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Greg Monroe avoids turnovers at a historic rate for a rookie center

Mike Payne of Detroit Bad Boys has a cool post today about Greg Monroe avoiding rookie mistakes. Check out his entire post for more details about Monroe’s fantastic rookie season, but here’s the big point:

How many starter-level rookie centers in the history of the NBA sport a lower turnover rate than Greg Monroe?  Two: 1984-85′s Sam Perkins and 2004-05′s Emeka Okafor.

I’d argue that’s in part because, often, as soon as Monroe touches the ball, he shoots. Many times, he never has a real chance to turn the ball over. That said, his turnover rate is still impressively low.

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  • Mar 12, 20113:26 pm
    by rick


    Your point is right, but I think thats the main reason why players turn it over – because they spend too much time dribbling and lolly-gagging around with the basketball, that they often lose control before ever getting the shot up. I think that speaks to the IQ of Monroe that he learned right away not to do that. A lot of players dont understand that, and thats why they turn it over a lot.

    I get what your saying though that because most of his touches are put-backs and pick and rolls that he’s not getting the ball for long periods of time to make those turnovers. But still he when he does get the ball in the highlow post, he makes quick decisions – he’s either going to give it up right away to an open teammate and make a safe pass or go up for a shot.

    I didnt know he had one of the lowest TO stats in history though, thats impressive. Especially, when they start running the offense through him in the post. Last night his passing ability finally came to fruition with 6 asts. I thought before the season that the Pistons could get by with a non-true PG like Stuckey because of a Center like Monroe who can get you 5 asts and only 1 TO, and just have Stuckey bring the ball up and dump it to Monroe, and basically let him run the offense. I kind of lost hope in that, but after last nights 6 asts and hearing about this record low in TO’s makes me think its still a viable option in the future.

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