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Negotiations with Tom Gores frustrating Pistons owner Karen Davidson

Gregg Krupa and Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

In fact, some close to the negotiators say that not only is no agreement imminent, Karen Davidson’s fatigue and frustration are growing.

One source close to Davidson last week said the process is so utterly problematic, she feels as though she has lost control of it. Her concern, in part, is that while Gores continually requires more information, too few details of an agreement are in place, despite more than two months of exclusive negotiations.


  • Mar 31, 20113:37 pm
    by Jeremy


    Poor Karen Davidson having to provide information on a 400+ million dollar sale of something that is, apparently, not worth $400 million.
    Here’s an idea: hold on to it for awhile but keep it operating as though it’s about to be sold. That ought to make everyone happy and raise its value…

  • Apr 1, 20114:20 am
    by Tony


    Sell it to Mike Ilitch!  What could be better than to move the team back to downtown in a new arena?  Mrs. Davidson is simply going with the highest bidder without regard to her late husbands’ wishes concerning the Pistons and its fans.  How much money do you need?

  • Apr 1, 20117:22 pm
    by BIG MARV


    If you dont make Illitch or Gores the top buyers, is there anyway that she can sell it to citi bank and have them make the sale or take care of it? Karen is fustrated cause she wants it sold and she ready to leave michigan and I can understand her. I mean Gores you can tell is a procrastinator he wants to make sure that everything is profected similar to how he treats his other busineses, so like terry foster said a couple weeks ago on 97.1 the ticket dont be suprised if this sale lingers on into the next season and joe dumars still be here as GM its gonna turn into a big mess real soon especally with a potential lockout coming. Cause it sound like karen is taking her fustrations out and telling the media.

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