a good job with that all season. Thanks for keeping me entertained and contiune to do that and “keep it real” always. With new ownership coming, I am excited to see these guys play next year with hopefully a better team and coaching. But keep up the good work guys!

    • Apr 14, 20118:22 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks Marv. I’ve appreciated your comments all season. Glad you found us.

  • Apr 14, 201112:13 am
    by bball4224


    please Joey D do not resign Suckey. I’m amazed by all the jerseys of his I see at the games, but i’m pretty sure there are more people like me that can’t stand him. He drives at four people w/o looking at his teamates, he tries to have the ball at clutch moments even tho he has no jumper, and he thinks he’s good enough to tell a coach what’s what. I was @ the game vs. Cleveland and i swear the whole section by me was gettin ticked off w/ Stuckey. IDK i just can’t stand his game. i’d rather have T-Mac and Wilcox back, pass on Stuckey.

    • Apr 14, 20111:16 am
      by Laser


      you’ve touched on something that interests me. i have no respect for any fan with a stuckey jersey. not even a little. i’d proudly wear a monroe, jerebko, prince, bynum, or wallace jersey. probably rip too. maybe max, since i like him personally and have a soft spot for him. i can see the appeal of a mcgrady pistons jersey if one was available. i could see daye having fans; he’s a frustrating case, but he’s probably a pretty easy guy to root for. i can see people liking gordon. wilcox is an interesting case because he’s shown flashes of brilliance, but he’s basically a blip. summers and white don’t count. charlie is a waste of space, so maybe he’s in the same conversation. but stuckey?? i wouldn’t wear that jersey, let alone buy it. an average shooting guard, a spoiled underachiever, a huge disappointment, and the worst player anyone ever tried to build a team around. anyone in a stuckey jersey should be ashamed of themselves.
      i saw someone at my gym in an iverson detroit jersey, and i had a little laugh at his expense. but there’s nothing remotely funny about a self-respecting human being who would put that jersey on.

      • Apr 14, 20118:25 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        Re: Stuckey jersey:

        Don’t forget, that he was at one time an exciting, young player on a somewhat stale veteran team. I would assume he sold a lot of jerseys then. And in his first season as a starter, he went on a tear in December of January of that season that included a 40ish point game vs. Chicago.

        Stuckey did some damage to how fans perceive him this season, but there were plenty of reasons to be excited about him in the past.

      • Apr 14, 20116:42 pm
        by 2Tough


        No one pissed on the Pistons this year as much as Prince, Hamilton and McGrady did this year, but you’d buy their jerseys and support them and not Stuckey?  Pretty funny.  I don’t condone what Stuckey did in regards to his acts of insubordination towards the coach, but at least he produces when he plays.  In fact, Stuckey was the best player on the Pistons this year.
        But yeah, someone wearing a Stuckey jersey must be a disgusting, vile human being.  Those that wear his jersey probably have swastika tattoos as well.  Only a deplorable human being could support that kind of evil.  Is this what you’re saying?  That’s what I’m taking from it.

        • Apr 14, 201110:35 pm
          by bball4224


          A) Prince did more on the court than anyone on the team
          B) Stuckey was part of the “boycott” too and had other problems.. more than T-Mac by far, all T-Mac did was be listed in boycott also.
          C) When the ball is always in your hands and you always shoot it your bound to contribute in some way.
          D) You have a Stuckey jersey and you need to grow up and not be so dramatic

        • Apr 15, 20119:12 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          Your Stuckey comments are crazy. He was at best the third best player on the team this season. Prince and Monroe were both better and had much more consistent seasons. Monroe, in particular, because he also had no run-ins with coaches unlike most of his teammates.

          Stuckey has talent, no one is denying that, but he had another up and down season in an up and down career. He was not their best player.

