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Tracy McGrady replaces Rodney Stuckey as Detroit Pistons’ starting point guard

Tracy McGrady will start over Rodney Stuckey at point guard against the Spurs tonight, according to Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News.

Although McGrady has been a healthy scratch from the last five games, John Kuester indicated the veteran’s playing days with the Pistons weren’t over, according to Terry Foster of The Detroit News. Monday, Kuester said:

it would not surprise me if he gets another opportunity soon.

Still, it’s a shock to see him replace Stuckey, who has been playing some of the best basketball of his career lately.


  • Mar 9, 20118:50 pm
    by Fennis


    John Kuester is an embarrassment to his profession. Every baseless rumor about his lack of spine now seems perfectly credible. The man is not only afraid of his players, he’s afraid to have a disgruntled player on the bench!
    T-Mac plays his best ball in years, Rip unhappy, T-Mac benched. Stuckey plays the best basketball of his career, T-Mac unhappy, Stuckey benched. I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t care how many we have left, the man should be fired on the spot!

  • Mar 9, 20119:02 pm
    by detroitpcb


    this is insane. Stuckey has been playing great. Q is a joke.

  • Mar 9, 20119:08 pm
    by Fennis


    I honestly think we’d have a better record if the players coached the team democratically. Outrageous.
    Maybe Kuester decided that T-Mac / Gordon was the better defensive matchup against Parker and Ginobli.
    Wait, what’s that? “The Spurs hit their highest scoring quarter of the season!” Kue, Kue, Kue… You better call up the UNC alumni coaching network cause your NBA credibility is shot.

    • Mar 9, 20119:24 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Did you seriously mention Gordon and defense in the same sentence. Shame on you!

    • Mar 9, 20119:49 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I seriously hope that’s Kuester’s reasoning. That would be fantastic. “Hmm … Parker and Ginobili are good. You know how we’re going to go at them? By benching our best defensive guard.”

      Please let him say this is the reason in his postgame comments.

      Also, the Spurs just shot 80 percent in the first half.

  • Mar 9, 20119:48 pm
    by bg8


    its kind of mind boggling with the things that goes through kuester’s head. there better be a good reason for stuckey to be coming off the bench and getting 9min only in the first half.

    and he’s obviously afraid of the old guys, hence why they got the majority of the minutes, so what he should just do, to be fair to everyone, just split it in half like what he did in the begining of the year. young guys (bg,stuckey,daye)get 1st and 3rd (or 2nd and 4th, doesn’t really matter), and old guys (prince,tmac,rip) get the other 2 quarters. it was pretty apparent that the old guys prefer to play with each other, like that second quarter where most of the time you got bg/monroe on one side, while the other 3 ran their play on the other side. so bg and monroe just stood around doing nothing

  • Mar 9, 201110:43 pm
    by Fennis


    I’ve seen coaches tank the season by playing the young guys, but I’ve never seen a coach tank by playing the washed up vets. Folks, we may be witnessing NBA history.

  • Mar 10, 20114:15 am
    by Jakob Eich


    I think Dumars would like to fire Q but with the ownership situation he just can’t do it. I think it’s a shame to let Q coach through this, what is he supposed to do if he’s really lost the team?? No coach can be good at his job without the veteran players having his back. When you look at the situation, it is almost impressive how many games Detroit has won this year with all the controversy going on. Think about what the Pistons have endured this year with the Rip saga, rotation shuffling, etc. I once admired the organization for its stability, now the entire NBA is laughing at the team!

  • Mar 10, 201111:16 am
    by Jason


    Why not start Mcgrady and Stuckey?? Seems like it would make more sense…

    • Mar 10, 20111:17 pm
      by Trav


      I think Starting McGrady and Hamilton would make more sense and put the gordon and stuckey off the bench to provide energy.

      • Mar 10, 20113:58 pm
        by Jason


        I agree with that as well, but the point was that Stuck has been playing well lately. He would deserve the start.. It’s so funny, this team just amazes me with its coaching decisions..
        I’ve been such a critic of Stuckey this season, and literally just when i’ve started to respect his game again, and actually see a glimpse of an actual Point guard, he gets pulled from the starting lineup?
        And match-ups have nothing to do with it.. The small, quick as hell Tony Parker cannot be the reason to put an aging Mcgrady in the starting lineup. In this game specifically it made more sense for Stuck to take the bulk of the PG minutes..
        I’m just not understanding the decision.. Again, if Q was dead set on putting Mcgrady back in the lineup, he should have come off the bench as the backup PG. But you surely don’t bench Stuck after having one of the best 4-5 game streaks of his season/career (as a PG).
        And i don’t mean to take anything away from T-Mac either, he had a great night.. But even though he had great offensive numbers, Parker/Ginobili made us look silly.

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