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Jason Whitlock defends Isiah Thomas

Thought-provoking as always, Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock defends Isiah Thomas. An excerpt:

It’s fun and it’s good business to ridicule Isiah Thomas. Is it the right thing to do?

He pulled himself up by his boot straps, embraced education, involved himself in sound business decisions throughout his career, maintained a marriage, won championships, invested some of his wealth in the education of others and remained loyal to his family and friends from the west side of Chicago.


  • Mar 31, 20112:20 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    “Thought-provoking as always” … seriously? Always?

  • Mar 31, 201111:20 pm
    by Dan


    I haven’t read every Whitlock column, but he’s generally been one of my favorites.
    I would add to this that everything Isaiah said, while perhaps lacking in tact, was true.
    I can remember marveling as he’d disappear into a forest of much taller players. Then ball would suddenly reappear, kissing off the glass and through the net.
    Inch-for-inch, the greatest player I ever saw.

  • Mar 31, 201111:23 pm
    by Steve K


    I think the poking-fun-at-Isiah thing has to do with our love of seeing heroes fall.
    We love the underdog, and then we love to see them crumble. Perhaps that’s because the crumble shows their human side. Isiah was a sublime player who proved to be all-too-human when it came to running a team. The dude made some of the worst decisions ever. And I guess he’ll never live them down.
    But I guess Jason Whitlock’s right… Isiah doesn’t deserve any more ridicule than your average NBA GM. It’s not like the Knicks suddenly saw the light once Isiah left.

    • Apr 1, 20118:54 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, I think the one thing Whitlock conveniently ignores is the sexual harrassment accusations. Isiah was the head of that franchise, and the kinds of comments he admitted to making and the work environment he allowed to exist goes beyond just simply being an incompetent GM.

      • Jul 5, 201110:05 pm
        by Josh


        And you’re clearly fixated on the sexual harassment accusations.  Let me give you some advice.  GO BACK. AND . READ. THE . COURT. DOCUMENTS.
        He worked in a different location than Brown Saunders.  The ORGANIZATION was found to have fostered an ‘inhospitable working environment’ – yet you and every other dumbarse with a keyboard chooses to frame the entire thing as an Indictment on Isiah Thomas as a human being.
        Isiah Thomas wasn’t fouind guilty of anything, he wasn’t convicted of a crime. You abject ignorance of the facts with regard to the case reveals your lack of character more than anything else.

        • Jul 5, 201110:27 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Wow. For reals? What did I say that was derogatory about Thomas, other than he was an incompetent GM, which he was? Even if he, as he maintains, did nothing wrong, the fact is MSG was found liable. Now, the blame starts at the top with Dolan, but I think we can agree that the Knicks organization was a toxic mess, from top to bottom, and Isiah, as a key executive, is certainly responsible for the environment, as any executive would be in similar circumstances in any company.

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