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Arnie Kander declares Jonas Jerebko’s right Achilles tendon healed

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

There is great news on the Jerebko front. The torn right Achilles tendon that forced him to miss the entire season is healed and all that’s left for Jerebko to complete rehab is to gain strength in his legs, according to Pistons strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander.

I think everyone believed Jonas Jerebko would be ready for the start of next season, even if it begins on time, anyway. But the confirmation is certainly nice, as is this:

When the fans next see Jerebko he will be 20 pounds heavier.

“But he still moves as well as he did before,” Kander said.

Kander also said today:

The team was pretty healthy going into the off-season and there weren’t any lingering health issues.


  • Apr 29, 20115:07 pm
    by Corey


    This is great news.
    And physically healthy, yes.  Mentally healthy?  Not so much.  I’m hoping for the sale to finish up quickly so Joe can make some moves before a potential lockout.

  • May 4, 201112:28 pm
    by Mubin


    pistons should make me, a 15 year old, the teams new GM. i would make a trade with Utah for their expected 6th overall draft position. Firts re-sign t. mac. Rip, Charlie V., t. Mac. and a second round pick for CJ miles and the 6th overall pick. then draft branden knight. let stucky go and have knight run the piont. i would hire a new coach.

    But Joe D. should be given a final chance to succed. Give him one more season.

    we are paying so much money to players who dont produce.

    i would realy want to be a part of the teams success.

    Plus draft Bismack Bioymbo

  • May 4, 201112:29 pm
    by Mubin


    J.J. the new small forward for the team


  • Apr 9, 201311:40 pm
    by hair chalk colors


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