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‘Twas the night before the trade deadline, when all through the (Conseco Field-) house, the Pistons play the Pacers


Teams: Detroit Pistons at Indiana Pacers

Date: Feb. 23, 2011

Time: 7 p.m.

Television: Fox Sports Detroit


Pistons: 21-37

Pacers: 25-30

Probable starters



  • Darren Collison
  • Mike Dunleavy
  • Danny Granger
  • Josh McRoberts
  • Roy Hibbert

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Pistons +8

Over/under: 204

Score: Pacers win, 106-98

Three things to watch

1.  Pistons’ trade chips

The Pistons have plenty of players who would make sense in a deal as we approach tomorrow’s trade deadline – primarily Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Chris Wilcox. The Pistons are unlikely to make a trade, but just in case, it wouldn’t hurt for those three to play well tonight, or in Hamilton’s case, play.

2. Building blocks

As we move past the trade deadline and the playoffs drift out of reach, our coverage will shift toward evaluating the players who are part of the Pistons’ future. Greg Monroe excelled last night. Austin Daye didn’t. How will they play tonight, and what will it mean for next year’s Pistons?

3. Tayshaun Prince’s attitude

Tayshaun Prince shot 0-for-9 last night after saying it would be “pretty much impossible” for the Pistons to win the requisite number of games to make the playoffs. Like Patrick, I think that had more to do with Shane Battier’s defense than a lack of effort or focus. But last night should serve as a red flag.

The Pacers don’t have anyone who can guard him well. So, if Prince clearly sulks tonight, Joe Dumars might have to look harder at trading Prince.

Pregame Reading


  • Feb 23, 20117:07 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Man this sucks. Everybody seems to be making deals except the Pistons.

    Get Milsap from Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Feb 23, 20118:17 pm
    by detroitpcb


    not pretty to watch CV, Daye, and even Greg Monroe punk out against Tyler Hansbourgh

    & the guards certainly wanted no part of his awkward physical play that can get you hurt either. At least Stuckey finally stood up to Foster

  • Feb 23, 20119:22 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Boom! Austin Daye just read the game preview.

  • Feb 23, 20119:28 pm
    by detroitpcb


    blame that one on T-Mac. If he wasn’t going to use the last 20 sec timeout he should have inbounded the ball to Daye who was open on the left baseline for a moment rather than to Stuckey right afterwards. The kid had just hit a big shot. Give him the ball.

  • Feb 23, 20119:32 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Missed the first half.  Tayshaun hurt or was he sitting for something brewing??  Here’s hoping.

  • Feb 23, 20119:55 pm
    by bg8


    i admit, i was wrong all of those time for blaming bynum for pistons loss. it was never bynum’s fault for any of those loss.

    it was clearly all kuester’s fault for the losses. its kuester’s fault for even playing bynum in the first place (who shouldn’t even be on the court), in this game, playing maxiel over cv, not bringing bg back until the 5-6 min mark of the 4th; yeah, most definitely kuester’s fault for the horrible record and not making playoff

  • Feb 24, 201112:19 am
    by Laser


    1) well, keith langlois has officially joined tayshaun in his public stance that the playoffs are not a realistic goal. if the team allowed him to write the latest True Blue Pistons blog AND stands pat while assets expire and walk away for nothing, no excuses anyone has for this team will be worth listening to.
    2) at least tayshaun broke his back tonight, so there’s that.
    3) this team deserves ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING it has coming to it in the near future. every damn thing. and you do too if you’re reading this and still rooting for this team after another trade deadline passes without any activity. mark my words: neither tayshaun nor t-mac will be back next year. very possibly the best two pistons for us this season, ironically enough. so you have a handful of hours to explain to me how this team is going to avoid regressing next season. it seems impossible to get much worse, but you’ve been warned. join me. there are literally 29 teams in the league more deserving of your loyalty.

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