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John Salley puts Scottie Pippen in his place

Remember what Scottie Pippen said about the Bad Boys? John Salley does. Via Chris Iott of MLive, here’s what Salley said about the Bulls:

"We beat them psychologically, and obviously it’s still working."


  • Mar 27, 20114:21 pm
    by bball4224


    been waitin for a Piston to comment. Hopin Rodman says somethin in his speech lol

  • Mar 27, 20114:22 pm
    by bball4224


    btw, why does the pic i uploaded not showup on here? i go to my profile and it’s there. It’s just a Tim Hardaway Jr. pic, not like it’s anything that should be blocked or something…

    • Mar 27, 20115:00 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      We’re working out some kinks with that. In the meantime, if you link your account to Gravatar and upload your picture there, it should show up.

  • Mar 27, 201110:52 pm
    by JoshB


    It seems pretty pathetic to me that a guy that won six times is still taking shots at the team that basically taught him how to win. I agree with Salley 100% on this one, and no matter how much Pippen may wanna deny it the bad boys were a great team.

  • Mar 27, 201111:25 pm
    by bball4224


    There we go, i couldn’t seem to get it to let me sign in through my account on here. So i just created an account on there and i see i have a pick now, kind of confused how it worked though if i just created that account i don’t know how these comments got linked. I guess i shouldn’t care tho because it worked. Thanks!

  • Mar 28, 20118:53 am
    by Rodman4Life


    Funny how Pippen doesn’t realize that by belittling the Pistons he’s only undermining his own legacy.  If Detroit was so marginal and just a bunch of cheaters, what does that say about Chicago’s struggles with them?
    I always felt as if Jordan and Pippen were extremely exceptional basketball competitors. Pippen has been a relatively good, although conservative, basketball analyst.  But outside of basketball, and after their careers ended, they have both been petty and childish, far removed from the talented and admired “athletes” we came to expect.  Jordan’s HOF speech was embarrassing.  Imagine being that guy’s son?  Jerk doesn’t come close to summing it up.  And that was toward the whole league.  The Pistons will always get flak, and rightfully so.  But Detroit is villain-ized for their style of play and bully mentality.  Chicago is disliked by many for their over-reaching arrogance.  The best word to sum up the Jordan era Bulls is “entitlement.”  That is simply counterintuitive to sports where you have to go out and earn it.  Once they won a championship they now had the right to say what they wanted.  Jordan was “anointed” by the league before he earned anything, and the Pistons were understandably irked.  The two leading mantle-holders of the day, Bird and Magic, both earned titles within two years of entering the league.
    Sally nailed it.  If Pippen had said about the Bad Boys, “yeah, they played some nasty ball, but we climbed that hurdle and were able to win it all”, he would have confirmed his own teams dominance.  Taking digs at the Pistons make you wonder just how fragile their psyche is.

  • Feb 22, 20139:10 pm
    by Chuck Nevitt


    It should be illegal to be as criminally stupid as Scottie Pippen.

    How ironic is it that the Pistons are remembered as the bad guys of the NBA because they played routoon the court, when history has shown that the real bad guys were classless dirtbags like Pippen and Jordan.

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