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Pistons nickname John Kuester “Sean Penn” – as in “Dead Man Walking”

ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Despite the justified heat Detroit’s vets got for their unpardonable mutiny, that apparently hasn’t stopped some of them from privately referring to their coach as Sean Penn … as in "Dead Man Walking."

After the Philly boycott, I think a perception began to spread that the Pistons’ veterans are jerks. Making fun of someone who, after years of working his way up the ladder, finally got a chance to prove he could handle the peak of his profession does nothing to erase that perception.


  • Mar 21, 20115:05 pm
    by Headless Horseman


    This team needs to be dismantled from the top down. Only salvageable pieces are Daye, Monroe and Jerebko. The rest of this team should be junked for parts.

  • Mar 21, 20116:40 pm
    by Trav


    Umm, who was quoted to say this?  This is really vague.  Probably purposeful, because somebody just made it up.  Did you know that Piston Vets also said Kuester looks like Hannibal Lecter?

  • Mar 21, 201110:21 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Total garbage Feldman. A professional athelete only has so many years to play the game and to waste a season due tocoaching incompetence, a stubborn refusal to communicate, and childish feuding is insult to those players. If they retaliate with a little sarcastic humor, that’s fine with me.

    I mean, it is March and we are still experimenting with starting lineups. By the end of November a coach, barring injuries, should know his personel, his best combinations, and have clearly defined roles for the players. That has not happened in two years! Last year Q had the injuries as an excuse. What is the excuse this year? The unbalenced roster?
    It is foolish to have sympathy for incompetence. Save your moralizing for something worthwhile.

    • Mar 22, 201111:00 am
      by BIG MARV


      Amen pcb I mean damn its getting near the end of March and this fool been playing musical charis for two years now. Q is a freaking joke you see him on the sideline with that dumb stare in his face almost similar to Wade Phillips when he knew he was getting canned. I can can write a book on just this clown alone he has no backbone once a plyer is done with his suspension he puts them right back in the line up. He reminds me of a confused dumb woodshop teacher that let his kids smoke weed in the ventalation room and the rest of the class act crazy untill the last day of the year when we all have to make a jelwery box just to pass. He just a plain idiot damn sean penn his name is Barney Fife

      • Mar 22, 201111:55 am
        by Laser


        and let’s not ignore the fact that kuester’s basically working with last year’s roster! two new additions to the rotation and one subtraction. that’s a ridiculous amount of turnover. 150 games and he can’t stop tinkering. i don’t respect the guy. why should anyone else?
        and say what you want about “respecting the position,” but it gets to a point where that’s just not how it works. in theory you should respect your boss, but if he stinks and is incompetent and keeps you from being efficient, you’re going to reach a breaking point.
        to me this is one more red herring from someone who’s unwilling to face the real problems this team faces. the more focus we put on the individual symptoms, the more we distract ourselves from the disease as a whole. you have a bad team with an ineffective head coach. things like interpersonal conflicts and insubordination are just side effects. get a new coach (almost certain to happen) and some significant roster turnover (probably not going to happen) and voila! no more distractions. just watchable basketball in detroit again.

        • Mar 23, 20112:48 am
          by khandor


          Working under the direction of a first-class NBA head coach, a Pistons’ rotation that looks like this:

          PG – Stuckey
          OG – Hamilton
          SF – Prince
          PF – Monroe
          C – Wallace
          KEY SUBS
          PG/OG – Gordon
          SF – McGrady
          PF – Maxiell
          C – Wilcox
          PG – Bynum
          OG/SF – Daye
          OG – White
          SF/PF – Jerebko [inj.]
          PF – Summers
          PF – Villanueva

          would have been good enough, this year, to compete effectively for the #6-8 positions in the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Pistons, the main problem with this year’s team has been the less-than-stellar work of John Kuester.

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