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Stan Van Gundy on the Pistons: “If any of those guys become free agents, why in God’s name would you want any of them on your basketball team?”

Stan Van Gundy is perhaps the rantiest of ranty coaches, and every coach at any level is sure to come down staunchly on John Kuester‘s side in the whole mutiny/not a mutiny debate that still rages in Detroit, so the fact that SVG expressed a strong opinion on the matter wasn’t surprising. It’s what he do.

But in all of his bluster, I found this comment most interesting, and I wonder if the potential free agent Pistons whose names were linked to this — Tayshaun Prince, Tracy McGrady, Rodney Stuckey and Chris Wilcox — considered the possible league-wide backlash the mutiny/not a mutiny could have on their next contracts:

“That’s about the weakest group of players I’ve seen in the NBA — people that would do that. Patrick Ewing and I were talking about it and we were saying that if any of those guys become free agents, why in God’s name would you want any of them on your basketball team?”

It has been established already that what actually happened last Friday will probably never be fully known by those not directly involved. But whether the “mutiny” aspect was over-stated or not, it’s clearly a question those free agents to be will probably have to answer if they plan to change teams in the offseason.


  • Mar 1, 20115:13 pm
    by Alan


    SVG is right and wrong because Prince will get another contract.  He’s right because, other than Detroit, who would take a chance on McGrady or Wilcox?

  • Mar 1, 20116:00 pm
    by jacob


    Maybe someone will want stuckey i think dumars likes and will try to re-sign hime but other than that the pistons have 2 people that are kinda good thats monroe and jonas jorebko who hasnt played all year so hopefully they will do a fire sale in the offseason and try to start over because they are the worst 20 win team in the nba

    • Mar 1, 20117:57 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Jacob, the Pistons are 22-39. They’ve played like a 22-39 team. They only look worse to you, because you’ve watched them closely. If you watched any other teams whose records are near the Pistons’, you’d see more of their flaws, too.

  • Mar 1, 20118:03 pm
    by Omar Burgess


    SVG’s rant sounds good in theory, but ultimately money talks. Does anybody remember when Robert Horry cussed out Danny Ainge then hit him with with a towel during a nationally televised game? People will likely still be wiling to sign some of these guys and chalk this “mutiny” thing up to a chemistry issue.

    • Mar 1, 20118:14 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Omar, yes, there will still be suitors for these players. But there will be fewer of them. Less demand equals less salary.

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