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Quick hooks of Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon shouldn’t overshadow Pistons’ total team collapse at Indiana

John Kuester didn’t show much patience tonight for the $95 million men.

When Josh McRoberts and Jeff Foster had as many putbacks (two for five points, including McRoberts’ and-one) as the Pistons had defensive rebounds early in the second quarter, Kuester removed Charlie Villanueva just 2:39 into the forward’s night.

Ben Gordon, who also started the second quarter, made it just 1:03 longer. Kuester pulled him after Gordon accumulated no stats besides a turnover.*

*Although, if Kuester reads this blog, maybe he pulled Gordon for not shooting.

Kuester replaced Villanueva with DaJuan Summers, who has never shown he can be an adequate NBA player, and Gordon with Richard Hamilton, who had already made three turnovers. Obviously, that didn’t solve any of Detroit’s problems.

Detroit committed 18 turnovers (tied for a season high and led by Hamilton’s six) and continued to allow bit players like McRoberts (15 points and 13 points) and Foster (seven points and seven rebounds) to dominate inside during a 111-101 loss to the Pacers.

Kuester’s lack of faith in the $95 million men shouldn’t distract from the Pistons’ larger (although, not largest*) problems. They’re an already-bad team that has given up on the season, making them dreadful to watch. It’s reached the point that Fox Sports Detroit’s technical difficulties in the second half served as a welcome relief.

*That would involve their pending sale and salary structure, matters too grim to devolve into after a loss like this.

The Pistons didn’t receive high-level energy tonight from anyone – although Greg Monroe (14 points and nine rebounds) and Chris Wilcox (10 points and seven rebounds) came closest. That’s particularly disappointing because Detroit had three days rest before the game. Rest should help an older team like the Pistons, who entered tonight’s contest 4-2 in games after at least three days off.

If the off days actually aided Detroit tonight, I fear how ugly their remaining eight games – which feature no more than one day off and two back-to-backs – will get.

In fact, Detroit trailed by 25 in the fourth quarter before a late rally made the score look reasonable and padded the stats of Rodney Stuckey (24 points, nine assists and seven rebounds) and Hamilton (19 points, five assists and five rebounds).

Those numbers, much like the Pistons’ tanks at this point, fit the same description:


Chris Wilcox can really pass

Chris Wilcox had only two assists tonight, but they were impressive. Both went to Greg Monroe, and both gave Monroe the ball in perfect position to make a layup.

Wilcox has flashed his passing ability a lot more this season, especially in the second half, than he did last year. Last season, his passes were like a typical big man’s – forgettable.

Is this a newly developed skill for him? Or is it that under the radar? I hadn’t heard about it or seen it until this season.

Whichever team pays Wilcox next year would receive an offensive boost if it incorporates Wilcox’s passing into its game plan.


  • Mar 30, 201111:08 pm
    by stan


    at this point i prefwr them to lose to get a better draft pick.  i wish we never got gordon and cv in the first place.

  • Mar 30, 201111:32 pm
    by rick


    this team is unwatchable. period. I wastched american idol tonight instead, that says it all.

    • Mar 31, 20111:07 am
      by BIG MARV


      Damn I was gonna say the same thing I was watching american idol too I havent seen two hours of Idol in about 5 years! damn shame Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroit Bas-ket*Fart*

  • Mar 30, 201111:36 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    When a young dog humps your leg, you kick it off and yell at it.  The dog will learn to stop.  The Pistons keep letting other teams hump them.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, HAVE SOME PRIDE!

    • Mar 31, 20118:54 am
      by Tim


      That analogy would work for a team like the Lakers going into the all-star break. But for th pistons, it’s more like a bear humping your leg. You recognize your helplessness and just hope it stops soon.

  • Mar 31, 20117:21 am
    by Jeremy


    I didn’t see this game. How did Stuckey do? He has a nice line in the box score.

    • Mar 31, 20119:03 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      He did have a nice line, but there was a lot of stat stuffing in the fourth when the game was out of reach.

      • Mar 31, 20113:31 pm
        by Jeremy


        Including those assists I presume? How was he with distribution and decision making?

  • Mar 31, 201112:27 pm
    by gordbrown


    Pistons lost because of poor defensive rebounding and turnovers. Plain and simple. Hamilton has not excuse if one were the accuse him of empty stats. After all, he started the game, pumped up 17 shots and had a negative assist to turnover ratio in a game where turnovers were death. Stuckey on the other hand played one hell of a game, in fact was the best player on the court for either team, chipped in with nine assists (would have had more but for butter fingered teammates) and that was OFF THE BENCH. Why he’s on the bench is the question of the day. On the other hand, we live for lottery balls at the point and not wins. Sale can’t come soon enough to try to salvage something for next season.

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