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Tracy McGrady: Finishing career with Chicago Bulls “would be a good look”

Tracy McGrady returned to Twitter after a week off and is apparently responding to fans. He hasn’t said a ton, but he still has Chicago on his mind after working out for the Bulls last summer:

Finish yo career in #Chicago big homie @TheReal_TMACless than a minute ago via web

@Destind4Gr8tnes that would be a good lookless than a minute ago via web

A few more tweets:

he trying.. losing breeds dysfunction….. we all in it together tho #team RT @BrettWalton @TheReal_TMAC Wht do u think of ur coach?less than a minute ago via web

looks like i’m day late and dollar short #gloryyears RT @treysongs29 @TheReal_TMAC how do it feel to play wit pistonsless than a minute ago via web

boycott overblown. …RT@PistonsFan31 @TheReal_TMAC Stan Van Gundy took shots at some of you guys on the Pistons tooless than a minute ago via web

Good question RT @IsaacDaHennyMan @TheReal_TMAC why haven’t u been playinless than a minute ago via web

aint shit RT @DrakeGotti @TheReal_TMAC whats going on with u in tha D man?less than a minute ago via web


  • Mar 5, 20113:43 am
    by wowzer


    I still cant believe dumars didnt trade him to a contender. He had good value  when he was playing

  • Mar 5, 20116:28 am
    by Cliff


    to be honest at the time i wouldn’t have traded t-mac since he was playing so well and greg monroe’s development sort of depended on him

  • Mar 5, 20116:45 am
    by wowzer


    Well maybe, but nontheless it was obvious with his dislike for Kuester and the Pistons rebuilding plans  he wasnt returning.I’m positive a team like the Jazz, Hornets, Heat  or the Lakers would have offrd a late pick in the  20′s or at worst a second round pick.

  • Mar 5, 20116:55 am
    by Jakob Eich


    Joe Dumars could have also used him as a deal sweetener to trade Tayshaun! I’m pretty sure a contender would have loved getting two veterans for little money and financial flexibility. I mean T-Mac and Prince for pretty much just Prince’s salary, that is a good deal for any contender. Still, Miami would have picked up T-Mac in a second, their team is so shallow after the New Big Three, it’s a shame.

  • Mar 5, 20117:28 am
    by wowzer



    is a dmn good lineup

    • Mar 5, 20111:15 pm
      by Tim Thielke


      You’re right. Any team would kill to have Lebron James and 2 Dwyane Wades.

  • Mar 5, 201110:02 am
    by BIG MARV


    Seasons almost over I cant wait its been a huge joke all year, Its a damn shame how hard Joe D is handcuffed you mean to tell me you couldnt just buy out the rest of the year with him? let this cat go he’s begging to leave.

  • Mar 5, 20111:42 pm
    by Emanuel


    I swear to god. If he  leaves the pistons I will never be a fan of him. I supported him when he had knee surgery’s. I think he is the NBA’s best player. I am 13 I would die for the NBA im obbsesed with it. But McGrady is the reason why the pistons won 22 games. He is the reason why Monroe is good. If he leaves, He will loose another fan. When everyone had doubt in him I had love for him. Everyone said he was old and had nothing left. I believed he had more in the tank but if he leaves. He will just spit on my face and the city of Detroit.

    • Mar 5, 201110:00 pm
      by Tim


      Grow up. If he wants to leave, no one will be able to blame him. He’s not really in a great situation in Detroit. And I’m sure if he “looses” another fan, he won’t really care. That threat is as hollow as when Laser or someone says that this site will lose a reader. No wait, even more so. Because not only does it not matter, it won’t be noticed.

  • Mar 6, 201111:24 am
    by TIMOTHY


    Since their is NO LOYALTY in sports anymore…this is a prime example..when no other team really showed much interest in him..we took a chance on him and gave him the chance to show the NBA if he had anything left in the tank…But that’s how these overly-paid athletes are..its nothing new and will never change…Chicago looked at him but was worried about him wanting to be a starter and causing problems in the lockeroom….I still dont think he would still start for Chicago next year..so for them that wouldnt be a good look..But if that’s what he wants..let him have it…once the franchise gets sold.. Hopefully Dumars wont be handcuffed and make the moves that will put this franchise back to the top..Dumars needs to redeem himself because his last several moves are responsible for setting up back about 5 years..so to keep his job..he HAS to show he still has the magic touch

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