        • Apr 15, 20111:04 pm
          by Laser


          these guys got my response covered adequately, but i’ll add this:
          1) i never said i’d buy any of these jerseys, just pointed out the ones i could see myself ever wearing. i have money and a body (the two things necessary for buying and wearing a jersey) and i don’t own any jerseys at all. i was just musing on the fascinating concept of someone who likes stuckey enough to wear (let alone buy) his jersey.
          2) while i appreciate your histrionics, my issue with people who would wear a stuckey jersey isn’t that they’re vile or disgusting or bad people, just that i don’t respect them. my first impression would be that they are casual fans who aren’t knowledgeable or discerning. stuckey’s the guy the organization has been trying to force down our throats for four seasons, regardless of how hard he’s worked to disappoint everyone. he’s a “good” player with the physical tools to be “very good,” but there’s nothing about his persona or body of work that i think is worth that kind of support. there’s a certain intimacy, for lack of a better word, in wearing someone’s jersey. it represents something.
          3) anyone who thinks stuckey is the best player on the team can suck an egg. prince and monroe had better seasons. tracy was better for stretches. but with the kinds of opportunities he’s been given over the course of four NBA seasons (consistent minutes with the ball in his hands, an absurdly long leash considering his track record for bad decision-making and stagnancy, surrounding him with players to complement his game, etc.) a critical thinker has no choice but to hold him to a higher standard than average. best player? not by a long shot.
          and Hayes: i was never very high on stuckey. early on, it was fun to see him relentlessly attack the basket, but he made a whole mess of rookie mistakes and made them in bunches, so i was skeptical. and by the time those mistakes were less of an issue (and really, he still hasn’t shown the consistency in his decision-making to give me any real confidence it’s not a problem anymore), his go-to move was so predictable it was no longer very effective. and yet he still goes to it with alarming regularity. so in my estimation there was never really a significant window where it made sense to invest in him financially or emotionally. his peak was when he filled in for chauncey in the ’08 finals when he showed some real promise, but buying that jersey at that time is the equivalent of dumars deciding at that time to put all his eggs in stuckey’s basket; a bad idea that should leave you feeling burned.
          when stuckey first arrived, my sister-in-law had recently gotten into the pistons and loved them and loved to watch games but didn’t understand basketball at all. she didn’t know the difference between a guard and a forward. she was in love with stuckey based, presumably, on a strong summer league performance (so that should show you how much she knew). she would FLIP when i exhibited skepticism towards the guy, and he eventually became an “off-limits” topic of discussion once he proved himself to be a dud. i equate people with stuckey jerseys with how she was. i basically assume they don’t understand basketball and like him for no particular reason other than because they’re supposed to. she’s more knowledgeable now and more-or-less sees what i do in stuckey, but it took more than three years of him proving nothing.

          • Apr 15, 20112:32 pm
            by bball4224

            i commented this after you’re 1st comment (Laser) but for some reason i didn’t “reply” so it was @ the bottom
            lol i’m one of those Charlie fans tho (and i may or may not have an Iverson jersey… lol) Seriously tho AI was my favorite player and Detroit is my favorite team so i’m still glad i bought the jersey, i just wouldn’t wear it around, probably go on my wall someday w/ my Ben Wallace and John Barry jerseys lol
            But yeah I just don’t understand why all of our coaches, our GM, most of the fans i see, all love Stuckey so much, my whole family just waits for him to do stupid things when he’s in.
            If we can get rid of Rip and i wish we’d get rid of Maxiell too, then Charlie and Ben Gordon could get more consistent minutes and hopefully be as good as if not better than they were starting the season when we had two of the top 5 bench scorers.

  • Apr 14, 201112:56 am
    by Fennis


    PH and DF,
    Thanks for keeping me engaged all season. You guys do a great job. I’m amazed at your consistency, especially given the circumstances.

