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Terrico White practices again

Terrico White a full participant in practice today. #Pistons. Been out since breaking foot in preseason opener.less than a minute ago via bitly


  • Mar 15, 20115:22 pm
    by ds


    Look for Terrico to start at the 4 sometime next week.

    • Mar 15, 20116:01 pm
      by king


      what are you talking about terrico white is a pg/sg out of miss st not a power forward

      • Mar 15, 20116:36 pm
        by gmehl1977


        Totally over your head King. I got it ds but maybe Q will start him at the 5 & move Monroe to the 1. With Kuester anything is possible.

  • Mar 15, 20117:05 pm
    by king


    it wasnt over my head it was retarted grow up yall grown men stop trying to be funny when your not i would like to see yall run a team see how long you last

    • Mar 15, 20119:45 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Welcome to PistonPowered. If an innocent comment like the one ds made gets you that riled, you’re not going to like what you find here.

      • Mar 16, 201112:44 am
        by gmehl1977


        Sheesh and i thought i was temperamental. Seriously does anyone apart from the Beverly Hillbillies use the word ‘yall’ LMAO

  • Mar 15, 20117:07 pm
    by jake


    lol calm down man. it was a joke, and you didn’t get it. there’s no need to take everything you disagree with personally.

  • Mar 16, 201112:40 am
    by Anthony


    (Personal attack removed) I got the joke and thought it was funny too~! Wait till he reads something Laser post on here… (lame joke removed)

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