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Detroit Pistons Draft Dreams: Kenneth Faried

The Pistons need a physical, high-energy player to pair next to Greg Monroe. Kenneth Faried of Morehead State has been that guy his entire college career, and his stock could be rising even more after his team’s upset over Louisville in the first round of the NCAA Tournament yesterday.


Measurables: 6-foot-8, 225 pounds, senior PF from Morehead State

Key stats: 17.5 points, 14.6 rebounds, 2.4 blocks per game while shooting 63 percent from the field

Projected: Mid first round

How would he help the Pistons?

I think this comparison might convince some Pistons fans Faried is worthy of considering in the first round:

Faried is the best rebounder in the college game today. Period. If you do not believe me, just ask Florida coach Billy Donovan.

“That’s Dennis Rodman all over again,” Donovan said. “If I was an NBA general manager I’d be taking him with my pick. That’s what a next-level guy looks like. He just totally destroyed our frontcourt.

Well then, I’m sold. But in case that’s not enough for you, check out his defensive rebounding rates for his four years of college: 31.6 percent; 33.3 percent; 36.8 percent; 31.7 percent. Even at a mid-major, those are ridiculous numbers, and pairing Faried with two solid rebounders in Monroe and Ben Wallace next season would go a long way in turning the team’s weakness on the boards into a strength.

How wouldn’t he help the Pistons?

At 6-foot-8, Faried is a bit undersized and playing against mid-major competition, it’s unlikely his offensive production will translate immediately. In the Ohio Valley Conference, he’s stronger and quicker than many of the bigs he’ll play against, but he’ll be one of the smaller bigs in the league at the NBA level.

What are others saying?

From DraftExpress:

Physically, there’s not much new to say about Faried, an extremely explosive and reactive athlete who runs the floor like a deer and finishes very well around the rim. The majority of his scoring contributions come from his excellent ability to catch the ball in mid air and dunk it, either in transition, on alley-oops, cuts through the lane, or just getting open around the rim. He has excellent hands and the hand-eye coordination to go with it, catching and finishing virtually everything thrown his way.

From ESPN:

For the past two years, we’ve listed Faried in the “sleeper” category. No more. NBA scouts know him well, and many believe he’ll be a lottery pick on draft night. His energy and knack for grabbing rebounds is elite — some go so far to say Dennis Rodman-esque. A big game or two for Morehead State should be the icing on a terrific career.

From the AP:

Bigger schools who ignored Faried as a raw high schooler tried to lure him away as a sophomore after seeing the way his relentless rebounding helped guide the Eagles to their first NCAA tournament appearance in 25 years.

Hickory High’s Similarity Scores



  • Mar 18, 201111:14 am
    by brgulker


    It’s always risky to use a lottery pick on a guy from a program like this, IMHO. Obviously, his numbers are nasty, and he’s going to generate plenty of buzz after a first round win. He’s a guy I’d definitely spend a mid to late first round pick on … but is he going to be worth a lottery pick?
    I don’t know. If anything, this just underscores the fact that we should have traded for additional picks this year, instead of holding onto Wilcox, Prince, and McGrady. Foolish GM’ing.

    • Mar 18, 201112:30 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, mid-round guys like him might slip into the lottery this year just because this draft isn’t very deep.

  • Mar 18, 201111:57 am
    by neutes


    I don’t know but if the guy can play defense and rebound like Rodman sign me up. If he’s any percent of Rodman sign me up. I’m sure Faried will end up making whoever took him extremely happy.
    Agreed with Ben, this is the reason you want additional picks. You just never know if you can steal a gem or not. Maybe you don’t, but the more chances you take the better.

    • Mar 18, 201112:31 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I don’t think this guy is going to be a sleeper anymore though. If anything, he’s trending closer to the lottery over the last month or so.

  • Mar 18, 201112:11 pm
    by Bilbonian


    Justin Love this Draft Blog, read it all last year, and really look forward to it. I heard a lot about this kid, but saw him the first time yesterday. He is a beast!! Would love to see more players with heart and hustle on this team. A line of JJ, Monroe and Faried would be a little offensively challenged, but would never be outworked.

  • Mar 18, 20115:39 pm
    by rick


    This guy is a SF, not PF. He has the athleticism of a SF in a SF’s body. He could make a great SF in the NBA, but not PF – he’s too small. The thought of a 6-8, 225lb PF next to Monroe for the next 10 yrs makes me cringe.

    • Mar 18, 20117:01 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      He doesn’t have the offensive skillset to be a SF, although perhaps he could develop one the way Gerald Wallace did. It took Wallace several seasons to add range on a jumper and become a good enough ball-handler to play on the perimeter.

      FWIW, Dennis Rodman was 6-7, 210 pounds and played power forward most of his career.

  • Mar 18, 20115:46 pm
    by rick


    This further proves why Joe was a buffoon for not trading Tay for a 1st round pick. Just think, we could’ve possibly ended up with Kanter at 6 or 7. Faried at 27, and gotten someone like Benson with TOR’s pick in the 2nd. Completely stocked our frontcourt with young talent around Monroe.

    The concept that the Pistons didnt need a late 1st round pick because they already had an early 2nd round pick is, as Tay would say, “Buffoonery”. But thats the garbage Joe’s media henchmen like Keith Langlois wants you to believe.

    • Mar 18, 20117:03 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      The problem with a first round pick for Prince is that it adds long-term salary b/c first round contracts are guaranteed. As we’ve seen, no sale has gone through. So maybe Dumars wanted to make the deal and couldn’t because Davidson didn’t want to add the eventual salary of whoever was drafted. It’s highly possible that with negotiations dragging on she simply wants to let Prince’s deal expire and not spend any of that money.

  • Mar 19, 20118:38 am
    by Alan


    I saw him live against Louisville.  He is just a fantastic rebounder.  He jumps so high and reaches his apex so quickly, in this way he reminds me of Shawn Marion.  Offensively, I believe zero of his game will translate to the next level.  Also, while he may rebound like a pro, he sure doesn’t play defense like one.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad defender, he’s just not an excellent defender like he is an excellent rebounder.  Lastly, while he’s pretty bulky above the waist he’s got string beans for legs and will have difficulty being asked to defend the low-post against many NBA bigs.
    Bottom-line, I’d love to see him in a Pistons uni but not at the expense of a lottery pick.

  • Apr 20, 20119:27 pm
    by Brian


    I disagree. He’s considered an excellent defender and shot blocker in most of the evaluations I read. As far as leg strength, the size of the calves don’t matter it’s only the butt and thighs. Also with the size of shorts he wears it’s difficult to tell how big his thighs are. So unless you’ve seen him without his shorts on I wouldn’t assume that he doesn’t have strong thighs, lol.But anyone who rebounds like he does doesn’t have a problem holding his own down in the post. You can’t be a dominate rebounder and get pushed around down low. I think he is the type if guy who could guard multiple positions on the floor. I think he will be an excellent defender shot blocker and rebounder although I do agree he lacks a real offensive game and most of his scoring will come off of put backs and alley oops.

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