  • Apr 14, 201112:57 am
    by Laser


    fair warning: i’m going to participate a little in the season wrap-up conversation. just a little though. baby steps. here are the things that have been brewing for me…
    1) the thing that strikes me as ridiculous lately is all the talk about change. change this, change that. boy oboy how things are gonna change! vincent goodwill just called this “the summer of change.” stuckey and tayshaun made a point of heralding change in recent interviews. change, change, change. this strikes me as odd for two reasons:
    (A) there was so much talk about how this team thought it was a playoff team all season and how it’s been a disappointment and excuse, excuse, etc. so much talk about all this talent. as recently as a week ago dumars said the pistons thought they should have been a playoff team. so is all the “change” talk an admission that the team just isn’t capable of being competitive, despite its misplaced overconfidence? because if they should have been a playoff team but fell short because of [insert excuses], why not stay the course?? you’ve got a great team here. so much talent. they should be a playoff team! right?? something doesn’t sit right with me in this HEARTBEAT transition from “we should have made the playoffs” to “we need change.”
    and (b) i’m unconvinced sweeping changes will be possible. our rotten contracts are going to have more effect on our prospects for change than the best intentions of a new owner. if the best we can do is packaging rip with a first rounder, i’ll take another season of this (i won’t be watching, of course, but i’ll take it). it’s my firm belief that next season is utterly hopeless and that we’re going to see a TON of familiar faces next season. i’ve already gone on the record as saying i think we’re neither going to lure any worthwhile free agents, nor upgrade any position through trade. if my hunch is correct, next season is going to look a lot like this season, which looked a lot like last season, which is already a pattern of awfulness. if that’s the case, we need to hold onto every pick we get (i mean, we’re most likely picking 7th again, and that’s where we got monroe!). but more importantly, if next season is going to be a continuation of this misery anyways, why pay a tax to shed rip for no reason other than to be rid of him? a smarter move would be to suffer through another horrid season and then trade the guy either at the deadline or next summer when he’s suddenly got an expiring contract. when you’re this devoid of assets, you need to be economical.
    speaking of which…
    2) i think i’ve changed my mind on tayshaun. i think extending him is probably our best move if he’ll stay. once again, this is contingent on my theory that we aren’t going to be able to significantly reshape the roster. if that’s the case, i just don’t see how letting tayshaun go for basically nothing (i’m also assuming he won’t fetch much in a sign-and-trade) is going to benefit the team. on a team overflowing with weaknesses and problems, tayshaun has never really been either. he’s our best player, still in his prime, a plus defender, versatile, high basketball IQ, and lately our go-to scorer. we’re probably going to need jonas at the four, and we somehow still can’t say with any confidence whether or not daye’s starter in this league. if we can’t free up enough cap space to be players in free agency or upgrade through trade, why not bring the guy back? he’s one of the VERY few players i have real confidence in. i just don’t think he’s the type to become an albatross, i think he’ll stay very tradable, and if we can’t overhaul the team, i think it would be a mistake to let him walk just because he’s been around a while. there are maybe a dozen players on the roster i’d rather part with. so that’s my argument for tayshaun.
    all of this moot if it turns out joe, in fact, hasn’t handcuffed himself by making our four most expendable players the hardest to trade, but i suspect he has. one thing’s for sure, and this is the only thing that piques my interest about this summer even a little: no more excuses. no more scapegoats. joe finally gets a chance to show what he can do. sure, somehow there’ll be creative new excuses that ignore joe’s missteps (“but the ownership uncertainty that tied joe’s hands ruined the players’ values!” ugh.), but finally all the people on the fence about joe will see what he’s made of. some people will always have excuses for joe, but there’s no talking to those people. the people whose minds aren’t made up will finally have their answer. that’s worth keeping an eye on.

