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Video: Richard Hamilton discusses his strained relationship with John Kuester, his benching, his teammates and more

Video by Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press

You can bash Richard Hamilton for a lot of things, but you must credit him for standing in front of the media and rather openly answering questions.


  • Feb 9, 201111:27 am
    by BIG MARV


    I see an OT win for the pistons aganst the cavs which will be an embarrasment pistions dont bring enough toughness and energy most nights and they wont do it against the cavs but they will squeak out a embarrasing win.

  • Feb 9, 201111:59 am
    by Odeh


    Is it me or does Rip seem very sad and looking like he wants to cry?  If I was a GM in title contention and need a shooting guard or scoring off the bench, I would not hesitate to trade for this guy.  His time is done in Detroit as he no longer fits the system but he is not the bad guy some people make him out to be.  It looks like he genuinely cares about basketball and just wants to play and win.  He will not be a cancer to any team.

    • Feb 9, 20111:18 pm
      by Jason


      I completely agree with you here, Odeh. I just think he needs a fresh start at this point, and I think he has a whole lot to offer to a title contender.

  • Feb 9, 20112:52 pm
    by Laser


    he won’t be a cancer anywhere, and he has a lot to offer anyone. but he’s not worth that contract. on a team like dallas, with an owner willing to spend, a veteran team with its window closing, and a perimeter game that isn’t predicated on slashing… yeah i think rip would be a great addition. not sure what else they could get for caron butler’s contract, but that trade makes sense to me. other than that, i’m not sure there’s a fit anywhere. maybe some kind of three team deal that gets rip to chicago? i’m not sure they’d be interested in taking on that contract. i doubt utah would spend the money.
    a better idea is to trade gordon instead, use the resulting flexibility to add zach randolph, and feed john kuester to a pack of dogs. then just trade rip when he has an expiring contract and continue to build the team.

  • Oct 11, 20137:39 pm
    by http://storify.com


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