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Scottie Pippen is still a jerk

In the Chicago Bulls celebration of the 20th anniversary of their 1991 championship team, Scottie Pippen took a cheap shot at the Pistons. Via Lacy J. Banks of the Chicago Sun-Times:

‘‘The Pistons were a nasty team,’’ Pippen said. ‘‘You always had to expect them to play dirty because, remember, they were the Bad Boys of Motown. They’d go out of their way to be mean and try to hurt you. And because we had better athletes, coach Chuck Daly just let them play the way they had to play to win. Bill Laimbeer was no real athlete. The same for Rick Mahorn and Joe Dumars and James Edwards. We were faster, quicker, more competitive and smarter.

Nasty? You mean like throwing the ball at a guy’s back during a stoppage?

Go out of the way to hurt players? Pippen has that covered, too

Pippen’s comments hint at why the Bulls didn’t overcome the Pistons sooner. Chicago was mentally weaker than Detroit for a long time.

Pistons-Bulls series were physical, demanding battles. That was the era, and the Bulls were willing participants. They just didn’t play the game as well as the Pistons did.

Pippen’s lack of self awareness is annoying. His putdowns of the Pistons are insulting.

Last I checked, basketball wasn’t about who had the best athletes. It’s about who had the best players. Does athleticism help someone’s ability to play? Absolutely. But if someone can play despite lesser athletic ability, good for him.

I thought age might give Pippen some perspective. Apparently it hasn’t. The Bulls made similar remarks at the time, angering the Pistons, many of whom famously left the court before shaking hands with the Bulls in 1991.

Maybe those of you who chastised the Pistons for walking off the court haven’t changed your mind about that, but do you have a better understanding of their rationale? Pippen and his teammates relentlessly and unapologetically insulted the Pistons’ basketball accomplishments. Maybe walking off the court before game four ended went too far, but at least some reason backed the idea.

For his part, Pippen still doesn’t see it:

‘‘It was gratifying for us to see the Pistons walk off the court before that last game ended. Actually, we didn’t expect anything less because they were a classless organization and everybody saw they were a classless team. I didn’t expect Isiah Thomas or Joe Dumars or Laimbeer or Mahorn or Dennis Rodman to come over and shake our hands. They never had anything good to say about us before then, and I didn’t care to shake their hands anyway.’’

Pippen loses all credibility by throwing in Joe Dumars, who actually stayed to shake hands with the Bulls.

Just like when it slowed Chicago’s ascension to a title in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Pippen’s misguided scorn for the Pistons makes him look foolish.


  • Mar 16, 20111:23 pm
    by Jacob


    My sentiments exactly…..thanks Dan

  • Mar 16, 20111:59 pm
    by Travis


    One of the best articles I’ve read.  You have great points and back them up. Nice.

  • Mar 16, 20112:17 pm
    by Yerdme


    Bah, the Bulls are and were better than the Pistons in the same way Chicago is better than Detroit. Muahahaha.

    • Jun 15, 201212:01 am
      by robert4fun0058


      Actually, Joe Dumars and John Salley both went over to congratulate the Bulls on their series sweep with handshakes. Joe Dumars is a friend of Michael Jordan’s, and their wives often sat with each other during games. Dumars was so classy that the NBA started a sportsmanship award in Dumars name, and Dumars was the first recipient of the award. Jordan commented in his book, “The Jordan Rules”, that Joe Dumars was the best defender he ever faced. Pippen is a baby, his comments pissed off his own team, and he actually left a playoff game with a “migraine” when the Bulls were getting hammered by the pistons. Lame! As for Detroit vs Chicago as a city, the Red Wings vs Blackhawks, Cubs or White Sox vs Tigers, and Bear vs Lions, it is no question who the City of Champions is, Detroit, but I will certainly say that the Bears are a far better team, and organization than the Lions by a mile.