    • Apr 14, 20116:04 am
      by Jakob Eich


      1 A) I have to disagree! I think the Pistons could have made the playoffs with good coaching this year. The team looked often lost and disengaged at the same time, a deadly combination for a team lacking experience. We still only finished 7 games out of the last playoff spot. Considering the horrible overall coaching by Kuester, I don’t think seven games is a landslide. Would we have gotten destroyed by Chicago in the first round? Yessir!!! Is the team far less talented than the Pacers? I don’t think so.
      B) Next season should feature some new faces. Maybe not in training camp, but some time throughout the season moves will be made. We should get some defensive specialists. As I’ve often pointed out Detroit has more than enough offensive firepower. Pretty much all players on the team outside of Monroe and Prince are solely known for their offense and not their defense. The team needs to have some balance in that regard, either via trade, draft or free agency. You don’t always have to sign great players, with a few roster tweaks this team could at least be more fun to watch. Look at the Clippers, they lose a lot, but nobody cares, because they are fun to watch. I don’t want the Clippers in Detroit, but it would have been better than this year’s version of the team.
      2) I don’t know if you’ve read the blog recently, but Karen Davidson appears to have nixed a few deals for Joe Dumars. He made risky moves by acquring Gordon and expecting to get a deal done for Rip and then it all fell apart. If he had a deal in place for Boozer in exchange for Rip and only Davidson denied it, then I think it’s unfair to doubt Joe Dumars. I agree on the take that it’s the off-season of truth for Joe Dumars. I hope we can get rid of Charlie V somehow, I don’t see a deal at this moment that would bring back anything in return. I’d be pretty happy with a solid PG, someone like Chris Duhon. The Magic are a team that likes to take on risks and doesn’t particularly care about defense. Plus, they like to make risky moves. There’s still a market for Charlie, because of his skill set, not because of his play. He might be able to flourish as a role player like Brad Miller did later in his career.
      I don’t think Tayshaun wants to stay unless he sees the potential of contending with this team. He always seemed to be about winning and this is not the same team he loved to play for. I think he’s a loyal player and he might prove me wrong, but I can definitely see him signing with San Antonio or the Boston, maybe in a sign-and-trade. If Boston is eliminated early in this year’s playoffs or don’t get to the finals, I don’t think it’s far fetched to assume they would be willing to get rid of Jeff Green for Tayshaun in a sign-and-trade. After all their championship window is closing and they might be inclined to get a veteran instead of a fairly young prospect.

  • Apr 14, 20114:10 am
    by Justin


    Guys, loved the blog all season. My go to source for all things Pistons and it’s been a tough season, kept me interested in the team though. My two cents:
    Coach: Bill Laimbeer (Look at what he’s done with Kevin Love and Darko. No way any team mutinies under that dude. Plus he’s a proven winner with 2 rings as a player and 3 as a coach. The WNBA isn’t the NBA, but it’s still basketball.
    Stuckey: Resign for a midlevel ish number now before you have to pay more later. I think that dude has finally figured his game out. When he’s looked good before, it’s usually as a scorer or passer, but never both. That dude adds a 3-ball and he’s Derrick Rose. That’s all on him though, he seems like the kind of player who needs the right coach, not a great self motivator and probably will never be a super leader, but if hes going to be averaging a modest 20 and 8 a game (I expect more), keep him cheap now.
    RIP: His value is about as high as it’s going to be for the rest of his career. Has looked good. Trade his contract for a 2nd rounder or buy-out with that mythical *One time not against the cap buy out* that may be in the new CBA.
    Tayshaun – A great career that will continue somewhere else, like LAC. Love the dude, all the best, he deserved a LOT better than sitting on the bench (or about 2 rows back…) with his head down in his final home quarter as a Piston. Where was the respect Q? No standing O as he walked off the court? No chance to even finish the game? Whatever. I wonder if Q wonders why players don’t respect him…
    Monroe: No way we let him go anywhere. Get Laimbeer in here to develop him into a defensive force.
    Wallace: I have a feeling that he’s gonna hang em up. Great career.

