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Toronto Raptors commercial: Count up all the former Pistons

Via Trey Kerby at the Basketball Jones, we have this fantastic look back at the history of the Toronto Raptors. But the thing that immediately struck me — a lot of Pistons players were with Toronto at one point. I count at least a dozen. How many can you name?


  • Mar 15, 20114:06 pm
    by gidge


    I always swore there was a Bullets/Wizards and Pistons thing… off the top of my head, Rasheed and Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton, Kwame Brown, Juan Dixon… I know there are more.

    • Mar 15, 20114:22 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Jarvis Hayes too.

      In the Raptors video above, these are teh former Pistons I came up with:

      - John Salley

      - Oliver Miller

      - Lindsey Hunger

      - Chauncey Billups

      - Eric Montross

      - Carlos Arroyo

      - John Wallace

      - Mike James

      - Mengke Bateer

      - Hubert Davis

      - Corlis Williamson

      I didn’t see Jerome Williams pictured, but he’s also a former Raptor and Piston, so that’s a total of 12 i can come up with.

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    Mar 15, 20114:34 pm
    by Tuesday Bullets | Judas Lebron


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  • Mar 15, 20114:41 pm
    by gidge


    Right, Jarvis Hayes, Chris Webber, Jerry Stackhouse.

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