  • Mar 16, 20112:36 pm
    by Silver


    Oh give it a rest … what a ridiculous article.
    Your thug squad from Detroit showed everyone how they wanted to play, and you’re going to take shots at Pippen for giving them some of their own medicine? Absurd.
    In your first clip, Laimbeer smacks Pippen in the head about 2 seconds after the whistle blows … I’d have done a lot more than just toss the ball off his back.
    And in the second, Pippen fouls Laimbeer in the same way that the Pistons had been fouling him for YEARS.
    The Bulls were the better team and your bitterness, about the fact that they went on to dominate the league for the next decade, is NEVER going to change that. You should be thanking us for your second championship that you clearly didn’t deserve.
    The only thing foolish here is your whining drivel, 20 years after the fact.

    • Oct 27, 20113:52 am
      by Luvabull


      The Bulls dominated because expansion watered down the entire league. Had they played in the 80′s, crybaby Pippen and that arrogant ass Michael Jordan would have gotten their butts kicked by Bird, Magic, and Isiah on a regular basis. Pippen was a selfish jackass who refused to go back in a playoff game because Phil Jackson wanted Kukoc–nothing any Piston ever did was as completely classless as THAT.

      • Jun 8, 20124:32 pm
        by JT's Hoops Blog


        They did play in the eighties and the kick Magic and Bird’s asses at that time to. They also kicked Magic’s ass in the nineties too.  As for Bord, didn’t score 63 points on the Celtics in Boston Garden kicked their asses at the same time?And as for the Kukoc thing, that’s was Phil Jackson’s bad.  It was Scotties team and win or lose, he should have taken the shot over anyone else.  Haters like you make me life because you have nothing else to say but bull$hit. PATHETIC.  That’s why the Pistons are crappy now because of loser fans like you!!

        • Feb 17, 20134:04 am
          by Luvabull


          See reply below. By the way, the Bulls may have been winners in the expansion-diluted 90s NBA after Stern created rules out of thin air to coddle Jordan, but they won in spite of sycophant loser fans like you! 8)P

  • Mar 16, 20112:42 pm
    by Sam


    You’re ignoring the fact that the Pistons helped usher in an era of hideous slow-down basketball typified by Riley’s Knicks. Everyone in the league hated the Pistons. LIterally everyone. And Bill Laimbeer was a first class asshole. Scottie was not. In “The Franchise” Laimbeer comes off as a bad teammate and a generally bad person. When asked how he felt about the acquisition of Dennis Rodman before the 1996-1997 season, Scottie said the only pick-up that would have been more surprising would be Laimbeer. The only way they could stop the Bulls was by iso-ing MJ repeatedly and beating him down every time he went to the cup. If that’s not dirty behavior then I don’t know what is.
    On another note: Isiah hated MJ for no reason other than pure jealousy that MJ could play for the Bulls and was taking what Thomas thought was his limelight. The Bad Boy Pistons were a team for the ages, but at the same time absolutely reprehensible in some of their stylings.

    • Mar 16, 20114:13 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I’ve never seen a credible accusation that Bill Laimbeer was a bad teammate.

    • Mar 17, 20112:30 pm
      by Duncan Keith


      Let me see if I follow you: The most hated team in the league (your words) was able to steal three best-of-seven series (and most regular-season games) from arguably the biggest darling in all of sports, by cheating?  I suppose that makes sense, it’s not like the media or refs ever paid attention to what happened to Jordan.

    • Oct 27, 20113:56 am
      by Luvabull


      LOL–you have the nerve to mention how Laimbeer came across in “The Franchise”–he looked like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm compared to how the selfish, moronic, weak-minded Bulls came across in “The Jordan Rules” (Sam Smith).

  • Mar 16, 20113:17 pm
    by rick


    Not sure how he has any room to talk bad about the Pistons, the team that owned him and the Bulls for half a decade. They beat the Pistons one time, and now think they were better? SMH

  • Mar 16, 20114:04 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Sounds like Scottie has other things on his mind. His Beanie Baby collection is mercilessly being auctioned off!