    Ben Gordon: Easily the most disappointing player this year. Watching him in the last home game…he didn’t try on defense, lost his man and just waited casually for the rebound at half court, then sauntered to the 3 line and stood there blankly. No effort this season. But he’s got the talent to a 25 point scorer, I say put all the faith in the world in him, tell him to get aggressive and score, and if he’s still being a nobody, move him. But with the right coach I still think he has the talent to be a star, but it’s clear he’ll never be a leader on any team he’s on.
    V: Should probably take up a career in MMA. Or some training at least. I know a good place. Anyway, we probably can’t find a team that will touch the dude at this point, so we keep him, and hopefully Laimbeer can scare the eyebrows off him and get him to play some defense.
    Maxiell: Shotgun, shovel.
    Wilcox: Same as he’s been his entire career, plays like a stud when he needs a paycheck. If we can resign him for another 2 year deal for around 3 million, I think it’s a no brainer. If he’s thinking mid-level, he can think elsewhere. Love him when he’s good, but he’s got a low ceiling. Might as well keep that $ and roster spot for someone who can be a full time starter someday.
    Daye: Love his offensive stroke, don’t see him ever emerging as a starter in the league though. He’s under contract and he can score off the bench, keep em.
    Jonas J: No one will work harder and probably has to be back to his rookie form, and I expect a starter at the 3 and 4. At least we get to resign him cheap.
    Tmac: I think, in the end, he won’t want to resign with the Pistons. When the dust settles, he won’t be a starter here, but will have a chance elsewhere. Good luck to em.
    Bynum: Obviously under contract, had a shot at the starting job, didn’t look like an NBA starter. Solid NBA Backup PG that a lot of teams would love to have on their roster, great depth and energy off the bench.
    Summers: His agent says a lot of teams are interested. I think he’s played his last game in the NBA. Seriously, he’ll make a dozen more appearances in between a couple stints in the D-League before he hangs em up at 27. Steer clear.
    Terrico White: Who the hell knows. Only one way to find out.

    Draft: I don’t follow that stuff so I don’t know.

    Again, great site guys, look forward to more game coverage in 2012, I figure in January when the lock-out is over.

    • Apr 14, 20118:31 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks Justin.

      As for Laimbeer, I’m skeptical for a couple of reasons.

      First, I think the reason Dumars has always resisted hiring Laimbeer is because of their friendship and the fact that they played together. Coaches always, inevitably, get tuned out in the NBA or their message gets stale. They always get fired. I don’t think Dumars wants to be in the position of ever having to fire a friend/teammate/Detroit legend.

      Secondly, I don’t know how much credit he gets for Love. That Minnesota coaching staff didn’t handle him very smartly last season and the beginning of this season. That could’ve been more Rambis than Laimbeer, but the fact is, Laimbeer has been part of a staff that had one of the worst two-year records in the NBA. That may not be his fault, but it should at least give reason to look at other candidates too.

      If Rick Adelman is available, Greg Monroe would fit perfectly in Adelman’s offense that runs through the high post.

    • Apr 15, 20112:57 pm
      by Tim


      You expect more than 20 and 8 from Stuckey? All I can say is that I hope one of the other 29 teams in the league hires you as a scout. It’s not that it isn’t possible. He has that kind of upside. But he has never put together a full month of good basketball.

  • Apr 14, 20119:23 am
    by Steve K


    I’m gonna echo the sentiments already shared here.
    Pistonpowered was a sane voice during an insane season. Always a great read. I honestly don’t know how you guys motivated to write after each game. Incredible.

  • Apr 14, 20119:44 am
    by detroitpcb


    Daye, if he puts the work in this summer to get stronger and comes back next season very aggressive offensively, is going to be fine. I doubt that he drops 20 a game next season but 16 or 17 is reasonable to expect.

    Stuckey just needs to play at a tempo that suits him and he will be a 20 point, 6 assist man all season. Which means Q has to go.

    I think, despite the fact that Tay was their best player all season, it is time to transition and i disagree with Laser that the Pistons will not get good value in a sign and trade. I think Tay has lots of value in the league and i think Joe, if he is retained as i expect him to be, will get value in return.

    Either Rip or Ben Gordon must vanish from this roster. My preference would be to keep Rip but i really don’t care as long as one of them disappears.

    I always loved Lambier but you have to wonder if his sarcastic attitude would work well with a young team? Not saying it wouldn’t but i might be hesitant to try after the last two coaching hires. I think the Pistons need stability at coach for the next three seasons. it must be a coach that runs an up-tempo offense, insists players get back in transition, and if we can draft a shot blocker or physical presence, knows how to design a defense that can cover some player flaws – like Daye’s inability to get over a screen and CV’s inability to defend the breeze as it blows by him.

    Monroe needs to get stronger and work on his 15 footer, which will set up his drives from the high post. He also needs to work on his ability to finish with his right hand.