  • Mar 16, 20115:52 pm
    by bullie


    the pistons suck get over it

    • Oct 27, 20114:01 am
      by Luvabull


      It was great watching the Pistons kick the crap out of the Bulls for years–only when the Pistons got too old was Chicago able to advance. Isiah owned Jordan for most of his career, and Pippen was Laimbeer’s beotch! Wonder if Scottie had another headache when making his latest moronic comments? I’ve seen grapefruits with higher IQ’s than Scottie Pippen.

  • Mar 16, 20118:22 pm
    by Samir


    Are you seriously calling Bill Laimbeer a victim of dirty play?
    Good times though: http://youtu.be/RlGzseb0toI

  • Mar 16, 201110:51 pm
    by Scottie Pippen


    I have 6 rings.  How many do you have Isiah, Dumars, Laimbeer?  Nuff’ said.

  • Mar 17, 20115:33 am
    by winner


    The Pistons were cowards, that used unruly actions to try and intimidate the more skilled bulls.  How about the hundreds of times they clotheslined Jordan.  Or the time they shoved Pip 5 rows deep well after the whistle.  The pistons walked off the court before the game was over because they were beat and they weren’t MAN enough to take it in a dignified manner.  Pistons were dominated by the Bulls and all of y’all are SALTY as HEYL.

    • Mar 17, 20111:48 pm
      by Some Guy


      Things that are stupid to deny:

      A) The Bulls were the best team of the ’90s.

      B) The Pistons were better than the Bulls in the ’80s.

      C) The Pistons played nasty.

      D) They weren’t the only ones.

      The league was rougher back then, and plenty of teams embraced that. The Pistons were probably the worst about it, sure, but the perception that they were the band of thugs in a league full of angels is ridiculous.

      Not quite as ridiculous as Pippen’s assertions, though. Isiah Thomas wasn’t an athlete? He’s no coach or manager, and was not a nice guy, granted. But was there anyone on the Bulls not named Jordan (and maybe Pippen) at his level? Even Laimbeer, who definitely played a nasty game, was an excellent rebounder (led the league twice), free-throw shooter, and three-point shooter. I don’t think the Bulls need to be reminded about Rodman’s defensive capabilities. They were nasty, to be sure, but they could play. If Pippen doesn’t want to acknowledge that, I don’t really care. Going out of his way to tear them down 20 years later is just petty, though.

      But the only part of this that surprises or bugs me is him lumping Dumars into his statements. MJ has called Dumars the toughest player to defend against him, he was named a Finals MVP, he has a sportsmanship award named after him, and he shook hands in ’91. I’ll admit that Laimbeer, Thomas, and Mahorn basically invite these kinds of insults, but for Pippen to name Dumars twice in his tirade is absurd. If for some reason you want to insult him, at least be credible and go after some of his management decisions.
      Again, I don’t need Pippen to acknowledge what the Pistons accomplished. I just don’t see why he’s digging up 20-year-old mud to sling during a celebration.

    • Oct 27, 20114:06 am
      by Luvabull


      One series win in 4 tries is your definition of “domination”? LOL, I’ll bet you think that Buster Douglas “dominates” heavyweight boxing to this day since he beat Mike Tyson once.

      • Oct 8, 20126:58 pm
        by Alec Tapia


        Domination is Six Titles

  • Feb 17, 20133:57 am
    by Luvabull


    Waaah, JT’s Hoop Blog! Did you take lessons in crybaby from your moron mentor Pippen? Pippen is a sissy, a coward, and a loser–always has been, always will be. He was NOTHING without Jordan.

    But you’re a typical moron Bulls fan–swept up in marketing gimmicks and brainwashed by David Stern to idolize that POS Jordan. Jordan punched a teammate in the face, cheated on his wife, tried to get his GM (Krause) and his coach (Collins) fired, and entered the Hall of Fame with one of the most classless speeches in the history of professional sports. I would LOVE to see Lebron kick MJ’s butt if Jordan’s arrogance causes thin to try a comeback at age 50–hope it happens! In the meantime, grab another tube of Chapstik so you can continue kissing moron Pippen’s butt properly, why dontcha? 

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