    Max should be traded if at all possible. I hate Wilcox’s defense but his athletic explosiveness would incline me to bring him back for one more year if nobody else makes him a spendy offer because of his propensity for injury.

    and i would make Will Bynum watch tape all summer long until he figures out how to play the game, especially in crunch time.

    The Pistons won more games than i thought they would – and they could have easily had another 10 victories if not for Q’s incompetence and his feuding with players.

    I had Boston and Oklahoma City in the Finals preseason. Now i would pick Chicago and OKC with OKC winning.

  • Apr 14, 201111:23 am
    by Jacob


    Great coverage this year guys. You are my go to source anything Pistons related now. The last section “a relief its over” sums up my feelings exactly. Thanks again! Now time for following the playoffs and Pistons offseason…..

  • Apr 14, 20113:03 pm
    by bball4224


    @ Lasers
    lol i’m one of those Charlie fans tho
    (and i may or may not have an Iverson jersey… lol) Seriously tho AI was my favorite player and Detroit is my favorite team so i’m still glad i bought the jersey, i just wouldn’t wear it around, probably go on my wall someday w/ my Ben Wallace and John Barry jerseys lol

  • Apr 14, 20113:05 pm
    by bball4224


    and BTW, i may not have commented til recently but i’ve been on this site since the offseason, i used to like Need4sheed more but then every1 on that site was just too negative and ignorant so i gave^.

  • Apr 14, 201110:59 pm
    by khandor



    Your summary paragraph is 100% on the money. As you can see from looking at the <a href=”http://khandorssportsblog.com/wordpress/2011/04/13/projected-finish-for-2011-2012-eastern-conference-standings-based-on-present-individual-rankings-for-players-and-coaches/”>entry on my blog</a> yesterday, the situation moving forward for the Pistons is actually far from bleak, as the Pistons should be right back in contention for a playoff spot in the East next season, based strictly on the talent level of their current set of players. If Joe D. can move Villanueva, make a decent selection in the Draft, and get rid of Kuester this summer, then, Detroit will be only a move or two away from right back in the mix with the New York’s, Philadelphia’s, and Indiana’s.

    • Apr 15, 20119:07 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, I’m not sure getting back in pace with the East’s barely making the playoffs bunch is progress. But I do think they’ll at least be more interesting to watch with their young guys in more prominent roles next season.

  • Apr 15, 201112:43 am
    by bball4224


    Why do people act like Villanueva is the reason we suck? When he gets minutes he contributes.

    • Apr 15, 20119:06 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      It’s more complicated than that. When he gets minutes and he’s scoring, then yes. But there are plenty of times he gets minutes and his shot isn’t falling. It’s worthless to play him more if he’s off shooting the ball b/c he literally does nothing else of value.

      I agree he’s not the reason, but he’s certainly not been good for his two seasons in Detroit.

      • Apr 15, 20112:48 pm
        by bball4224


        Well i know he’s not the greatest defender and he gets a lot of fouls (part of it is i think he gets so many that the refs just call them if he’s there by someone driving). But when i’m watching it looks like he’s at least trying. And he seems to want to be here, he didn’t participate in boycott and if you watched the video tour of his house he was showing his Raptors, Bucks, and Pistons jersey and he said there isn’t room for more and he plans on staying with the Pistons for awhile. If you don’t want to be here, i don’t want you here, that’s what ticked me off with Tay and Rip most the season, they acted like they were stuck with us and were miserable.
        There are plenty of times Charlie and BG have only attempted a couple shots but made them both and Kuester sits them for people that are struggling or in final minutes when we need a 3, he leaves Charlie and BG on the bench (even Daye sometimes) but Rodney is always out there when he has no jumper and wants to take the final shot. 5 seconds left and we’re down by 3, so instead we go for a 2….?
        We need a new coach, i’m fine w/ Woodson, or the Cavs last coach (can’t think of his name right now), but if Kuester and Stuckey are both Pistons next season it’s going to be hard for me to watch all of our games again. Because both of those guys decision making skills just boggle my mind and anger me.

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